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Sep 2018
They say when depressed you should get some deep rest.  Yet I'm consistently day-dreaming over feelings,
Ready for the next stimulus, rare for anybody to catch me sleeping when it's convenient.  Magician fishing for some closeness, vulnerable to half these ill-advised potions.  Serotonin is potent, but so is the poison from the snake bite in motion.  Funeral Bin Laden style, just toss me in the ocean.  Future 100% uncertain, still going.  Violence stays televised like we're the vain new-age Romans.  Ready to vacation outside the galaxy, the door is open.  Still learning to surf these tall waves of emotion.  
P u r g e, just needed to release, please take your vitamins and find your peace.  Loaded with hypocrisy, imma shut up and take a seat, and let silence speak to me about the reality behind the scenes.  Need to learn more before I can truly teach.  Currently remembering that our energy extends beyond our reach.  We really have and are all that we seek, gotta stop measuring self by day of the work week and instead watch the leaves leave the tree.  There's so much beauty in what's not spoken, nature offers therapy for free.  
Wrote all that, just needed to breathe.
Written by
RyanMJenkins  29/M/MKE,WI
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