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Azaria Sep 2018
you move me
the way
music moves you
the vibrations
on the chords
of  your guitar
tell me how
your day went:
spilled lemonade
on your favorite sweatshirt
and 3 bonus points
on a clicker quiz
i'm not caught
in the essence of firsts
like 30 extra minutes
to kiss you in
real time
your dark features and
unfaltering movements
evolve like
the sounds of me loving
composed of your stiff-fingered
electricity and a continuation
of all the good
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
A comely rainbow
spanning the wet, sobbing sky;
colours showering
mesmeric pearls of teardrops on earth.

Many subtle shades of marvel
unfolded that day.

Elegance of burning splendour in sun’s soul -
earth treasuring the seed of the first rain
in its womb for a new birth -
Spring’s svelte fingers
painting brilliance across the droning vale -
mist of radiance of a gorgeous moon -
stars sparkling to a melody
flowing from the divine harp -
sea breeze carving
shifting sculptures on sands of gold -
amorous mirth of sea waves
rushing to the hug of a waiting shore.

I stood there,
a trance benumbing my senses
to an hypnotic bliss.
Erin Nicole May 2017
Today I want to..
Write something worth reading
Read something worth sharing
Say something worth repeating
Give something worth getting
Choose something worth keeping
Sacrifice something worth giving up
Go somewhere worth seeing
Eat something worth tasting
Hug someone worth holding
Buy something worth treasuring
Cry tears worth shedding
Do something worth watching
Risk something worth protecting
Listen to something worth hearing
Teach something worth learning
Be someone worth knowing
L B Aug 2017
River bamboo arrayed in lace tiers
consoles the birdbath on its loss of robins
Intemperate August staggers in liquored air
of wavery heat and layered sighs

Leaves relinquish their rush
toward this “ripe on time”
Blackberry brambles have ceased to reach
now bow to ponder their plunder
while petunias, those bold delinquents!
bloom as if the frost’s lethal cling
were some myth
the antique roses had made up

Bud, bloom, revive!
See the generation of the bee!
Bud, bloom, survive—
to do it all again
for the single sake...
of treasuring beginning in the end...

Her bicycle, my geranium
have found eternity together
on the sun spattered patio

opens the screen door
as I—
climb the morning stairs
squints smiles amongst sleepy freckles
who has not brushed her hair
in a late August moment of not caring

And I know it will all happen anyway
no matter what I do....
...And it has happened-- my daughters grown and gone... the wonderful home along the river, torn down for the building of a levee.  I'm glad I wrote this-- like a bookmark among so many memories.
blythe Apr 2014
Billions of people in this world
But only a few truly care.
If you happen
To find someone...
Who makes you laugh everyday,
Who would go out of their way
Just to see you're okay,
Who watches out for you,
Who wants to bring out the best in you,
Who respects you,
Who, no matter how many flaws you have
And how imperfect you can be,
Will love you unconditionally,
Never dare lose that person.
Hold them dear
Coz people like that are hard to find
Surely a true precious gem                
Worth treasuring and loving for eternity.
Dark Jewel Oct 2014
Beyond the past,
Beyond our future.
Evolution is inevitable.

Will always be apart of,
THIS sand of time.

AS the dreams commence,
As our path becomes clear.
The treasuring reward,
Is within the crystal sphere.

One finds its true dream,
Within the universe that bonds.
Finding Thy Destiny,
Beyond the red sands.
A poem that was revised for a Book presentation
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
A tiny seed once tarried in stoic stillness
treasuring in its womb
an embryo with cosmic imprint on its soul...
and the tiny seed hibernated to a mystical trail!

Frosty squalls, summer torments, marauding insects –
all came in a cavalcade!

It dreamt the mighty tree
slumbering in the core of its being,
arching over the earth,
spreading its majesty for every eye to behold!

It yearned for the calming lullaby of the rain,
for the burning kiss of the raindrops
to fire its soul,
to caress to fullness the dormant life in its gravid womb.

