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Debanjana Saha Mar 2022
I used to like
wearing her shoes
It gave me a
sense of grown up
Never realised
Her shoes walked
through the unknown
untrodden roads
Which i could never
ever imagine to go!

But now is my turn
To get into my shoes
To not compare
and try to wear her shoes
But to find my path
To be on my own

How i wonder,
how did she walk
through the dark
Not complaining
But to focus on her duties
I understand now
Emotions turns aside
When it comes to duties
Be who you want to be
You let me live through
Helping me all along
Now is my turn
You live your life
Fulfill the dreams of your own
And i will stand by you
Somewhere from far off.
Never realised the mountains of responsibilities my sister is carry on her shoulders from year on year. Now that she is moving to some other country.
I hope I can take the responsibility and do my best!
Debanjana Saha Mar 2022
A girl turned woman
Who always ought to be
Immersed in strength
In a box full of dreams
Striving to be someone
Who would make
everyone believe
That yes, you are free
To fulfill your dreams
To show yourself
And to the world
That yes,
You are one of a kind!

Don't ever give up
Always get back up!
As those tiny girls
With shining eyes
Will see you
as their strength
Believing in you
and themselves
That yes,
If she could
So will I!* - debby2022
Happy women's day to all the strong gritted woman, who strives everyday to turn their dreams into reality! Who faces all the adversities and smiles at them, turning those into experiences of opportunities.
Debanjana Saha Feb 2022
I lost myself
Few years back.
Who am I now?
I can't identify?

I am a person
Who fears all the time
Who doesn't make art
Who doesn't write
Who hardly discovers new places
Or enjoys going out all alone.

Who am I?
Who have I become?
I was not this
Few years back?
I never liked being at one place
Liked going out every other day
With shine in my eyes
To explore and talk to new people.

Who have I become?
Completely quite
And dimmed!

Has this tough times
Changed me?
Is it only me?
Or has it changed everyone?
I can't feel me?
Who am I?
I can't relate to myself

How to find me?
Maybe I should start looking
For me...
I lost myself, or time has changed me. I don't know how to find me. These tough times have changed me. Today started writing again after
Debanjana Saha Feb 2022
"A year or two
Went by
Deep down
With silence
Longer than ever
No words to write
or to express
And there I was
standing all alone
Not knowing whether
to end or to start anew!

Was that even me
Who used to write
Or this is me
Who kept quite?

Who am I?
Did corona
actually change
all of us
or its just me
Who changed
more than ever?
How are you all? This corona years have been difficult for all of us. I have changed upside down. Not sure how it's has changed you all. But trusting all of you are fine. Take care ❤️
Debanjana Saha Jan 2021
That void never really goes away!

They say it all heals
with the flow of time
but we keep running about in circles
to heal and fill up our voids.

What's the story of your void
which caused your emptiness?
No matter how much you bribe it
with all the worldly things,
It stills remains that hollow
from the inside!

We keep seeking for ourselves
in our true forms
trying to fill our voids
which made us hollow
only to find no way out!

And that void just grows
with all the time you had in life.

Hoping someday we heal
reciprocating what we may need!

May we heal,
heal from that void
which drains all our energies
piercing and tearing us apart
from within!

May we heal!

Just venting the void
soothes us sometimes
as there is no alternate solution to heal
except to keep wishing to reciprocate and heal
from that void from within!
Debanjana Saha Dec 2020
Hi All,
Seeking for a friend, Pagan
With whom i have known
From this hellopoetry!

Its been long months
Since I could hear about you.
Does anybody knows
How you have been?

Long gone are those
Insights of your poetry
and thoughts about life!
Where have you been?

I know the coronavirus
has taken our lives at stakes
Hope is the only factor
I am still relying on
When everything at the moment
No longer serves security.

I hope you all are doing well.
Its been months since i spoke to any of you
Its so disturbing to even live this life in this uncertain times. Hope all of you are doing fine.
Take care.
Debanjana Saha Mar 2020
Let the corona go away
And I shall meet you back and forth
With more of temptation to be explored!

May the corona go away
And I shall kiss and **** you
With all the bite marks to go along

Let the corona go away
And I might get inside you!
With no where to be out!
With all the corona virus and countries shut down, let me inside homes and maintain social distancing as much as possible.

Everything can wait till the situation goes back to normal. Let be patient and stay safe.
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