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Hayleigh Oct 2020
Sometimes in the soft stillness of the night
She stirs my stagnant soul

Soft lips
Hot and heavy
Sun kissed skin

Stars scattered softly
Buried deep within

Those simple, stolen
moments where
We lose sight of
where she ends
And I begin

Stormy shores and endless seas
Of steamy summer nights and autumn breeze

In the soft, stillness of the night
She commands me to my knees.

Full moon, half moon, total eclipse

In the stillness of the night
She shatters me with her lips
Hayleigh Oct 2020
I would withstand a lifetime of sun free and starless skies
to watch
the s u n r i s e
in those eyes
Just one last time

Some days it as though you never left
there is a swelling cavity surging beneath the bones of my chest

Tell me when do you plan on giving me back my heart?

I’m tired of new beginnings and I’m folding at the thought of fresh starts.

There are only so many times I can break and bend and rise again.

there are times I swear I feel those soft hands
Brush across my sombre skin
Do you remember those nights
We’d forget to remember
where I ended and you’d begin

My mind is on fire with the thought of you.
I can’t put you out, rip the taste out my mouth.

How can I be hers when I have only ever been yours?
Hayleigh Sep 2020
Just because your name
Doesn’t tentatively trip off my tongue
Doesn’t mean it’s not smouldering
My mouth from the inside out
You are the only place I’ll ever belong.
Hayleigh Jul 2020
"Make love to me" she said.
"Use nothing but your words".

So I slid sentences down her chest
Scratched rhymes down her spine
And spilled soft, syllables into the curves of her neck.

I poured prose beneath her clothes
Left suspense in spaces and
Passion in sonant embraces.
I coloured her in cliches.

I kissed entire novels into her navel.

Her eyes gazed into mine as she began to unravel and unwind
As I slowly, unbuttoned, undressed
Indulged in and caressed
The fantasies in her mind.

Mesmerised, I memorised
Her from cover to cover.

Our bed the paper
Our hands the words
Our lips the verse.
Hayleigh Jul 2020
She leaves stars in my mouth, sunshine splayed across my tongue.
Hayleigh Jul 2020
How is it my hands feel foreign on your skin?

I don’t know where I end and where you begin.
Hayleigh Apr 2019
How is it
Every person I kiss
Still leaves your taste
On my lips?
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