In silence, it gazed heavenward –
and lo, an intense raindrop tugged its heartstrings
to a melodic ecstasy
releasing the music of the seedling
from its womblike soul!
WhyamIaSpoon Dec 2013
I treasure my treasure chest
For treasuring treasure chests leads to pleasure -- the best
The treasure in my treasure chest I treasure because it's a treasure of no measure

Somehow ten cases in, there's more to discover
More to uncover about my treasure chest

On the outside, she looks like golden plated happiness
Shining with her spirit through gems of holiness

I am the key

But this treasure chest itself is not a treasure for the treasure it holds but because it is a treasure
Look at the chest
See how its been blessed
Look past the gems
And see what's repressed

It's dark ten layers down
******, grimy, and bitter
You see what's underneath wallowed in litter
But this is the true face what's treasured for pleasure
Ten layers down you find that bit of glitter

That you hold them in your palm
Trusting you with the key
That when the treasure is revealed
You will turn and be their shield
Emily Jan 2014
I'm not very attracted
To those who're easy
Those who go out
And act like they're so hot
Like what they do
Doesn't matter
As if there are
No consequences
I can get to know you
And love how you are
Love how you look
Walk and talk
But if you do that
With everyone
That crosses your path
You're no longer that special
Nor are you unique
You're not a person
Worth treasuring
It's a shame
People don't realize
Every choice
Makes a difference
When it comes to
Building one's character
© Peyton 2014
Emilie L Feb 2010
Contemplating the dark
With a life neither bright nor stark
Shrivelled and fragile inside
Aiming for wonders of the glorious mind
With the sun peeping out from ominous clouds
Undisguised, yet elusive, towards an onset of doubts
Shrouding any fallacy
Cultivating mere fantasy
And the phantom of a far-fetched imagination
To bring out an electric, yet marvellous sensation
Shut inside a mysterious cage
Grasping poetry like some sage
Aiming for aloofness
While mourning over the senseless
Forever the beauty of words is a myth
Forever superficiality is a filth
The sublime scenery of sunset swish
Warms the heart, treasuring one’s deepest wish
Via the shimmering dawn
The azure sky I so adorn
To sniff the sweet odour of nature
All alone, as solitary as ever, with a hazy future
Nobody can gauge the depth of the imaginary
And taste the splendour of the ordinary
All this simplicity unravels a cosy palace
Where art is sacred; where the aesthetic is a solace
To end up in sensuous poetry
In which there’s no calculated geometry
Where the comfort of spontaneity is soothing
And readiness is but a blessing
For in poetry, a loner like me finds her grace
For via poetry, the solitary is free to embrace
And through the line of a verse, the loner dwells a florid universe…

© eMs' silent poetry. All Rights Reserved.
JP Mantler May 2014
There were gnomes within
The abyss
Crying because they had
No way home
Cowering below water
Trout wipes
Spawning the souring eggs
They laid
Sun-shower clouds spawn
On and on and on

Crying beyond the fathom
Of the Heavens
Armadillo shrimp sunbathe
The bubbling sea bath
Trout wipes' infectious wrath
Drift off current
Tremble off the beat
Induce a treasuring smile
Recover from the bipolar company
Trout wipes
Wack Tastic Nov 2012
The bandits and outlaws own this town,
The anarchists and killers roam free,
The innocent haven’t suffered,
They’re extinct,
Migrated to a better place,
Now that the laws and rules don’t apply,
This world is free of substantial duty,
Discipline exists as a rule of criminal code,
The conduct of personal freedom is to live,
Numero uno lives to rebel and scratch out,
To know the enemy as himself,
Regretting nothing,
Punching himself in the chest
Treasuring the moment,
In all fickle splendor,
To not be thought about too hard,
Experienced in mishap,
Total bedlam the usual events,
Drunken buffoonery,
Lazy expectations,
Silly and trite,
Can’t tell the difference after a while in this town.

Maybe at one point there was a group,
A genuine collection of unique and careful persons,
With a great deal to offer and intelligence,
A new way to think,
An ****** for the masses created in a basement with some *****,
The ceremony turned to reality,
Too intimidating to comprehend and soon it consumed,
Corruption and went ugly…quick,
Roots went sour and now spread,
Core and far and wide,
Grew up to make it all sunken,
Down the tubes,
Fueling the sun and expounding nothing,
Just mindless energy wandering,
No purpose,
Dealing with the devil everyday,
Coming up on top.
Write something worth reading
Read something worth sharing
Say something worth repeating
Give something worth getting
Choose something worth keeping
Sacrifice something worth giving up
Go somewhere worth seeing
Eat something worth tasting
Hug something worth holding
Buy something worth treasuring
Cry tears worth shedding
Do something worth watching
Risk something worth protecting
Listen to something worth hearing
Teach something worth learning
Be someone worth knowing
Robert Zanfad Apr 2010
Ditch diggers don't write poems -
As if there might be found
A single thought  profound
Amid the mud they go in;
The pungence in essence released
From trees' roots that are severed
Is never fragrant like lilacs,
And their labor is of purpose,
That dirt removed by aching backs -
Gashed earth becomes the grave
In which our sins can be hidden;
Tomorrow ditches will be filled in,
Restoring peace which land craves,
The simple laborer's work done.

