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That void never really goes away!

They say it all heals
with the flow of time
but we keep running about in circles
to heal and fill up our voids.

What's the story of your void
which caused your emptiness?
No matter how much you bribe it
with all the worldly things,
It stills remains that hollow
from the inside!

We keep seeking for ourselves
in our true forms
trying to fill our voids
which made us hollow
only to find no way out!

And that void just grows
with all the time you had in life.

Hoping someday we heal
reciprocating what we may need!

May we heal,
heal from that void
which drains all our energies
piercing and tearing us apart
from within!

May we heal!

Just venting the void
soothes us sometimes
as there is no alternate solution to heal
except to keep wishing to reciprocate and heal
from that void from within!
Debanjana Saha Dec 2020
Hi All,
Seeking for a friend, Pagan
With whom i have known
From this hellopoetry!

Its been long months
Since I could hear about you.
Does anybody knows
How you have been?

Long gone are those
Insights of your poetry
and thoughts about life!
Where have you been?

I know the coronavirus
has taken our lives at stakes
Hope is the only factor
I am still relying on
When everything at the moment
No longer serves security.

I hope you all are doing well.
Its been months since i spoke to any of you
Its so disturbing to even live this life in this uncertain times. Hope all of you are doing fine.
Take care.
Debanjana Saha Mar 2020
Let the corona go away
And I shall meet you back and forth
With more of temptation to be explored!

May the corona go away
And I shall kiss and **** you
With all the bite marks to go along

Let the corona go away
And I might get inside you!
With no where to be out!
With all the corona virus and countries shut down, let me inside homes and maintain social distancing as much as possible.

Everything can wait till the situation goes back to normal. Let be patient and stay safe.
Debanjana Saha Aug 2019
Why to express
For whom should I
create it for?

I liked creating cute forms of art.
No, not anymore!
It's has always been a mirage
My life might turn cute,
If I visualize it that way!

But anyways,
I didn't understand
untill now that

"A mirage is never real!"

Why to even make art?
Whom to express to?
And for whom?
It doesn't even
Tell me someone, why to even make art that my existence doesn't even count!
Debanjana Saha Aug 2019
A walk which
made us 'Friends'
Hope keep walking
Throughout the
seasons of our life!
Some unspoken words..
Debanjana Saha Aug 2019
With each one of you
In my life,
our time
might never be enough!

But what counts more
is the beauty
of our crafted bond,

With all
the differences
yet we keep

all over again!

Yet bearing all kinds
of storms
and the
seasonal changes,

We never cease
to love and care
for each other!

And that's what makes
it special always, always!

Love you all
For all the
beautiful thrills!

- Debby :)
With all my heart
Wishing a very Happy Friendship's Day!
Debanjana Saha Jul 2019
Turned 29 yesterday,
Celebrating on my own
For the very first time
I made arrangements
for myself
With balloons, songs
and a yummy cake!
And with all these,
I realized,
I can love myself too!

Despite the
love-hate relationship
with my own self,
I owe my body and soul!
They have been through a lot
From the self harm
in every possible way
To the
low phases
and pitfalls.
And I feel grateful
that I am still alive

With so much more of wisdom
Through the journey of life
Every changing as a whole
From happiness,
joyfulness, escasty,
And love -
To the
trauma's, loss,
heartbreaks, failures
Loneliness and depression!

I am now learning
to be on my own
From distraction and noises
all around
To shifting focus to oneself!

And with all of these,
Now Murphy's law
makes much more sense!

And now
With a the shifts of focus
I know that somehow
I can contribute
to this vast world too!
The support which I keep getting from God and all around immense and I am equally grateful for this life no matter how much it hurts!
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