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Why to express
For whom should I
create it for?

I liked creating cute forms of art.
No, not anymore!
It's has always been a mirage
My life might turn cute,
If I visualize it that way!

But anyways,
I didn't understand
untill now that

"A mirage is never real!"

Why to even make art?
Whom to express to?
And for whom?
It doesn't even
Tell me someone, why to even make art that my existence doesn't even count!
A walk which
made us 'Friends'
Hope keep walking
Throughout the
seasons of our life!
Some unspoken words..
With each one of you
In my life,
our time
might never be enough!

But what counts more
is the beauty
of our crafted bond,

With all
the differences
yet we keep

all over again!

Yet bearing all kinds
of storms
and the
seasonal changes,

We never cease
to love and care
for each other!

And that's what makes
it special always, always!

Love you all
For all the
beautiful thrills!

- Debby :)
With all my heart
Wishing a very Happy Friendship's Day!
Turned 29 yesterday,
Celebrating on my own
For the very first time
I made arrangements
for myself
With balloons, songs
and a yummy cake!
And with all these,
I realized,
I can love myself too!

Despite the
love-hate relationship
with my own self,
I owe my body and soul!
They have been through a lot
From the self harm
in every possible way
To the
low phases
and pitfalls.
And I feel grateful
that I am still alive

With so much more of wisdom
Through the journey of life
Every changing as a whole
From happiness,
joyfulness, escasty,
And love -
To the
trauma's, loss,
heartbreaks, failures
Loneliness and depression!

I am now learning
to be on my own
From distraction and noises
all around
To shifting focus to oneself!

And with all of these,
Now Murphy's law
makes much more sense!

And now
With a the shifts of focus
I know that somehow
I can contribute
to this vast world too!
The support which I keep getting from God and all around immense and I am equally grateful for this life no matter how much it hurts!
For me,
you and I
Are perfectly Fit
for this time
But the
fear accommodates
In my mind. .

What will it
turn out to be
with time?
A question
which haunts me often,
mostly at night.

You might say
not to think so much,
but I wish you
could understand
You are not a mere person
to hangout with.

You are more than that!
A friend, a companion
with whom I fell in love.
An asset for me
which remains

Love you to the core.
There are times when people step into our love, and be there in we every moment until the time permits us. Later, in life, all over again we might not be this much close enough like now.

Cherishing the moments now
As with time
There is nothing
which escapes change.
Find your circle
Fill the blank spaces
And the emptiness
Residing from within.

A circle of relationships
rooting out to grow
Which I lack indeed.

The sense of belongingness
Lacking to it's brim
with the empty spaces,
With nothing to be hidden
Nothing to be afraid of
Nor accepting
what's happening!

Carefully haunting you
every second of your life.
Only trying to understand
Whatever is true.

The facets keeps on fluctuating
Only You can fill up your core
From your entirety
consisting of the universe
And let it outshine to its core.

Create your circle
In which You and
Tiny imaginative creatures
Will accompany you
to find your hope of joy!
After a long time I have written a poetry, for few months I was realizing, no matter for how long I keep escaping from life, I have no option of hiding out, but to face it through. This poetry inspiring the self realization of my life.
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
Life goes on
With or without

Guilt­ trips
Loss of a closed one to death
Losing close friends to distance
Nostalgic road trips

Will all of stories
In bits and pieces
Ever have the closures?

I doubt!
Just a thought out of the blue which I wanted to write it out! Recently have been okay or at least understood that life anyhow moves on no matter how hard it might be. So been thinking about closures lately which takes years, still nowhere close to closure. But that's okay, I am okay with unresolved closures!
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