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Hayleigh Apr 6
The lies they’re in a line, tripping from your tongue.
Hayleigh Apr 6
How is it
Every person I kiss
Still leaves your taste
On my lips?
Hayleigh Apr 6
I never anticipated how much you would mean to me,
I guess the sand cannot create the shore
When it is left without the sea.

Its been four years and I am still trying to piece myself back together.
Hayleigh Mar 10
These people, these lives, these houses, these homes, these hills, these trees, these animals, these rivers, these seas.
We are not building an empire, we are destroying one, and every living, breathing thing in it.
We are walking catastrophes, entire tsunamis tripping off our tongues, rivers rolling between our lips. Streams of change, ebbing through microplastic in our veins with nets around our necks.
Let us be the change we want to see in the world, let us plant trees, climb to the top of them and scream from the top of our lungs for every single thing we are grateful for, let this planet be at the very top of that list.
As long as we inhale and exhale every moment; every memory, every molecule on this earth, let us not forget, we belong to it, and not the other way round.
There is so much yet we can do, so many lives we can transform, entire continents we can claim and cure.
Let us find peace before we are torn to pieces by our very own hands.
Hayleigh Mar 10
I have spent a lifetime
cutting myself in syllables
bleeding in sentences.
Hayleigh Mar 10
There may be knives sticking out of our backs and holes in our hearts and tsunamis in our skulls, but we are sisters and there is nothing we cannot face together. I will forever be a place for you to run to, a shoulder for you to cry on and a hand for you to hold. We will weather the storms together. I promise. Whatever battles you face, I will wage the wars with you. When the world wears you thin, I’ll pick you up and we will start again.
Hayleigh Oct 2018
Let us find ourselves, lay ourselves bare, run our hands across our naked hearts and not flinch when we say,
here I am home.

Society has laid it’s ***** hands upon us
Let us not live with it’s fingers
Lodged down our throats..
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