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Eccentric Enigma Mar 2017
Pennies casually dropped to the distant depths in gathering pending hope to wishing wells
Moonbeams caught amongst their silvery slivers of light amongst themselves
Quiet whispers rebounding of that chatter of fates bent confusing and strange ways
Echoes like ripples from lakes surface created by skipping stones vibrate through life’s days
Searching into the distant horizons shot with heat haze fortune cookies shatter break
Emotions in gathering ripples travel ev outward causing those ripples cross life’s lake
Standing silent watching with eyes that search my soul standing apart from that crowd
Wonder why they rush about trying to be the things that they are not and they need be so loud
Warm hands still remembering the days that now be past treasuring those holding recent memories
Thoughts of times so different like summer childhoods never ending breeze such things they are these
White edged satin azure sky blue days that seemed to have no end fraying satin now it still it clings to lace
Memories even those photographs growing yellowed and torn with age they can’t replace your face
Moving sideways shifting to greet the mornings early light another day is christened dawns first shimmering light
People shuffle move about pretending they are real but like the mice in programmed corridors they drift through life’s mazes
But ever watching smiling tempted sometimes to laugh but never shedding raindrop tears observing from on high
Those tear shaped raindrops from my weary eyes so much of life they've seen are falling like those pennies from the sky
(C)G.Evans Reserved 2017
Eccentric Enigma Dec 2014
Papal places borne of trust
Missions built to all of us
Regardless of their race or creed
Thresholds crossed among their need

To face the days their playing fields
Emotions net those things revealed
Places hidden in night’s dark
One of each upon times ark

Webs once spun as spider’s tales
Cry not now the creed of males
Showing solid fronts afraid to fail
Moonlight silver shows lifes trail

Beaches found with footprints few
Coins they ****** to pay dues
Memories tucked away to mime
Fate it shimmers crossing time

New eggs safe in high tree nest
The chosen passing natures test
Rising now to feel the wind
Newborns flutter voices sing

Eccentric Enigma Nov 2014

Mosaic patters scattered flowing through the ever increasing boundaries of life's creation
Emotions as that life giving waters flow endlessly through those stretching corridors we create within those dreams producing the visions we create
Experience as that hanging back drop tapestry woven from the clinging places as vibrating memories the past our futures making
As strands of leather through times apron gently woven into recollections gently nurtured, the good we keep, the bad rejected from the future its tossed forsaken
Again the shining rainbow coloured patterns scattered silently flowing through the ever increasing boundaries of life's creation

GE (C) reserved
Eccentric Enigma Oct 2014
Hidden once their calling
Vast forests old growth trees
Ancestors cloaks there wearing
Spirit voices echoing once free
But as time marching silently
Crossroad signposts passing by
Empty bookcases attract the dust
Corridoors traveled doors unlocked
Gazing skyward stars reviled
Clouds they veil horizons far
Full moon gently caresses the land
Mighty rivers flow to the sea
Gathered silent sandbanks wide
Flowers garland meadows long
Seasons changing as they should
Nature smiling in her chosen way
(GE2014) (C) Reserved
Eccentric Enigma Oct 2014
Running places lost to time
Newborn baby showing their first smile
Remembered treasures counted gold
The roaming soul above all told...
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Running places lost to time
Newborn baby showing their first smile
Remembered treasures counted gold
The roaming soul above all told
Tin cans rattle pushed by wind
Before the falling of those kings
Half forgotten painted memories
Full moon gazes on tall trees
Gliding shadows smoke smudged haze
Beyond the feeling of the days
Gathered quietly campfires bright
The early sunrise breaks the night
As watching eagles soaring high
Between the edges of thermal sky
Ever searching seeking past
The mirrored crystals hid by glass
Pages turning windswept words
Turning once on mile long piers
Strangeness visits like a friend
The world it turns while all pretend

(C) Reserved G.Evans 2014
Eccentric Enigma Oct 2014
Chasing seeking with my eyes open reflections gained from past experience
Reaching now with trembling hands again afraid to offer trust
Shifting always northward shadows behind me cast by each new days dawn
Finding solitude and refuge in my thoughts and dreams I cast that to time REM periods of sleep
Forgotten crystal shot rainbow daydreams once thought so important to my life and me
Again I dare to reach forward outward with trembling hands grasping for the future who's days will calm my past
Again that fast flowing stream called life viewed with eyes burdened by past experience sorrow wells up to those who didn't last
Again chasing seeking those rattling ghosts casting them finally at last
Chasing seeking with eyes of steel created by my past
(GE) (C) Reserved
Eccentric Enigma Aug 2014
Weathered grasslands called to pass
Sidelong glances drifting past
Echoed corridors lined with dreams
Forgotten places endless scenes
Why now called the summer flower
Willow tree bends to earth’s power
Rainbows arching cross blue sky
Lightning flashes slowly passing by
As if in answer prophets cry
Unread books on roads gone awry
Speaking of faith so many try
Eagles swirl alone up high
Tongues there spoken far and wide
As white mans sailing ships sails set high
Reaching new lands to supply
The different things he bring they cry
Born of welcome to white ghosts
Never fearing their new hosts
Times they pass and things they've seen
The destruction of their race no dream
Generation’s blame and lies
No so many white men cries
Cities built cross-sacred sites
Blots on landscape once so nice
Whatever happened to the Blackman’s rights

(GE2014) (C) Reserved
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