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Matthew Feb 2019
"I didn't know you were Queer."

What made you think I was straight?
Oriada Dajko Jan 2019
Tú que has creado algo más allá del tiempo
ni sabes que traes Dios en tu vientre,
un Dios más en nuestro mundo que nadie va a creer,
uno otro Dios que nadie tiene que entender,
uno otro Dios que no será aceptado por ninguno,
uno otro Dios más que será juzgado por cada uno,
y así regresara a ti, crucificado por su buena voluntad,
y solamente tú lo vas a ver aún como el Salvador,
porque solamente tú verás su Milagro,
vivirás la vida más que una vez con el
tocando el universo con sus manos, con su piel,
buscando la verdad con sus palabras, con su voz,
matando la soledad con su ser, con sus sueños,
muriendo cada momento con el
por ser incapaz a cambiar el Destino de su ser.
Brian McDonagh May 2018
May God
Overflow love
Through you,
Hour after hour.
Every day,
Render love to a weeping-child world!
A Happy (belated) Mother's Day to all mothers and those who have any form of maternal status living and deceased!!  I know I'm late, but I wanted to post this anyway.  I know I could have done something aside from an acrosstic this time around, but an acrosstic can sometimes get to the heart of a word in a special way.
Mikaelyn White Nov 2016
Mother, mom, madre, love.
You and I fit like a glove

Mother, mom, madre, friend.
You help me with problems I cannot mend  

Mother, mom, madre, teacher.
You are smarter than most preachers

Mother, mom, madre, God-send.
You taught me how to believe again

Mother, mom, madre, and more.
You are strong to the core!

Bad things will happen, and bad things have come
...but I'll always be your daughter

To my mother, mom, madre, and most of all love. God is watching us from above!
My mom is my everything.. and today is the day we celebrate her birth.
ThoughT May 2016
New details have arisen, so much to process.
Right turn at Words, haven't been this lost yet
With anger comes regret, a downhill ***** tailspin
Feelings have changed, eyes have been opened.
Madre, I just want you to know your worth.  
Your kids cherish you, and we thank you for raising us since birth.  Let go of those that engulf you in hurt.  It's the worst at first, but the sun stays persistent.   You have a light inside you that I'll fight to not see diminshed.
You will rise to heights we've only seen in dreams.  I am there with a big hug the next time you close your eyes and breathe.
Despite being separated by a slew of states;
Our bond is beyond worldly,  depths reminding me to appreciate.
Pain is temporary, love is eternal
I'll be coming to Virginia through the next wormhole.  I'm still learning about taking risks and how to be, but just remember your smiling face is one I love to see.
John-Chris Ward May 2014
Center of life,
Thank you for loving me, before I could love myself.
Thank you for giving me the tools, to survive.
Thank you for teaching me,
That when life gets hard and my shoulders slump low,
That life goes on.
Thank you for teaching me that I am a winner,
And that life doesn't end with "I quit", "I can't", or "I give in".
Thank you for showing me that I can accomplish anything,
And that boundaries are nothing because I can do everything.
Center of life,
Thank you for showing me the way,
Being behind me every step of everday.
Thank you for loving me before I loved you.
Thank you for cradling me inside of your womb.
Thank you for holding me in your heart, long after I could walk and talk.
I thank you for praying over me every night,
Kissing my head every time I closed my eyes.
Center of life,
What more could I say?
I know I could never love you as much as you’ve loved me.
I know I could never show you how much I appreciate everything.
All that I can truly say, and all that comes to mind,
Is I thank you and I’m grateful that your mine.
Early Mother's Day gift :)

— The End —