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L B 3d
Can I return you
to the shelf
Closed, Collector
of dust
to be thought of
now and then
when some reminder returns you
blood red and rampant

Like outta control alliteration
***** so sweetly
I got myself with this one
Days of uncertainty await many
Days undefined lived by many
Days together / apart lived by many
Days never to be forgotten / remembered lived by many
Days that bring days are the days that many have been living
Days beyond, to look forward to are the times and days wanted by many
What are these days

Every Day
Positive thoughts and energy would take us all to the days that are meant to be
L B 4d
A blue jay
Cries in deep background
of robin's qweedle day
A breeze moves the curtains slightly sun-
light scrawls
it's shadows
Soothing brighter
Lolling on a cushion
Late afternoon
of mourning dove
to it's mate
meet her
on the edge of sleep
L B May 19
Some Northeastern PA red wine
on my darkened deck
a dog barks
a toad sings
to find his mate
I am something of a toad too
and drunk enough
I will sing with him
when you've lost everything

the song of toad will do
L B May 14
On Days Like Today

On days
When the thrush curls his song
among the buds unfurling
Lilacs float their fragrance
Past the trees, among the bees, between the roofs
Only distance makes it bearable
to be called
in the chimes of breeze
Bent by the force of life
in disbelief

of its always


the apogee
Now, past--

The fatal
wound of spring
L B May 10
It snowed today
May snow on green?
The growl of winter
threatened Persephony
if she raised her song ...
She'd be dealing with December's death
Who will not back away
from threats to everything
Still standing in his debt
and he have a deadly agreement
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