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m h John Jul 12
Imagine a place,
Where the flowers
Gaze at you
And the sun is jealous
Of how bright
Your whole entity shines,
Where the moon
Is upset because
She knows
She could never be
As beautiful at night
As you,
Imagine a place
Nathalie Jul 2
I give to you
my heart without
resistance as
I know you will
take good care
of it
I can see
the light
in your eyes
the one that
only shines
for me
There is no
lie in your
embrace and I
can feel
that you
and I
are mapping

Nathalie Dec 2018
Romance never dulls

When it’s something

That  truly shines

Authentically from one’s heart

It cannot be taken away

Or lost, bought or sold

It’s just something that

Embodies you

And when true,

Is delivered in it’s purest form

In essence

When shared

Can’t help but

Transforms the one it touches

faeri Oct 2018
It's black with bits of white and Grey resembling the tombstones of flames.
Lightning beneath the cinders illuminate the ashes with flashes of white light.
The sooty sky is so dull but it's still shines.
I said this in a dream...
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
The sun shines and sings
I lay to rest by Spring Falls
Rivers flow grateful
114 followers!?! T-T T-T T-T
Y'all keep bringing tears to my eyes, I swear!
Im so grateful for all of you!
I'm so sorry that I haven't commented yet, been coughing hard and my head's pulsing insanely.
It was hard to write and it's a haiku!
If there's mistakes I'm sorry...
I hope the image of what i pictured came across well.
Thank you ever so!
Much love, Lyn ***
Gray Jun 2018
The sun is up today!
But suddenly, the clouds start growing gray
Right now all we can do is pray,
"Please have the dark clouds delayed"
Just be ready when I once again say:
The sun is up today!
It's good having a small happy one every now and then.
Poetic T Dec 2017
Though the glimmer of
           evanesce shines aloft..
lighting the wayward
                      wonderers path...

Always remember that below
             every shining moment
that there is always be a shadow
                         under every candle.
Lure Pot Dec 2017
My hardship is
the wrong path
of my life
and your love is
the right path
in my life.

My tears are
the first raindrops
on my lips
and your smile is
the morning shining
on my eyes.

My sadness is
the silent killer
of my dreams
and your support is
the best help
to remake them.

My misgivings are
the downside
of my friendship
and your kindness is
the bright side
of our relationship.
Inspired by J L Luna
eleanor prince Jul 2017
fog thickens

casting doubt
on liquid thought

spread thin
on winds of haste

circling sleeping

- while sun shines
beyond -

nil attainment
stalled on whim

whirls in maelstrom's
captive cold

spawning ill will
fed by guilt

shame's icy tongue

- while sun shines
beyond -

spreading gifts

waiting to be

lest frigid

frustration when day after day lovely winter sun is missed due to inside work, procrastination or general stalling on life's golden opportunities
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