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Broke Down...
Let it out?..
I'm Fine....
I sit here everyday
And watch her say
She loves somebody else
I like all her pics
And comment when i cen
And Try not to creep her out
Hoping one day she'll notice me
But knowing tha she never will
Whenever shes down
I try to make her feel special
Texting her long sentences
About how "we" care about her
Even though i really mean me...
But someone better comes along
And says two words that sweep her off her feet
And I still Know
She'll never notice me....
How i feel abou my crush righ now...
I'm aware I'm just a joke
It's not a secret in the least
Every time I speak, I choke
All my dignity's deceased

Only specks of me have stayed
So light that I'm barely here
Slowly, I start to drift away
Into the sky and disappear

I'm just another lost balloon
Who's been let go into the sun
But I'm reaching it too soon
No gravity, so I can't run

I know I'm such a laugh
A great joke for you to tell
I guess I'm okay with that
Because you truly tell it well

Even the voices in my head
Are always laughing at me
At the stupid things I've said
And how pathetic I can be

I'm a joke to everyone
I'm a sad circus clown
My jokes are never fun
They're all meant to bring you down
She Paints A Pretty Picture
But The Story Has a twist
Her Paint Brush is a Razor
And Her Canvas Is Her Wrist
She Paints Her Pretty Picture
Its A Color Thats Blood Red
While Using Her Sharp Paint Brush
She ends up Finally Dead
Her Pretty Pictures Fading
Quite Slowly On Her Arm
The Bloods Not moving through her
She Can no longer Do Harm
She Painted Her Pretty Picture
But Her Picture Has a twist
You See Her Mind was the razor
And Her Heart was Her Wrist

They copy your every move.

Your every step.

Your every expression.

They are out to get you.

They are waiting for you to make a mistake.

They are the evil you.

You shouldn't trust the mirror.

That mirror, a mirror.

It's the evil you.

The opposite.

They say if you chant certain words, it will come out. You could come into their world.

Mirror world, the opposite world, underworld.

But only under one condition, you must do what they ask. You must obey.

Yes, there is another way, another option.


Don't trust the mirror.

Don't trust the mirror world, the underworld.

Don't trust yourself.
Close Your Eyes
I can't be with you today
but if you close your eyes and think;
I'll be beside you in the kitchen
wearing your shirt - standing by the sink.

I'll be with you in the bedroom
waiting quietly on your bed;
Just close your eyes and think of me,
relive those memories in your head.

I'll stand by you in the bathroom,
an unlikely place to meet;
I'll smile at you so playfully
as I let you brush my teeth.

I'll be your light in the darkness,
shining steady through and through;
You only have to watch it glow
to know I think of you.

I'll be the music that you listen to,
I'll be there in every song:
I'll laugh with you and sing with you,
and comfort you when your day's gone wrong.

I'll be the wind that ruffles your hair,
I'll be that warm embrace;
I'll be the hand on your shoulder,
I'll be the tender touch on your face.

I'll be the clock gently ticking,
reminding you of the times;
We've shut the rest of the world outside
we're in our own world - yours and mine.

I'll be the moon as it dances
on the water cold and still;
For I have loved you always
and I know I always will.

Though you may not see me physically
as you live your life today;
Just close your eyes and think of me
I will not be far away.
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