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SexySloth Apr 2015
the best and brightest ones
make a spark course through your veins
And you become a firework
Exploding with inexplicable joy
SexySloth Dec 2014
Evening light is gentle, slow
Caressing leaves, metal roofs, soil
Plants, flowers, pavements and gates
Clouds are the mothers - they shield us
Lest the sun shines too much.

Take a breath and look around;
The sweet and tranquil garden will take it away.
All colour blend in synchronised harmony;
Blues and browns, pinks and whites
Crossing into and over each other like
oil paints,
Warm, welcoming, beautiful.

It is soothing - the sound of nothing
That disrupts; razes; hates
Disturbs; curbs quiet insight;
One's imagination is the lone
source of maximum sound
That vibrates through the garden.

My grandfather, my grandmother's brother,
Smiles as though the sun shines through his teeth
Dresses in a pale blue shirt
Black shorts
Both well-worn
Ready to play
some basketball.

Oh, the joy, the fun
The refreshment arising from this game in a courtyard
In grandfather's garden
Among young trees, leaves and other green growth.
There stands a home by hand made
Basketball stand,
A concrete base with metal support hands
Floppy strings of hoop
To shoot the ball into.

The garden has been bathed, it is fresh
It is refreshed.
Grandfather demonstrates, I listen and follow,
To throw the ball into the hoop
With precision and care; throw some force
Into the air.
The ball dances around the circle
then drops to the concrete floor.

We take turns
As I throw and grandfather returns
9/10 of the time my aim's bad
but the ball grandfather throws, I actually catch!
(Or it will tumble on wet soil)

Exciting, the thumping
of rubber ball against ground;
Keen eyes and agile hands and feet
To catch the stray ball;
With swift movements the ball flies!
From sideways, afar and near,
Into the hoop successfully, finally.

Back into the house we go,
As the sun leaves for home.
The garden prepares for night;
So do grandfather and I;
Grandfather washes up; I talk to
Grandmother in the garden;
waiting for night, to
into infinite darkness -
poignant memories
Originally written on Dec 9, 2014.
SexySloth Dec 2013
my lips pressed together
pushing away words i would've spoken
so easy, so straightforward
but they never came out
for they'd never take a place
in your ears.

so I said nothing and just admired you,
because you were simply beautiful.
SexySloth Dec 2013
the old moon smiles at me
every night as I walk on the lonely beach
where hundreds of ships has washed ashore
and thousand feet have walked upon
cold wind blows from the waters crashing
on the white dull sand
bringing promise of freedom,
a sweet yet sickly feeling erupts in my stomach
I doubt whether my wishes will come true.

whenever the winds blows, I look at that way,
but never towards my house, or the town,
because all I want to see is a faraway adventure
just within reach, if I could grasp the star
that sits silently and still in the navy blue sky
beckoning me to follow and find
my own journey, as long as I run away
leaving nothing but the last traces of
my light footsteps,
wanting them to be washed away by
the coming tide.
just like how I hope all memories
of this place
of my entire existence here,
will be erased,
as I need room for new acquaintances, dangers, exploration,
feelings, discoveries, tastes, smells
sights, sounds to come and stay

when I leave to travel where
The Wind Points That Way.
I always think of the title before penning the poem.
SexySloth Dec 2013
He caught me by surprise
I never expected to blush
when an abrasive, goth dude
said my *** was cute

His clothes are all black,
as black as his hair,
and his heels are as high
as the moon in the sky

He is a criminal
and I am terrified
but more so of how hot
he looks when he talks

He has a beautiful face
so perfect in all proportions
and I am sure that I may
be turning very gay

He looks hot as a woman too
and my cheeks flush when he
dances with that sass
I have a ***** thanks to his ***

He is so funny
not in the usual way
but it's funny how things got
when I feel in love with the guy from the donut shop.
A fanfiction of a fanfiction of Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan.
Inspired by Vee's fanfic titled 1994 where Levi is this goth dude who is a cross dresser and Eren and him fall in love and it's so ******* unexpected and real you just have too many feelings until you stop breathing.

It's extremely exciting and very ****. And funny too.
SexySloth Dec 2013
I don't miss you
if you don't miss me.

What better to think about
other than you, is naught.

I cry to my pillow everyday
but no memories fade.

I still smell you
in paper, nostalgic memories and dreams.

I stop looking at clouds
because I'll find you not.

2 evens and one odd make
A three digit number

I don't like you that way.
Just like talking only.

A full cycle separates us,
but I don't really care.

I am a lunatic
this is me, missing people everyday.

I'm living the start of forever
as if you're dead.
A series of 10 word poems.
SexySloth Dec 2013
I'm alone because you're not here.

**** I'm lonely

and I miss you.

A lot.

(and you can hear my desperate)
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