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A Casanova takes pride
Declaring himself "Casanova"
Falls in love
Shines like a Nova
Singing he was a Casanova
Casanova a Nova!
Habits die hard
You Casanova
The girl in love
Won't stay
In your mind forever
In your life forever
Bored of her
There would be another
You Casanova
You would prove
You end
A Casanova
Shine like a Nova
Short-lived outshine of Nova!
Casanova shines in video song "Casanova"
The Sun never shines on me
And so, does your love.
You have never show me you care
You have never help me bare my pain.

The sun never shines on me
And so, does your heart
You never show me your heart
Every day we move apart

Your words sting me like a wasp
Your hands bruised me like a scar
Your mouth belittles me
Your slaps hurt me

The sun never shines on me
And so, does your love
Maybe it best we say good-bye
Until next time for the sun never shines on me
And so, does your love.
the world is busy
the virus is not lazy

do not say bye
the sun gives shine

you must also pray
ask God to forgive you

we must apologize
draw a smile as a prize

the sun will shine
with hope every day
ask your God and pray to him. the day will come
John McCafferty Feb 2020
Familiar faces in a different space
Times fabric pulled
now feeling flat
Trudging through the unknown
as fear creeps in to inhibit growth
Idle eyed to my surprise
I am not who I thought I was
A year spent in demise?
How did it become just that
The light still shines bright
even if still out of sight
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
tiredkoalahugs Nov 2019
A flower that shines
So bright in light
But a star that hides
Throughout the night
A girl who smiles
And laughs so bright
She's the one who cries
Till sleep at night
When things are not alright
But she says she's fine
She says this lie
But in reality
She just wants to cry
But thats ok
She decides
She will be a shinning flower in light
And a hiding star at night.
m h John Jul 2019
Imagine a place,
Where the flowers
Gaze at you
And the sun is jealous
Of how bright
Your whole entity shines,
Where the moon
Is upset because
She knows
She could never be
As beautiful at night
As you,
Imagine a place
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