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Aug 2016
Symptoms from this mechanism grind time, low on drive
One wonders if the operator remembers how to feel alive
Dissect my mighty molecules or drop me from the sky
Ill be forced to attempt to reconnect otherwise have to learn how to fly

I almost want to cry
Feeling so alone with a trying mind
Wondering why my dad had to die
The lack of never having that almost breaks through my shell to the inside.
But Maybe I need to fall apart
Break the rib cage away to expose an already pained and vulnerable heart
There comes a time when we all must depart
Some shattered den with frayed wire ends beg to see a new start
Smile sank below the surface and slowly fades into the dark
Barely breathing treading water waiting for a shark.

Will these teeth be my friend or help me to meet a salty sea end? 
Now conjuring up questions like, If we indeed are eternal, what is there then to defend?
It's almost crushing knowing there is an inner guidance.
I want what I never had, signed up for life before reading the fine print.
Emotional glimpse, seeing your face behind my closed-eye timelessness.
I bare witness, but can anyone else see you beyond the physical finish?
I'm trying so hard to listen.  
Self-defeating prophecies take away all that has been given.
Cynical shoulder demon got me too scared to make decisions
Downwind tailspins find me coming after the fool in the mirror with a head on collision.  
I guess stress showed up to the test
I have to reassess my vision, and take pride in my mission.
It's my purpose to serve words to the unheard before we bleed with further division.
Just then a tear started to glisten, fishing incessantly for my soul.
A drop full of reflection makes me wanna lay on the floor and relinquish all control.  I tend not to let my emotions of what my ego perceives as weakness take hold.  But if it never rains how the funk will I ever grow?  This changing stranger had high vibes in the sunshine but now I feel so deeply low.  

Buried below the cold snow meat coat is a shine that's been trying to show.  
Will the world ever see it's light? 
Another beautiful, heartbreaking mystery, I speak to mirror man again stating simply, "who knows."
When just then in my head,
"It'll be alright."
Written by
RyanMJenkins  29/M/MKE,WI
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