14h L B
Debbie Brindley
Your hands and fingers
so very strong
Yet filled with tenderness
as you strummed my song
Such a wonderful guitarist
I loved watching you play
As the melody you played
carried you away
To a place so peaceful
it was beautiful to see
As you strummed the piece of music you'd written for me
Missing you. Missing you play
  21h L B
Poetry is alive.
It is an independent soul.

It wants to be set free
Like all living things do.

Sometimes it lives in you
And you need to let it go.

You want it to return
But it doesn’t come back home.

Let it go
Where it goes.
Roam where it roams.

Don’t try to hold on.
It is a lesson learned.
Writers block.
Maybe poetry goes away sometimes, so our love for it will increase.
Because poetry knows us better than we know ourselves.
(For All Fathers, and Nurses too.)

Dispensing meds to heal the hurt,
He never treats us like some dirt
But takes the time to laugh and joke.
And always with a gentle stroke.

Such goodness from a gallant heart.
And thus we call him King Edward.
The kindest soul who's ward, I  find,
Is a kingdom (within his mind).

I pray God that your goodness goes
Around the world both to and fro
To ease the feeble, here and there,
From all the throes of life's despair.

Kudos to Father's everywhere.
And "praise" for nurses that do care.
For Edward Robinson (RN), my new friend at OS Tybee on this beautiful Father's Day 2018.

Revised July 1, 2018. In order to make this poem a "Sonnet," like it was intended to be, the last two verses (having been mistakenly omitted) are now added.
  1d L B
BJ Donovan
My old hand strokes our old cat.
She always wants more.
I don't have any more left
so I hope she'll forgive me
if I just die tonight in bed
and she was my last thought.
  1d L B
To world
fully clothed

To love
half disrobed

  1d L B
Melissa S
I don't need a time machine
to take me back to that moment
The songs takes me back
back to when I was trying to
figure out myself
figure out life
I get lost in the songs
close my eyes
I am content to just pretend
that I'm wild and free
and yes that I am young again
The songs take me back :)
Happy Friday HP :) xoxo
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