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May 2017
30 hours with 45 minutes sleep. Busy day today, much work to do and roll through on a hill that's steep.  Thoughts run deep, intoxicated by events.  Some things are meant to happen, no use in trying to prevent.  I just want to vent, soul exposure.  Thinking about people with whom there may be no closure.  Head in the sky as people and houses fly by.  Acceptance is a choice one must utilize, don't just try.  Pandora's box, you know what will happen when you pry.  Send me some good vibes, my body's feeling low.  Deeply rooted into a sea of cravings and mystery, so I know there's room to grow.  Shaken world superstorm, I thrive on the unknown.  We'll see how it goes, how one will survive.  Count your blessings now, and be happy to see we are alive.  I've had to hide, the person I was to please.  Through this I've accumulated a vast mass of mental fees.  Feel the breeze, it's real and energizing.  Beware of thoughts that breed illness, no matter how hypnotizing.  Realizing new things on a daily basis.  I've pushed myself to extremes, now the nature of everything is making me face it.  A train's coming, slowly I step off the tracks.  It cuts through the land, reminding you it's best not to go back.  Memories are moments, we know they won't last.  Just don't dictate your future, based on what happened in the past.
Written by
RyanMJenkins  29/M/MKE,WI
     Mack, Timeless wonder and bluevelvet
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