Ditch diggers don't write poetry -
Palms calloused in pick and *****,
Too rough when art 's to be made,
Remain convinced by sophistry
They've no true claim to a pen.
Clods of clay always remain
Adhered to heels of workmen's boots,
Becoming my life's defining metaphor.
So we forgo more ethereal pursuits,
Though forever treasuring sweetness
Flowed over soil of our dank holes,
Loving breaths exhaled from souls,
Floral kisses blown across distance.
Deadwood Jawn Mar 2019
It could be nice..
It would be nice..

If I were ravaged and broken
And she carried me on her back.
Refusing to
Let me die.

Let me die.
Let me die.
Let me die.

Don't let me die.
Don't let me die.
Don't let me die.

Just treasuring the moment..
Barely alive.

A weak voice.

It would be nice ..
To be carried.
On her back.

"Come on Jawn..
Not yet.. Please.
Not now.."




Inspired by Wonderful Everyday Down the Rabbit-Hole visual novel.
Jasmine Oct 2014
I remember falling prisoner to the sweet
Deep space of your eyes.
Like mine were shooting stars,
Racing towards the constellations in yours,
Seeking out,
A way into your being.

The first time I tasted your lips,
It wasn't long,
As short as a life seems,
When compared to the forever of our earth.

But how I craved them until the next time,
Oh, how I crave them even now,
When I have kissed them,
so many times since.

And now,
we have our little universe.
You awakened
A cold star,
That now burns so fiercely,
In the flame of your

You have changed me so,
Yet I have never been so close,
To my own soul.

I love you, my love.
I the earth,
And you the sun,
Warming me,
Treasuring me.
For this is how I want it to stay,
For a long time.

Your light is the only one I seek,
And I the only place,
For it to shine.
Catrina Sparrow Nov 2012
at birth, they tried to swap the stars in my eyes for dollar signs-
but the operation didn't take.
so for years, i felt oddly compelled to fake it
until i finally couldn't take it any longer.
keep all your shiny, broken things...
i just want the trees.
and a breeze,
and the pebbles,
and the rain.
i'll stick around to love all of the beauty you've forsaken.
i just want the things that no one can keep.
an intellectual alien,
trapped in a generation bringing nothing
but plastic beads and decoder rings to the table.
faint, fickle beings,
painting their faces
so that they can all look just the same.
sometimes it's a blessing to feel out of place.
so, i'll wisely spend my time stuck under a bad sign,
and continue building things that can't be touched,
and treasuring things that can't be held-
just felt.
i wanna feel it all.
i want to fall madly in love,
make masterpieces of my memories,
and hopefully,
turn other peoples memories of me
into one of the most beautiful things they've ever seen.
i'm going to be good,
and kind,
and light,
and keep my fingers crossed that others i encounter
will finally decide to let go,
and enjoy the ride.
to surf the tide
rather than struggle and squirm in the waves.
what gorgeous creatures we would be
if we could finally see
just how hideously we treat other beings.
stop thinking about "ME",
and start worrying about "WE".
because we,
as a whole,
are in some serious ******* trouble.
so please, stop.
stop running, start dancing.
stop screaming, start laughing.
and please,
for the sake of all existence,
stop buying in to all of this *******.
life is not an endless quest to acquire the most over-priced garbage,
it's a journey through time and space to make yourself,
to love all that surrounds you,
and to learn to value yourself more than you value your brand new pair of perky ****.
we weren't sculpted of plastic and silicone,
we were forged of raw stardust.
it's time that we rise to the occasion of being bodies of light,
and make the darkness of night seem at least a little less lonely.
"the things you own end up owning you",
and i refuse to be enslaved.
i long for the days when free-thinkers were the cream of the crop,
now, they're lining up the firing squad
to mock and gawk at those too brave to "baa" with the rest of the flock.
SexySloth Dec 2013
"With love's light wings did I o'er-perch these walls;"
- *Romeo
  in  Romeo  &  Juliet, Act II Scene II

I remember fondly;
all the little things, the little details.
everything is like a photograph with a little note written beside it,
documenting the moment in its beauty, treasuring, savouring
what was seen, what was said, what was felt (fluttering inside)
it's never going to occur again.

