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Oct 2016
I get to look at self, through messages you conveyed
A higher meaning that resonates with each song played
So I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks
Before I walk the plank to take another dip in this think tank


When I was just a little me I noticed those around living unhappily.
It was something I knew I never wanted to be
But now I sit, blindsided by my misery
Drearily demeaning, cigarette breathing
Heating up the glass til it cracks
With no admittance, cuz that requires taking off the mask.
Haphazardly grappling, maybe it's better to be bashing the image
Livin with a grimace, wondering how long until this timeline is finished.
Dinner was delicious but I'm sick of eating the dead.
Makes you wonder how that haunted biology ***** with your head.
Quit my job, and now I rarely leave the house.  Quiet as a mouse until ego decides to come around.  No verbal notions but words bounce off my skull.  How did I decide to let my light get this dull?  The reservoir is full, but the pollutants keep it from being used.
Much like a body that's been abused and refuses to stand despite having the chance.
A delicate dance between what's real and what's not.  You behavior can directly grow or shrink blood clots.  Lost the plot in a Milwaukee pothole, only realized now I had forgotten.  Healthy seeds were dropped
But I stopped taking care of self and grew some tainted crops.  Just wanna talk to pops, and other like minds that will cry realizing their own props to the stage subconsciously set.  Blessed to have made it to this point, but on the opposite side of the coin we're closer to death.  Cousin of sleep cousin of sleep, haven't found any happiness even inside my dreams.  Inaudible screams, beam into my brain.  The house has been extra noisey lately that or I'm going insane.  I fear not.
Forward into the unknown
We'll find home even if we go it alone.
So long as you remember you're more than your bones.
"Do you feel better now?"
I don't know
Written by
RyanMJenkins  29/M/MKE,WI
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