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Jan 2016
Refreshed, I exist in this mindstate
With a new zest for a blank page
After walking out of hell's gate -
Never looking back
The vision that was fading to black
Quickly became engulfed by flames
Realizing my disposition to get on track
The angels whispered to me through music,
Again putting meaning behind the name.
Kept my fire indoors strumming guitar chords knowing someday soon it will rain.
The darkness and breaking through the shell is any plant's only chance of gain
Sifting through dirt and various sediment let's the entity rise up above the pain.
Seeing the light for the first time still vibrating with a single thought that only growth and connection is ingrained.

What borders your windowpanes were once trees
Releasing oxygen for us to breathe
They ask only for carbon dioxide when we exhale to feed
So enrich your red blood cells and release the chemical compound we don't even need

There is balance, within give and take
Work and break, earth and quake
Low pressure and high stakes
The cloudy skies and the shifty snakes
Accelerated pace and a soft pressure on the breaks
For we are all being guided.
With the wind We are reminded,
To see fullness and not let ourselves be mindless
The space within our atoms tells me we are timeless
Free from the measurements that could adequately define this.

You will find bliss
The flame is only your passion
I see dry leaves blowing down the street and I call it fall fashion
Mirrors inside every being around me
Taught me to see that only within was I clashin'

Now is the time to take this mental paint and create something everlasting
Written by
RyanMJenkins  29/M/MKE,WI
   DET and Dana Colgan
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