In my photographic memory, it's all too familiar
the arc of your back
the glistening of your eyes
the way you stand and poise yourself,
ever in the stance I'd knew you be in
because I've observed you so many times before.

To speak in all honesty,
I was very shy.
Thoughts dashed about my mind like
people dressed in work clothes, rushing for the train;
embarrassed flights of thought that
like a bird, fluttering here and there,
not really staying at one place, and never seeming to leave.
What thoughts? oh of course,

Made up scenarios and talks that never happened, but I could envision
1) Your smile
2) The way your eyes would look into mine
3) The sound of your voice and
4) The satisfaction of finally having your attention
seeking only you, because that's what I truly want, you know. Nothing else matters if your presence wasn't here, and I'd still check from the corner of my eye.

Alas, when what anticipation has been held in me flushes out as
you appear before me,
I force away all those silly thoughts...
please, am I really in love with you?
I pretend again, that we're just good friends,
and to enjoy the moments (how little they may be) left with you.

so that when I get home, I'll be miserably happy
that the last time I saw the organic, solid, truthful, existence of you,
I had been happy.

(and no doubt, heartbroken.)
Hayleigh Oct 2013
I plummet down.
Unthinkable, unreachable speeds
In your worst nightmare.
You catch me;
for the millionth time.
Your hands lace over my delicate heart
You form another safe landing:
“It’s ok to make mistakes”.
I bounce, rebound,
Listen to the melodic sound
Of your laugh.

We sit in your office–
lost hours... Sacred memories.
Balancing on safety pins,
Paperclips, broken cups, sips of tea.
You and Me.
We talk like we always did.
–We talk so well.
You understand like you always have...

Blue chairs, a windowsill full of cards,
I cleaned it once.
No sugar, out of date milk, lunch, salads, cake.
All these things make;

Car journeys, new opportunities.
We grow –
a bond.
Our knowledge increases, our time
An Elvis cup, a calendar, a boiling kettle.
Bins overflowing, tears slowing.
I’ve cried on you so many times.

– Photographs, drawings, a telescope.
Candles, notes,
I wrote –
An inbox full of emails
A sent box bursting
Full to the very brim.

Advice, nice, kind
Your never did mind
my presence.

Up and down
Like a bouncy castle.
Hospital trips, ambulances,
Short breaths
–Not to mention the rest...
You never fail to astound
Your control and empathy
In situations that surround

Worry, anger –

Thank you cards,
3 from me
–You deserve more.
A door with a window,
A miniature water fall.
Jaffa cakes, singing
That’s not all.

A red coat with roses;
A pink laptop case;
A smile
Trapped in space
–between us
Footsteps, metres.
A walk on the field,
A meal.

Memories, stapled, pinned, sewn,
Hooked, fastened, locked, glued.
Always remembering, treasuring
Every moment,

The first of the twelfth
Two thousand and eight
The date
We made this.

Thank you.

2011 ©
Meenu Syriac Sep 2014
What do you see, old man, sitting alone by the fire?
Heartless world of scorn and hurt , treasuring hate like a philosopher's stone.
Judgment passed, greybeard by the road,
Must be a thief, waiting for the night to dawn.

His sunken eyes know the way into the dark
As evil forbearing comes with the folds in his hand
Wrinkles on his face, countless tales to recount
How he crept thru the darkness, still and quietly,
And watched as the baby cried with fear.

How shallow this world, with its looks and half learnt lessons,
The old man by the fire, his tales of a world so far from this.
Child, learner, lover and father
His sunken eyes reveal the times he's forgiven with a heart, so grand.
With his very hands, he's cared and worked for the ones he loved
His wrinkles recount tales of a life well served.

