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Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
Life goes on
With or without

Guilt­ trips
Loss of a closed one to death
Losing close friends to distance
Nostalgic road trips

Will all of stories
In bits and pieces
Ever have the closures?

I doubt!
Just a thought out of the blue which I wanted to write it out! Recently have been okay or at least understood that life anyhow moves on no matter how hard it might be. So been thinking about closures lately which takes years, still nowhere close to closure. But that's okay, I am okay with unresolved closures!
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
"Happy Children's Day"
Let the child in you
Breath in
And breath out
Let it live the life
Of it dream
It may go haywire
But who care
It it Outshine
You and the child
From within you!
Children's day is the best day to celebrate our inner child :)
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
And let me erase
All the beautiful memories
Painted by you for a while
And you might not even know
How much it hurts
With all the colors
Which I could
Ever bring to my life
With a change in life
Let me be a little more tough
And start mixing more colors
Creating the new ones
New life
New attire
New lanes
New dreams
New bridges
New memories
With changes in life
Let nothing hinder
From living your life
In new ways to contribute
To your living for others!
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
Blink! Blink!
And suddenly
Everything changes
You, me, I, him, her,
Everything does change!

Love, hate
and every other feeling
Loses it's way

Let not anything
Tamper your soul
YOLO is what
You need to
remind your soul!

Let's get lost from within
And worry too less
What others might think!
An inward journey is soothing
One might take years to reach
But the journey is worth taking!
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
A walk through the
Gardens by the Bay
And the super tree Grove skyway
All by my own
I felt it was enough for me
To take it all by my own
Such beauty and escasty
To find the love in nature
Is what life had given me
A gift of a new place
A garden which is never
Enough to visit one more time
The winds kissing me all across
Keeping no barrier in a foreign land!

A place which still
makes me happy
when I visualize back and forth.
The cool breezes and the greenary with the hint of flowers
Unique in it's own way
No comparison
Yet beautiful love
All throughout :)
Recently visited Gardens by the Bay in Singapore made me understand the power of nature all over again!
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
All my poetry
Spoke about you
Our friendship
And blooming of love
Which I once thought was true
But one sided love
Was all I could figure out
To be true
Now no more Poetry
No more laughter
No more cracking of jokes
No more eating out
No more night out

Let's me come back to my soul
And love myself on my own!
Love failure, a part of my life
But self- love is what I am still learning
To again be how I was. More cheerful and independent all by my own.
Debanjana Saha Oct 2018
When things go haywire
Get in touch with none
Except your God
You will feel awaken
And not a loner anymore.

Be where you are
Treat yourself just right
Love yourself
Even though things aren't right.

I promise
One day it will!
God can be your only hope to survive and get through :)
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