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Dec 2016
I like to sometimes hide in the shadows to get away from the madness
Eye Keep it bright within my dark confines
Reducing my use for all this plastic
Tragic happenstance organized dances
Charades parade through town all funking day
Never risking change.  Maybe the day we die some will finally ask why, but imma do my part in seeking past my thresholds to tune into my subconscious and really give it a listen, cuz I can't rest with saying I tried.
The room breathes with me, a pillow-like comfortablility in my being.  Then everything fades into the loud quiet of the evening.  Stains were given a new chance at life, dancing on the surface, waiting to be uncovered.  Above body Being hovered, I watched it look down with the kind of warmth from a lover
It touched me so.  Streams of realities bleed before my face and my only concern is these thoughts don't last long enough to chase.  So I wait.  With my slumped over, patient grace.  The beauty of the taste washes over my shores.  Didn't even come to dinner and I was still blessed with a plate fully-adorned
I welcome the shakes, tingles, and sensations
I am creator and I send off thoughts like payment.  Placing with direct intent, something miraculous is about to happen and I don't even know of it yet.  Star fuel in our chests, happy for the last and next breath....but what about this one...
Golden.  It is fullness, it is whole.  It is a feeling so deep that all that can vibe with it is soul
Maybe try tapping into the body's rhythms, to calm the water enough to bring forth the wisdom.
Through my rollercoaster of ups and downs I've picked up pieces stood ground at the places of my landing.  I feel hollow, getting my owl song on before my flight of understanding

I think I am now who I once was

Once upon a time slumping over dreadful decline
Walking blurred lines with heart's arteries tongue-tied
Half mind human took chance on the divine

Tethered in time, to stay, awake

Currently Lucid with Lucy
Listening to a Remix reflecting the times spent with self touching something sacred
Earned every feather flapped but I can't say it was painless
Let every shooting star tear my armor apart
Let it guide me to weave beyond these holographic 3D parts
Throw my dart into infinity, who's to guess where it lands first?  Birds eyes see I've fallen into limitations without finding the right high perch

A new way to take me back,
To the years of tears still held in the mask
It's gonna collapse cuz these man made creations sabotage the freedom to truly be.  What is truly me..?
Good grief.
He caught the spacecase, ****** his own brain to marvel over the sediment the drain couldn't take

Rest in peace to old demons seeking to conquer me.  My illumination exposed the old bones and that we should love the pieces equally
Fragments of who we used to be in air we used to breathe.  Now resurface intertwined in this cosmic web of everything.

Losing traces of self on the shelves of my music library
Full of care acting carelessly,
But with awareness we can remember not to move even when signaled to
Let loose from the bioboots
Creating reality watching the paneling become unglued

I am now who I choose to be

All that's remembered from my dream this morning are shooting stars.   Now before you lay to the deep you can rest easy seeing that star trail's descent.  One more breath you will be where you're headed.  God bless the restless with chests of stress.  May we forgive, but never forget.  Let the symbols come, I am ready to secrete the yesterweek's dmt to see whether or not this is really a 8dream.  Envisioning healing.  Pain pulses keep my head reeling.  But to take something from this, I am aware, I am feeling.

Remember you are dreaming

*Wake up~
Written by
RyanMJenkins  29/M/MKE,WI
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