But now, he sits, alone by the fire,
Disowned, refused,
Unwanted, forgotten.
Caught up in the web of the world,
Buried in the sands of time.
Chris Aug 2015

Walking the garden of temptations calling
Drenched of the fragrance a’ bloom in your eyes
Losing a breath spent of exhaled seduction
Upon a lawn soft as gossamer skies

Here in a trance beneath moonlit persuasion
Illumined desires as bodies entwine
Tasting each droplet of passion’s enchantment
Drunk on the quivers of ecstasy wine

Two silhouettes painted silken and flowing
Shadowing movements now melted in bliss
Fingertip whispers in dew dampened places
Floating as stardust escapes from a kiss

Pleasuring deeply sweet gardenia’s nectar
Rhythmic eruptions of fevered delight
Echoing sighs o’er the throes of forever
Sensual whimpers the edge of this night

Spelling our love out in lavender petals
Tickles your skin traced in tranquil appeal
Lingering hours of heartbeats embracing
*Treasuring moments together reveal
Good night beautiful
Yan Aug 2015
Dear my love, we've come a long way with our lives together
We've shared almost everything, rainy days and summer
Can't compare to anything all the moments that we have
And it's worth treasuring all the memories with you my love

I started to look over the year we are together
How we made it and making it last till forever
How we were to each other and what we are now
How we change for the better as we make eternal a vow

A song will never be enough to sing how happy and greatful I am
A line from a movie will never give life to days that we shared
And I just can't get a love quotes from someone and dedicate it to thee
For the words will never verbalize the exact feelings you've given me

You will always be the reason of my smile in everyday
Of how I keep on going and striving for better in every way
Of what I decided and what I chose it's always because of you
I won't do any way of hurting the heart of my unending truth

I am sorry for I haven't given you the best
Sed tu iure optimo dare spondes
As long there is tomorrow I'll wake up knowing how I love you
You are intrinsic to me, and my heart always beats for you

Always remember that I have found love in you, and I'll always will
Even if the sun refuse to shine for tomorrow, I'll be loving you still
Like a rainbow in Niagara it has no ending
May we filled our lives with colors of faithful feelings

I may not be the best boyfriend, may not be the best in this world
But I will do anything to make 'forever' not just a word
I promise you again that I won't let go and always hold your hand
May we always find and fall in love to each other, foreverly yours, **Gian
For the 17th
Dark Delusion Mar 2017
Laying in my bed of roses.
With a bottle of whiskey in my hand.
Staring at a picture of you,
I’m missing you like crazy.

Empty bottle dropped on the floor.
The picture I held so dear,
Now engulfed in flames.
Turning our memories together into meaningless ashes.

Staring out of the window,
Watching the rain pouring down.
At least the rain’s not coming from my eyes anymore.
I’ve stopped treasuring you and started to remember myself.

Smiling from ear to ear,
Trying not to laugh at myself.
I hope I’ve moved on,
Even if it meant living with half a heart.

Years passed before I could say goodbye.
Laying in my bed,
With whiskey once again ending up in my hand.
A smile landed on my lips.

I’m still thinking of you on a lonely night...
Nat Lipstadt Oct 2013
What I learned yesterday...

The curator, surrounded by object d'art,
Told me a story, how he had to re-learn to see.

Da Vici said,
Paint what was visible and what is invisible.

Fancy and fantasy, same Latin root.
We are all subject to the tyranny of
Form and function, unable to find the time
For seeing beauty in places easy-dismissed
As pretty but pointless.

Today, they preach against gold, delicacy,
Beauty for beauty's sake,
Want clean lines of steel and gray.
Dismiss the objects that are glorious
For the patient skill needed to create,
But have no purpose obvious.

What I learned yesterday?

The next and the next time
I visit an art museum,
Will walk the corridors
Aimlessly but purposed.

Will stop before a single creation,
Matters not the period,
Sculpture, painting, statuary, jewelry.
That would have been prior ignored,
As dated, just another...pretentious piece,
Among the twenty like it on the wall or in the case.

Before that objet I will sit,
For hours, till I have understood
Each pore, inflection of what
Inspired a man to labor over it.

If I am disciplined,
Might get ten or twelve done in a year.

But now understand, that there will be greater value,
In taking ten randomly, living with them
Body and soul, and treasuring their nuances.

When I return home,
My art to write, seeing new in a new way,
Perhaps I will set aside the urge to fast complete,
Instead, craft and care, labor over each sound, syllable,
Kiln bake, hand paint, each letter.
Notes from a lecture,.
Created October 20, 2013
midnight prague Nov 2010
learning patterns of juggaling thoughts persuading me
to lean in and sweep away the energy that lies within your fragile body
imperative blows straight to the deepest part of the
deepest side of me,

then deeper--

talk gentely of those mingling loners passing by
treasuring what we live in
and what we live through
the ticking of the black clock
currently in rotation in my head

bowing we go further than this
I plead no more

I beg you its something I rather not miss
when you fall in this after that first kiss
and then you tarry on into differant levels
of explosive bliss

rebound the character of my moral game
I hope this is something you want to insist on more than 4 times
maybe more than that

maybe Im selfish and spoiled
and deserve nothing more than to have you simply look in my direction

