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Dark Jewel Feb 2019
Has it's troubles...
It's challenges.

It's testing,
To see who is worthy.
To see who is strong...

To bring them forth,
Into the light.
To make them believe.

Is what we hunger for...
Is what we want...

We want to believe in ourselves.
As one being...

Under the watchful sky,
We stride forth..
One foot after the other.

To start our journey to greatness....
Dark Jewel Nov 2018
This is for you,
My love, My darling.
My words shine above the darkest hour.
Ripping through that fog,
Like lightning.

Life has ways,
Putting its blade to our throats.
Demanding surrender.
Killing our very souls within.

We remember.

We remember!


There you are,
In a corner,
Surrounded by darkness.
Your body breaking under the pressure.

Your eyes bloodshot,
Heart racing.
Breathing erratic.

I tear through this storm,
Searching for you.
Whispering your name,
Along the waves.

Reaching you,
Hasn't been easy.
Has had hardships.

Even in my regret of past mistakes,
Your love for me shines bright.
Guiding me through the dark.
To you.

Who calls out my name.
Begging for me.
Desperate to break free of the dark.
That caresses your skin.
Calling for your Jewel,
That you hold dear.

Fear not this night,
My love.
My soulmate.

My hand reaching out to you,
As the mist clears.
I kneel.
Your eyes meeting mine.

"Don't be afraid,"
"Don't give in to this.. I am here."

Tears splash our faces,
We embrace each other.
Letting all wash away.

Darkness has no place here.
Life will not break us down.

You and I,
Are One.
Forever And Always.
#My Zahe. Even in the worst times I will always be there. Forever and Always.
Dark Jewel Sep 2018
Aspire to Desire,
The Change..

Reignite that Fire!
Flowing through your veins.

You are Born for Greatness.
thought I'd give a spirit lifting poem.
Dark Jewel Sep 2018
When you feel Remorse,**
That sting..
Within the tendrils of your mind.

Run far...
Run fast...

Before it consumes you.
Dark Jewel Sep 2018
The Only One,
Unbelieving of their lies.
Relentless to their tests.

She tasked with,
The final Act..
The Sweet Sacrifice...

Her blood,
Strikes fear into their eyes..
She Fades Away..

To her Eternal Fate..

She will love,
Until Eternity...

Her soul burns,
As it enters the gates...
To the other world..
One where it may seem light..

Maybe she was wrong?
Dark Jewel Sep 2018
Till my Last Breath,
Memories will fade..
The sensation fades away.

They are Howling,
Singing a song of Remorse.
Wishing to Decode.

In the Middle of the Night,
Midst the crusade.

My one fear..

I am Only One.
Dark Jewel Mar 2018
Dreading thy screams.
Blood on the hearth,
Of all evil beings.

The gates have opened,
So comes the war.
Where Dragons and demons,
**** each other for sport.

Valkyries spread their wings.
They bang their drums,
Matching their heart beat.

This is a time to defend,
Thy precious country.
They are warriors of God.

Light... and Divine.

Now comes the start,
Of demons awakening within.
The hybrids are known.
To only their kin.

Warriors awaken their soul.
May their hearts burn,
Like a phoenix through it all.
Kekay has awakened...
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