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Aug 2017
In my dream, I was at a best friend's house.  I noticed his neighbor's family outside in the backyard and wanted to tell them goodbye, for I'd be moving.  The youngest, was among the most adorable little girls I've ever seen/heard.  She said, "Ryan, come see how many cupcakes taller I got!" I chatted with her more than any other, and she seemed to grow sad and quiet due to me having to relocate.  Next thing I know, I'm in a war zone in what I believe to be the middle East, waiting for the moment when the bullets start flying.  I realize I've been here before.  Armed only with a pistol, it was me and few others in this room that seemed very unsafe...the walls seemed thick, yet there were 3 very big windows.  Holes in the walls accompanied by rattling noises were flooding my senses.  I made eye contact with a nearby "enemy" as he aimed the end of his turret at me.  Immediately I ran to a corner out of his gaze, as bullets whizzed past me, missing my body by mere inches.  Others joined me in that corner, hoping to remain safe.  I felt fear, and reflected on this morning - of me telling my girlfriend that I saw us both getting ready for our wedding.  Just then, in the arms of an older woman immediately in front of me, was this little girl looking so deeply inside my soul.  She seemed so similar to the little girl who wanted to show me how many cupcakes taller she was.. I decided right then to take very deep breaths and provide a sense of calm.  I kept repeating to myself "We're not gonna die today.."

I woke up.
Written by
RyanMJenkins  29/M/MKE,WI
   Johnny Scarlotti
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