I see how it is now
I feel how it is now
my hand softly playing with my skin

its time I let myself in
Keilah Jun 2014
I fished a box from the bottom of my closet
The box I have used and reused
(For quite some time)
(For the same enough reasons)
For I have nothing more left

I placed three of your shirts
(Same scent since you last wore it)
(Same scent since I last used it)
Two of which I have altered for my figure
One which reminds me of your sweat, your body, your fervor

As much as it pains me,
I need to give up the ones that lingered the most too.
A book for every special occasion
A novel for every month, for every day
I wanted to keep the memories (but not you)

I stacked Percy Jackson, Amy and Roger.
I piled Riggs, Clare and Seth Baumgartner.
I sealed the words that once got me through
(The days without you)
I’m giving them all back, so you’d know how it feels too.

I peeled our smiles, the kisses and hugs, the happy days
(Which we used to have)
I removed our photos from my collage
I deleted you from my camera
And I’m returning (our love) the products of your films to you.

I kept one. One photograph to remind me
Of how much I have loved and lost.
I kept one. To forever have this memory
Of how much love we had.
I kept one. (To remind me never to come back)

I untangled the bracelet, the necklace and the ring.
I have spent my minutes treasuring them.
But my time spent is enough.
Now, this will be yours to have.
To remind you (too) to never come back.
Dark Jewel May 2014
Beyond the past,
Beyond our future.
Evolution is inevitable.

Will always be apart of,
THIS sand of time.

AS the dreams commence,
As our path becomes clear.
The treasuring reward,
Is within the crystal sphere.

One finds its true dream,
Within the universe that bonds.
Finding Thy Destiny,
Beyond the red sands.
Mikaila Jan 2014
Last night it was terribly cold
But I lingered outside anyhow.
Walking home at 1 am, again,
I took the long way
Stopped by every spot that I could feel you in.
The streetlights still spilled light on the ground in rivers and puddles
And it was still gold
But much sharper- frozen.
It was dead silent everywhere.
I was alone, with my gloves and my scarf and my breath leaving little ghosts of your name hanging in the air
So cold it felt like it had an electrical charge.
I put on that song, and I let myself pretend you were beside me.
My fingers were stiff
And my cheeks were almost numb
But I walked slow to that song
That reminds me of you.
Wistfully I found the spot where we'd paused near the shops
And the one in the parking lot
And the construction site where we took photographs on that spectacularly warm December night.
You know
It's all closed up now.
There are walls where you stood before
And leaned close to me and made me shiver.
I shivered, remembering,
And pulled my scarf closer.
I felt lost. Even with the music in my ears,
I felt the silence of the whole world pressing in on me.
So quiet and still that to breathe or take a step was to shatter it like the gunfire cracking of ice.
I tilted my head back and searched the black sky
And while I'd been wandering the clouds had parted for a moment
And there it was, one star, bright and perfect.
And all of a sudden a smile snuck onto my lips like a surprise
Demure as a sigh, and then bold as a shout
And I was grinning, all alone in the middle of the darkened street.
Suddenly I was just so full of joy and awe that a laugh crept up my throat
And I had to hold it back to keep from splintering the black-ice night sky into little crystal shards at my feet.

I don't know how long I walked,
Treasuring the moment,
Closing my eyes against the wind
And so that I could better remember your face.
And if some of my love slid down my cheeks
I didn't feel it happen
Only noticed a blurred halo around that lovely far-away star I kept glancing up at.
And I learned something about myself.
I learned that I carry my home around with me.
That if I really need it, it's there, in my heart.
If I really, really love you
I can remember you so completely that I laugh for joy.
Connor Apr 2015
Driving off on the side roads precarious and dense
with firs holy beneath the florid specter of roseate afternoon,
purified with rainfall on the montane bladed rocks
holding together cliff face edges of highways.
I'm present with my black coffee humming while
folk plays on the radio and my sweater from the
consignment shop is still captured in spellbinding redolence
from the girl of my dreams. Nearby, a hidden path boasts a cliff commanding flowing pacific waters pronounced with gold
among mountains obscured in shadow.
Companions cross the valleys reciting sutras and tracing fingers through this blessed land, treasuring the trees, firesmoke ascending from beyond assembling woods thick and overgrown.
Doe and rabbit bounding from rocky terraces alert and surviving instinctively while riverside cabin homes hide a while yet from the long driveways and cozy mailboxes hand-painted or made of wind-bent tin cans.  
I'm flourishing slowly and with periodical decay in this garden growing while I grow and life is beauty and spasm devils as am I, this I know.

