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WhyamIaSpoon Sep 2015
Sadness and joy
Boldness and coy
I try to protect what you can destroy

You open and I close
Dangerous thorns on a gorgeous rose
You try to hide what the world wants to expose

Chaos and stability
Fighting our tranquility
Together, we head into the world of invincibility
WhyamIaSpoon Apr 2014
This is where I love
The frigid cold, the night lights
Bring out the adventure in us, the child in us
As we run through the streets
As we explore our city, blaze new paths only we've walked
Where we can lay together, falling into an uninterrupted slumber
Where can can love at the top of our lungs in the hot rain

This is when I love
Young, but bold
Figuring each other's past out
Looking into the uncertain future
Clawing, pushing, fighting our way forward
When it all could end instantly, that's when we love
When things are still dangerous, when things can go wrong
We love when we don't know what's next, when we are still in love

This is what I love
The smile on your face, the glance you give me
The little smirk that no one else could see
The winks, the touch, the hand in mine
The tongue in my mouth, the lips on my cheek
The hugs that you give, the hurt when you leave

This is who I love
Your golden blonde hair as it blows in the wind
The edgy red tips that shine in the light
You love me when others would turn away
And you cry when you think you've hurt me
As I do the weirdest things you kiss me more
Watch me sleep and hold me still
The bluest eyes

This is why I love
Because no one deserves it more
Because in my darkest times you were there
Because I swore I would change you for the better
Because I need you to satisfy my addiction
I love you because you don't judge me for who I am
Because I can be myself and not have a fear in the world
Because I know that no matter what
At the end of the day, I'll at least have you
I'll at least have you to send me a text
You to say hello
You to give me the most basic love that I don't get

I love you in Boston
I love you when we're afraid and unsure of where to go
I love your smile as I tickle you
I love you
Because you love me
WhyamIaSpoon Jan 2014
It's quiet
So, so quiet
I hear nothing but the tick tock
tick tock, tick tock
I live for the tick tock
tick tock, tick tock
Coming home, I see you
What a strong knot you have around your neck
I can almost see the veins burning into the fibers
What a precarious position your body swings
Tick tock, Tick tock
Your feet dangle
Obsessively grasping for the ground
Tick tock, Tick tock
You falter, you drop
Tick Tock, Tick Tock
My love for you will not stop
TICK Tock, TICK Tock
Wait, I'll be home soon
WhyamIaSpoon Dec 2013
I treasure my treasure chest
For treasuring treasure chests leads to pleasure -- the best
The treasure in my treasure chest I treasure because it's a treasure of no measure

Somehow ten cases in, there's more to discover
More to uncover about my treasure chest

On the outside, she looks like golden plated happiness
Shining with her spirit through gems of holiness

I am the key

But this treasure chest itself is not a treasure for the treasure it holds but because it is a treasure
Look at the chest
See how its been blessed
Look past the gems
And see what's repressed

It's dark ten layers down
******, grimy, and bitter
You see what's underneath wallowed in litter
But this is the true face what's treasured for pleasure
Ten layers down you find that bit of glitter

That you hold them in your palm
Trusting you with the key
That when the treasure is revealed
You will turn and be their shield
WhyamIaSpoon Dec 2013
Some how I met you
I never knew who you were
I realize this may be a shock
I fell in love with you at first sight
You had my insides swirling
I screamed of happiness
It is the truth
I tell you
We have each other
Forever in memories
I love you
WhyamIaSpoon Dec 2013
Kiss me harder
**** me faster
Love me now
And hold me
I'm desperate
For you and
I won't wait
Another day
To see you
In my arms
I'll text you
Now and not
Wait for later
I'll speed to
Your house
Because there
May be
No Tomorrow
This might be
Our last kiss
Our last ****

I'll be straight
With you
Live life
With an
Exclamation Point
WhyamIaSpoon Nov 2013
What can I say
You blew me away
Some how you made me
Forget yesterday

I shed away my past
One that never would last
Craziness, hatred
Something unable to grasp

Love comes and goes
But hatred comes with woes
for I hate her
From my head to my toes

She ruined my nights
Refused to hold me tight
But when you came
She even blocked the light

It saddens me that her evils reached so far
That it managed to shake us ajar
But let it be forever known
That girl, you rose the bar
Dedicated to someone I once met at a party who let me lay on her stomach. From that moment on, I forgot everything in the past and let her eyes, her touch, and her love take me on the adventure of my life.
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