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Emilie L Apr 2014
Un simple geste suffit
Pour m'avouer l'infini
D'un sentiment qui envahit tout mon être
Si seulement, pour toi, je suis celle
Que tu trouveras belle
Tu liras ainsi les mots de mon coeur
Et ainsi se dessinera, peut-être une lueur
Une histoire qui sera nôtre
Et à personne d'autre
Je tends une main vers l'inconnu
Pour que tu la prennes sans retenue
Et ensemble, nous irons là-bas
Où le bonheur nous viendra
Et à ça, on y aura droit...


© eMs' silent poetry. All Rights Reserved.
Emilie L Dec 2013
In the early morning of August,
We headed off to the Great Ocean Road.
The beauty of it all took my breath away.
I can still remember the vivid blue
Of the Ocean,
Of the sky.
Cheveux au vent
The piercingly cold wind
At the Twelve Apostles
Swept us away,
With grace.
In the heart of the Rainforest
We made our way through like warriors,
With glory.
The experience felt like a dream;
It was enchanting
And I loved it.


© eMs' silent poetry. All Rights Reserved.
Emilie L Dec 2013
As we lay there side by side
The clouds above looked beautiful
The gush of cold breeze felt refreshing
Beneath the blue sky of Surfers Paradise
We closed our eyes
Breathed in the fresh air
The gentle sound and
The smell of the pure, untainted sea
Warmed our hearts
It was a lovely moment shared
It was a quiet, simple afternoon
With our worries behind
And an immaculate view of blue before us
Even now, I still remember how perfect it was
And I treasure the memory of it
With sheer fondness


© eMs' silent poetry. All Rights Reserved.
Emilie L Dec 2013
Where have you gone?
Be where I can see you
Why did you disappear on me?
Do I not mean anything to you?
The thought of you hurts so much
That I can barely breathe
Where did I go wrong?
Pls tell me
Did you give up on me
Because I didn't show that I cared enough?
Or were your feelings for me never that strong?
I miss you
I want to see you
I want to be with you
I want to travel miles
And take a trip to your heart


© eMs' silent poetry. All Rights Reserved.
Emilie L Dec 2013
I saw you
And felt joy
You appeared
So differently
You showed interest
And listened
And was kind
I told you a story
Talked about the “Tallgrass” book
Showed you my world
Let you in
We connected
Took a stroll
It felt real
I was myself
With you by my side
Everything looked bright
I didn’t want it to end
Then I woke up
I knew it was just a dream
But it was beautiful...


© eMs' silent poetry. All Rights Reserved.
Emilie L Dec 2013
Un rêve si lointain,
Ces moments si chers,
Se sont évanouis comme un soupir,
Ce beau sourire
Qui fait chaud au coeur,
Ne reste qu'un souvenir.
Le silence s'instale
Et a corps perdu,
Je m'y perds.
Cette musique dans ma tête
Comme un léger souffle
Si doux et si tendre.
Vers l'aurore, l'aube debute.
A l'horizon, une lueur se dessine
Et a contre-courant, je m'épanche,
Avec une certaine maladresse.
Mais tout lentement,
J'ouvre mes ailes
Vers une destinée nouvelle...


© eMs' silent poetry. All Rights Reserved
Emilie L Dec 2012
An early bird
Is all up
And ready to go
Ahead, a challenging road
Inside, the spirit to conquer it all
To succeed without fail
To do and not just try
No matter what it takes,
To give it her everything
And make it happen
Because when you believe
Then anything is possible
I believe

© eMs' silent poetry. All Rights Reserved.
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