We're matches momentarily lit in the weary hands of stars
to guide them in the darkness.
My hair will gray from death we jest
and I will live before I rest.
Debanjana Saha Apr 2017
Fresh new night
and all fast asleep.
I step out my room
to meet my friend
like every other night.
we meet quite often but only at night.
Don't know what's inside
but we both love nights!

Walking through the empty dark roads
with less people around
we planned for a long drive
& rented a car.
We went along the roads unknown to us
& I wished it should be a never ending path!
And all of this brought back my smile!

As I seek & peek outside through the window of the car
with fast-paced movement of other cars.
No bright lights to be found across
but to feel all the beauty amidst the dark world of night.
Knowing not where I am or where I will be,
my ears enjoying the melody of the songs of yester-years.
and cherishing our unplanned plan.
A sudden burst of laughter in-between
cracking some jokes to disturb the stillness of night.
While passing through the highway,
mysteriously sweet feeling pierced through my heart.

It's just me & my friend into the road less taken.
from midnight it turned into 4(am)
but still wanted to keep going through the untrodden roads.
It was too late though so had to return back
treasuring the moments beneath the heart.
And wondering If I never had to put an end to this night!
# when was the last time you did something for the first time?
Last night was my treasured moments. I love nights.
For the first time I went for a long drive at night.
Who she was exists no more
Moved ahead and closed the door
But n'vr shall she forget those days
They haunt and linger, hardly stray

She was a lassie who from birth
Cherished the sea with joy and mirth
Treasuring it's beauty above all else
All of its water, sand and shells

Out of the channel she'd sail her rig
Her heartbeat dancing a little jig
The ocean her lover and she it's bride
She'd plow it's depths so blue and wide

At home on her ship she'd search for air
Driving it outward as hard as she dared
Her happiness growing with every mile
Never a sorrow, only a smile

But all good things will meet their end
Changes come and you must bend
For nothing is ever meant to last
You roll and play the die that's cast

So when you find a chapter ends
And melancholy your best friend
Don't think upon it as Goodbye
Till memories fade or you have died

Written By Sara Fielder © 1998
Bunhead17 Dec 2015
Blessed are the weird people...
Poets, Artists, Writers, Misfits.
For they teach us to see
the world through different eyes.

Devoted living,
Contradicted goals are just the things we despise.
For we grow in contrast to your limited sky.
We live to be free
An avian species yet to fly.

Understand that your soul
isn't bound by a
earthly existence.
She who is brave is free.

We yearn for the sky
Hope for the light
Treasuring the summer breeze
Escaping the cold winter nights
Trapped in our diversity
Everlasting battles of creative adversity
In times of logic
Rhymes and rhythms seems Shakespearian, somewhat nostalgic.

We are the drifters,
& dancers, the sun worshippers
& risk takers. The dreamers,
the lovers, the believers
& change makers.

*We are the offspring of Creativity
The red-headed step child of derivative.
Conveyors of empathy.
And without us nothing would exist
We are the golden child of heavens bliss.
Copyright 2015
JL Feb 2016
Laughter (irrational)
as my matter's pulled in directions
Yet to be defined
She envelopes
Me like the rings of Saturn
Spinning remotely
On the
Axis of her fingertip
Partially  eclipsed
I slip from the pupil-black
Shallow breaths as
I arc through sterile atmospheres
I choke on trails of smoke
Turbulence of my laughter
Scattering the silence
Crystallized I cling to passive tense
Rent madly by her gravity
Eccentric Enigma Mar 2017
Pennies casually dropped to the distant depths in gathering pending hope to wishing wells
Moonbeams caught amongst their silvery slivers of light amongst themselves
Quiet whispers rebounding of that chatter of fates bent confusing and strange ways
Echoes like ripples from lakes surface created by skipping stones vibrate through life’s days
Searching into the distant horizons shot with heat haze fortune cookies shatter break
Emotions in gathering ripples travel ev outward causing those ripples cross life’s lake
Standing silent watching with eyes that search my soul standing apart from that crowd
Wonder why they rush about trying to be the things that they are not and they need be so loud
Warm hands still remembering the days that now be past treasuring those holding recent memories
Thoughts of times so different like summer childhoods never ending breeze such things they are these
White edged satin azure sky blue days that seemed to have no end fraying satin now it still it clings to lace
Memories even those photographs growing yellowed and torn with age they can’t replace your face
Moving sideways shifting to greet the mornings early light another day is christened dawns first shimmering light
People shuffle move about pretending they are real but like the mice in programmed corridors they drift through life’s mazes
But ever watching smiling tempted sometimes to laugh but never shedding raindrop tears observing from on high
Those tear shaped raindrops from my weary eyes so much of life they've seen are falling like those pennies from the sky
(C)G.Evans Reserved 2017
Mattea Marie Jan 2014
If there was one thing
You could change about me
You would make me
Less insecure

