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Emily Feb 2014
i'm afraid to say that i will no longer be posting my poetry, at least for a long while. i feel like my need to write, my inspiration to write, and my purpose of writing isn't really there anymore. even though i write new material every day, i still don't feel encouraged nor inspired enough to post it, and for personal reasons at that. it has absolutely nothing to do with the hello poetry community. you all have been wonderful and i'm really thankful to have read such amazing poems come from you all, and i am grateful for all of the feedback you all have given me. i'm just at a point in my life where i am trying to stay away from certain things. i feel like my poetry is somewhat pointless now, and i'm feeling discouraged in many areas of my life. so, until next time, i won't be posting anymore. i will be getting on here and there just to read what you all post, because i enjoy it so much. but other than that, you won't be seeing much of me anymore. thanks again for all the support.
© Mela 2014
Emily Feb 2014
It’s sad how we always argue
Over misunderstandings
Do you know why I got upset?
Because you left me wondering
Whether or not you wanted me around
That time you stopped talking to me
For no apparent reason
So I lashed out
I gave up
Even though I will never truly
Give up this fight
I went away
I thought you wanted it that way
Then I got sad
And upset because how I understood it
Was that you didn’t care
To speak to me
Or care that
I wasn’t around
I’m not perfect
Not as perfect as you
But I thought my love could be enough
I loved you with every fiber of my soul
And I always will
You can hate me
And think I’m horrible
You can regret me
And wish for my nonexistence
But I am happily in love with you
Even though you’re not happily in love with me
And thoughts of you in my mind
Never fail to make me smile
I think of all the good you are
And how much I enjoy every bit of it
I think back on the time
When we were happy with each other
And that’s how I plan on remembering you
Because the fights
And the exchange of mean words
Doesn’t reflect how we truly feel
At least for me
It just proves that we care
I am who I am. God knows what's in my heart. And at the end of the day, His opinion of me is all that matters.

© Mela 2014
Emily Feb 2014
I would rather die
Than live a life
Without you
10 words.

© Mela 2014
Emily Feb 2014
I know I've made mistakes
And said some things I didn't mean
But I am just human
And that doesn't define me
What defines me is that I always fought for you
And tried to make things right
I aim to please
And strive to be positive
But I was always brought down
By your need to be negative
The things I do right
Are always under appreciated
And the wrong turns I make
Are the things you zoom in on
So what is the point
In trying to make you happy
When there is always something wrong
And when me and my efforts
Are never enough
© Mela 2014
Emily Feb 2014
My lover
Tastes like
Heaven and wonder
All in one
My favorite
I love my best friend, my saving grace, and my sweet lover.

© Mela 2014
Emily Feb 2014
She told me you're a cheater
But I already knew
I see through all your lies
And that's something you can't undo

You say you're with someone
Then you say you're not
It's always a different story
That really can't be bought

I'm a fool because I'm well aware
Yet I give in because I'm weak for you
I try to forget and maybe believe
That you could perhaps love me too

Your actions speak much louder than your words
Even if you say all the right things
But proving them is what matters
Proving them is what true love brings

You never prove it
This has been sitting in my collection for a bit.

© Mela 2014
Emily Feb 2014
I will always, always, always be broken hearted over the failure of us
I don’t know why we can’t be friends
I don’t know why we can’t be lovers
But for some reason, it isn’t in the cards
There is no “we”
There is no “us”
And it breaks me to think that there never was
I don’t think I will ever recover from this
The pain will just get easier to deal with
Right now, I am feeling numb
I can’t devote any emotion to anyone
I don’t even have a heart
It’s in a million pieces
Lying on the ground
Waiting for what used to make it whole
And that was you
But you are gone
And you don’t wish for me
You just want me to leave you be
And that hurts
More than any word
Or any poem
Could ever express
© Mela 2014
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