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miracle May 16
What was that!? I say to myself as I wake up sweating
It’s nothing
And go back to sleep

I hear a scream
It's nothing  
And go back to sleep

That cold hand on my leg
I try to move. I can’t
It’s nothing
And go back to sleep.

My eyes slowly open. I see something, someone
“Don’t be afraid of the dark  
What you’ll see in the light is far worse”
I tell myself
And go back to sleep

Tied to my bed
Can’t move
Can’t talk
But can see
I can’t
Try to go back to sleep
I can’t
I hear it approaching
It’s getting closer
I’m starting to see it
I wanna scream
I can’t
I wanna run
I can’t
I’m sorry, I tell myself
I shouldn’t have ignored it
This is it
Then everything goes dark

I can’t remember anything
Just that everyone
Was standing next to my bed
What happened?

Nobody knows
13) true story for 99%
Rui Rosa Jan 19
When the clock tick midnight its time to go,
Walking between my realm and the realm of the living
I sense the smell of a young soul,
The sweet salty taste of soul.
I'm the shadow you fear every night
Blending in the dark of night,
To haunt you here I go.
Voodoo chanting I do,
to unleash the fear in you.
Leaving chills down your spine.
So that I can add another soul to my collection.
Sienna Dec 2018
Adrenaline pumping into my heart
False hallucinations in the dark
Dread and haunt fills the air
What is that over there?
Half asleep, I can't stay awake
My eyes should've for my sake
My dreams take me by the hand
And throw me into a horrific land
The fear built on possibilities
And instilled in realities
Sleep paralysis joins in too
I'd rather be sleep deprived completely, wouldn't you?
Emilia B Nov 2018
Ill go to sleep, close my eyes
Dream of broken fireflies
I cant see in this field of black
Ive gone too far now, I cant go back.

Watching where I stand
I cant be still
Or I sink into the sand
My shoes they start to fill.

My feet become heavy,
Its becoming harder to walk
Id shout and scream if I could even talk.

Long grass im grasping
Lifting up my knee
if only the fireflies weren’t broken
id be able to see

without their fire theyre just flies
they are my guidance and my eyes
without my heart im as useless
as Pinocchio’s nose without his lies

I feel the wind brush again my cheek
The whisper of the banshee feels quite weak
But when she screams
I hope to wake up from this dream
as dreams are more real as they seem.

Though I only see black
I picture in my head
The banshees mouth opening wide
Off my fears she fed.

Her scream was as loud
As a close truck horn
The cry from a baby, as soon as its born

My ear drums thumping
My skin feels torn
I was faced with her violence
There I stand, in the deafening silence.
A nightmare you can’t wake from
Rui Rosa Nov 2018
I remember my first sleep paralysis like it was yesterday
I would go to sleep and then I would fall asleep
In a matter of seconds I was floating over my bed
It was weird and scary back on the day
Since time past it kept getting worse and worse
At the point of becoming routine
I didnt nkow why I kept having those lucid dreams
So one day I decided to search on google
And i found that i had sleep paralysis
It didnt help much since I didn't nkow how to stop it
Today I still dont nkow why I have it
Is it normal? or maybe I have an evil spirit inside me
Who nkows?
Since I have the gift
Why not use it to write a good poem.
How I discovered I had sleep paralysis and how it started.
Rui Rosa Nov 2018
I lost faith, hope and sleep.
My soul has awakened my REM (RAPID EYE MOVEMENT),
Where everything becomes a lucid dream
This is where the terror begins.
Inhuman visions begin,
The shadows come close to me
Whispering my name,
I see a figure,
He tries to steal my soul,
My body unable to move,
Panic begins to set in,
Unable to breathe,
I try focusing in my getaway.
"Wake up"
I try to wriggle my toes.
In last despair,
I try to use the trump to my only salvation.
The phrase that kills all evil presences.
"Jesus blood has power"
That's when he screamed like there was no tomorrow,
A scary loud shout,
I've never heard anything like it.
It seemed like it was falling apart.
I just woke up.
Since that day I began to believe in Jesus and his power.
One of many episodes of sleep paralysis
Mae Jun 2018
My dreams are alive
I am awake

Eyelids weighted
Body limp
It falls asleep

My mind is awake

My heart sinks
My chest is tight
My breath is shallow


"Wake up"
"Wake up"
"Please wake up"

I launch my body forward
And force my eyelids open
I gasp for air

I am awake
amitriptyline Feb 2018
nights don't matter. when you're all alone. feels like you're stranded, on an island with no food. the water glistens as the waves crash. you think you hear your name but that's just the man in purple whispering.

you're stranded so he wants your soul. to eat it and drown you in a fire. you're stranded so you cry and sleep alone, and he laughs and licks your tears of blood and black.

he grabs you and rips you to shreds. but you're out in the sea and all you do is scream. you put the pillow on your face so all you see is black. no more purple is what you desire, then all you get is white.

you ask yourself "did i make it out alive?" but the answer is, no. you're dead. then you plummet. what felt like hope disintegrated into rubble... and now... the one blue that became purple, the black you yearned for that formed to white, the red that bled into your mind. it's all...
Animamea Jan 2018
deep slumber
Ephemeral flash
As darkness opens its jaws,
Swallows me complete
Seeking light
All night
In hell
Dormant but aware .
Kind of new but i thought id give it a try .
Based on my sleep paralysis
Cat Nov 2017
Staring into the darkness
I see my darkest fear
What if something were to re-appear
Right before my eyes
I lay paralyzed
Distorted from what is real
Night time
The shadows are so near
Creeping in the darkness
Faces can appear
Mental images flashing though my mind
Sending shivers up my spine.
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