But the reason
I see myself
This way
Is because I have never felt
Like something worth
Haden Chua Jun 2012
Waves of unease flood my heart,
Defying and ignoring my loving touch.
Crippling memories shake me through,
For your angelic image seems so true.

Precious and priceless you are in my eyes,
For I can never bear to see you cry.
Clinging deeply to the love we share,
Treasuring a love that seems so rare.

Severed sinews and battered heart,
Oh, how I long for your tender hug!
Heartening to see you change,
As you walk out of my loving range.

Abandoned was my eventual fate,
For all was deemed too late.
Melancholic and forlorn I became,
Forever forgetting love and pain.
SG Holter Dec 2014
I stood with my father in the
shop, by the register.  

the eager, blue eyes of
a toddler

-bright blonde hair,
minature hand treasuring a

promised lollipop- met old
ones so sorely remembering the

likeness to that boy my brother and
I held, all those years ago.

his little face nearly exploded
in a smile up at the kind,

weathered man. my father smiled,
no, laughed back in a spontaneous

outburst of appreciation at this
glimpse thirty odd years back in

time, where either one of his
two little gods of pride

looked up; back, and
smiled with their little hearts

full of safe, soft, adoring life.
so far from the two rugged men

we've become.
towering, no longer

asking for anything.
for a few seconds, I saw divinity

between the
two of them,

Anthony Reid Apr 2012
I do not fit – and, I hope that I never will.
I’ve sank in all quick sands, I’ve climbed beyond the highest hills,
I have lived a thousand lives, and made a million mistakes,
There’s wisdom in these eyes - that does not fit with this young face.

I try to speak with those around, escape the freak or tone him down,
I try to sound like I belong, but all I’ve found’s I get it wrong,
I hope one day someone will find I broke away and had to hide,
I hope she sees that I’ve been saving all of me for her embrace,

An’ we will dance on the stars, I’ll take her hands make them ours,
I’ll show her the scenery of Heaven, Earth and dreamers seas,
I’ll share with her all above, I’ll make her burst with the love,
I’ll conquer her heart and soul and then perhaps she’ll make me whole.
And we will sail on through time. We’ll lift the veils on divines,
We’ll sit at the end of days, about to set off on our way.

I do not sleep – but, I haven’t wept in an age.
Although such a deep cut leaves nothing left inside me but a pain that
Stops me from showing I’m more than you’d ever know,
It stops me from going, and yet it keeps me so alone.

I hope I haven’t crossed the line, but note that you’ve all lost your minds,
All of likeness to the dead you waste your time, you waste your heads,
You sleepers drift in front of me to slow down and discomfort me,
Treasuring the trivial with eyelids that are made of wool.

And those who know me, of course, they call me a darkened horse,
But they’d never spend the time to enter this strange world of mine,
I can’t seem to live with them – I can’t live without such friends,
I can’t bring the laughter back, I’ll never spring out of this trap.

I feel sometimes a separate breed. I feel like I am all I need.
I feel like I just want to show you all the places we can go to,
Dive inside and find your way, put all of time into a day,
Accept yourself and all your flaws, and all the wealth there is is yours,
You cannot measure how sublime the treasures are inside your mind,
You cannot fathom all the friends that wait for you at journeys end,
You’ll never know how bright you are, the epic might of that small heart.
Miranda Dec 2013
Like a child dreaming of Christmas morning,
I am filled with anticipation upon your appearance.
I crave the thought of unwrapping you and discovering what I've always wanted.
I dream about treasuring you.
I can picture you perfectly like you are here with me.
I can feel the dawn drawing closer.
I can see our horizon making it's way across the sky.
Life has gifted you to me, and I am more than ready.


— The End —