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L B Sep 27
House feels damp
in between
seasons of life
where I try to start a fire
Sky tonight was an amethyst fan
on a ruby line
the sun an ember
rolling golden years  
down the Hills of Scranton
to the city's lights
Across the town
toward that bend in the river

a driving dusk
Driving to the Hill section at sunset to pick up milk and eggs.
L B Sep 24
Luis was lured from the chicken coup
by a cold lunch meat sandwich
Luis who knew nothing of clothes or care
nor when to eat  
nor what to do
nor who to love
Nor how to plead
nor what to say

Where does love go...

sweet love...?

...kick in
for a man
"mentally deficient"
of a Mom
"mentally deficient"
confined to the scraps...
in that hospital
of days...
such as they were
of cold and lack
of anything approaching care

At a group home at last
with what was allotted, allowed
In a record by Patsy
played over and over and over again--

“Crazy, I'm crazy for feeling so lonely
I'm crazy, crazy for feeling so blue”

Why might-- your little heart be broken?
Till the Sunlight came
in the woman
"The Mommy "
of dinners
and Christmas
and music
and showers and bedtime
whose lap was a pillow
whose scoldings you craved
for flicking your ear lobe
to smiles and the giggles and singing
so desperately missed as she washed the dishes--
Dropping your pants in the bank for attention of--


of part time and sometime
of someone
who loved you
a while
while she could
in the aching of life

For what it meant for a minute
to Luis
a lifetime of love in your voice
that the angels of heaven could never replace
so they envy
so you go
so she comes
to you Luis
a gift
of the God
who could never forget you

“I'm crazy for trying and crazy for crying
And I'm crazy for loving you”  

To my daughter Phoebe, the bright and shiny one,  for the time she gave in this group home.

Lyrics by Patsy Cline
My oldest daughter, Phoebe, worked here and loved them: Luis, Alan, and John.  I am unspeakably proud.

To all the underappreciated and caring residence workers.
L B Sep 18
"If you have too much, You probably have someone else's"
The first time I heard this, I was stopped by the purity of its truth. Thought about it a long time.  It does not matter if you earned it by the sweat of your brow,  If your inherited it, won a card game, or came into a streak of luck.  In the whole world there is only so much wealth.  Those who control it have huge responsibility to give--to consider others. It is those with resources who must affect the changes  for good because money always moves toward more money.  It moves away from poverty.  The way it is.  That's all.  Reading today how someone is afraid to give up to taxes from what she earned or inherited-- or what grows by itself in the field of  usury.

"...Them that't got shall get; them that's not shall lose
So the Bible says, and it still is news
Momma may have....and Papa may have
But God bless the chile that got his own
that got his own...."  --Billy Holiday,  "God Bless the Chile"
L B Sep 12
...or I will not be
I will not beg for love again!
I am worthy of you
or I am not!

I know how to love
I know how to be alone
L B Sep 12
Have you returned from the harvest?
Have I uncovered your feet
to the night's cold?
As I was told
to lie by them
in the chill?
To hope?

Yet another mistake?

A miscommunication?
An error in our ways?
You are the wrong man?
The wrong time?
Yet again?
Can this be true?

In my old age?

What now
will I do?
L B Sep 12
9-11 POEM:

Dreadlocks of a Scream

Fever too high

...into the blue sky
and watch the tracer upward
and turn toward earth
Split apart
in the widening dreadlocks of a scream
One that took the whole world down with it

A woman is standing on an edge
hundreds of feet up in the open air--
Just standing....

“You-- who have mounted to the sky
will be cast down
with great violence
You, the golden cup”
set down

I am burning up at 103
Toss in the arid sheets
Chafed flushed cheeks
against this living desert pillow

Can't get a GPS on where I am
or what's the time
But most of all – what just happened?

I toss and wake to slivered light
coming from another room
Hear the whispers
See their vacant faces
Must have walked into the den
Feel their shivers hush
My questions
Between the aisles of candlelight
and murmured prayers
I'm walking
Still in my right mind

“It's on the screen”
for all to see
without electricity

I have a fever of 103
--and the main question???

Why everyone's transfixed


1-28-86-- Space Shuttle Challenger explodes, killing crew.

9-11-01-- World Trade Center

“...Now so that your heart does not grow faint,
And you are not afraid at the report that will be heard in the land—
For the report will come one year,
And after that another report in another year,
And violence will be in the land
With ruler against ruler”— Jer 50:46

Where Did the Towers Go-- by Doctor Judy Wood
I know that one of the "reports" was 9-11.  Not sure about the other, but I sensed something about the Shuttle Columbia's loss was significant.  In any case we are on borrowed time if Jeremiah's words are right.

Dr. Wood's book is hard to get, I understand.  Much of her scientific observations are on You Tube.  She does not speculate beyond what clearly DID NOT HAPPEN-- but does attempt to understand "WHAT" happened without conjecture as to "who or why or how."  Her observations are from many thousands of photographs and other accounts.
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