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Feb 2017
Discerning wastes by the way we trace
Erasing bad tastes from our face
Til the internal happiness takes it's place
Fumbling habits were now laced with grace.  
Brighter are the fires we chase
Eyes wider, the wildflowers are looking up
Vitamin d rush,
accompanied by the satisfaction
that happens with this chance to touch.  
So many actions were taken to please,
but now we naturally seek necessity. 
Loving everything endlessly
Catering to our specialties
Waking up inside our pleasant dreams.
Getting to see beyond the scenes, and understand why we can be so easily carried like leaves once free.
Narrating with speculation,
generating all you wanna be.  
Accomplishing with mindful reminders to breathe.  
Beauty is the beast, perceived in a different form.  
What's truth honestly may not be the norm -
but we branch out like the mighty tree
& embrace the storm pouring soulful warmth.  
So peace to you and yours.  
Make great with the way you spend time having been reborn.  
Adorn your temple, with any methods or colors you choose.  
Show care for the confession hidden breathless in a bruise,
and be thankful for the light spectrum expression
highlighting time to still choose.  
With that awareness comes the space ready to take in the lessons and Synchronicities we are blessed with.  
I know I've made a mess of this, testing abilities to clean.  
Release disharmony and leftover negative energy streams.  
Just need room to be, fly swirling within serenity.  
Faith suddenly gleams over the horizon, "Hi Son"
"Hi Sun.  I see you glowing keeping everything flowing.  
Knowing you're watching over me feels healthier
than taking potion.  
Thank you for letting me be at ease with my uncertainty.  
Clouds part, allowing light right through, perfectly
Learning to lessen the level of fear
by looking at self by way of Mirrors,
reflecting back at different angles with messages so moving.
Here we are, allllright, and all one.  
Hands in the shared air, have fun, no need to run.  
Prepare to open to a sea of signs that will stun.
Soak in love of present feeling, heart in sync with mother earth.  
I must say I'm very gracious to have been acquainted with life in this corner of the youniverse.
Written by
RyanMJenkins  30/M/MKE,WI
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