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Feb 2016
How can one understand the philosophy of these systemic chronological oddities?
Possibly my position on the path postures me to reach beyond the math to fall asleep.
The division just doesn't add up to me with the black hole of immeasurable probabilities
And so I must subtract laps on this lapse, and get back on track.  We all have the facts but haven't yet seen beyond the grasp of the mask.
Skip across the subject and skim inside the water.  Let go of the words that float, for clenched fists prove to be a bother.  
Ripples in the being speak to the entity of new ways to branch out the offer
All along the watchtower you've been waiting for yourself at the harbour.
Happy to see you decided to stretch the frequencies farther, genuinely smiling at the horizon.
Sometimes I think about my father, in my mind I then hear "Hi son"
This is currently Ryan, the thunder and the lightning
I am Lion delighted for the opportunity to be enlightening.  
This is me, when I exist beyond the body.  I was once stuck in front of the mirror while my soul waited in the lobby.
Wasting time gauging myself by opinions and consuming jobbies.
Now I freestyle life, and it's blossomed into my full-time hobby.

Image insecurities replace beauty with impurity
Open your lungs fully, then graciously exhale with me.
Address yourself with light and do so gently
Express what you feel inside even if it's just venting.

Refreshed, we sort this mess with inventive intention.  Perplexed, reading between the ledger lines of divine intervention.
Imagining that we indeed are the water we drink and the air we breathe..  Makes me want to Use the given limbs to stand mighty like the tree, yet, still sway softly with the breeze.  I've finally realized all of life comes to me with ease.
Inevitably enveloping are the vibrations of everything.  The magnetic field you posses, poses pictures of your surroundings.  Be sure to nurture seedlings to see the dawn of a new spring.  Positive affirmations promote productivity. So let's really mean what we speak - as this becomes reality.  Pay attention to thoughts and dreams, because there we spend our energy. 

Equipped with a beat in my chest, eye wear wings of patience as this existence rapidly manifests.
Let's rock the fashion of passion on the sleeve, infinitely blessed.

*Serendipiditous stardust woven with a love that can make a galaxy combust, you will make it.  I honor you and hope that you place faith in your trust.  Aware, you're now Lucid in this life, it is you - create it~
Written by
RyanMJenkins  29/M/MKE,WI
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