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RyanMJenkins Jun 2016
My partner and I had tickets to the show last night in Chicago.  After 7days in the hospital my girlfriend's 89 year old grandma was to come home with hospice care to follow.  Instead of a splendid concert experience I  knew I had to be there for her fam to ease the tough pill to swallow.  Grandma Monica shed the shell, saw it bagged up and hollow.  I was able to provide hugs and love, along with the opportunity to speak about the flow of energy.   I like to remind myself and others to speak to the "deceased" for in my own scope it's been therapeutic for me. Haven't been this heavy in a long time.  The rain and gray are beautiful,  relaxed in the lack of sunshine.  I've visualized our meeting many times, I look up to you being a fellow sayer of rhymes.  I appreciate the way you've spent your mind.  It wasn't until a couple days ago I realized one of the impossible inserts may have been signed.  Thank you for your shine, highlighting the design of divine. The life you've made manifest helps others feel breaths inside their chests.  Two legends yesterday were laid to rest, so now I look at myself and decide to clean my mess.
Gotta reconnect with my descendant sandwich before the organic ingredients are digested and appear to vanish.  To those I want to know, you are one of my favorite artists.   I laugh but could totally see some sort of apprentice partnership.  Doesn't look like I'll make it this tour...and one of my cats just puked, gonna go skip aesop rocks in my ripped up Lugz boots.
Much love,

— The End —