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Azaria Aug 16
im less concerned
with morality these
******* to the end
of the earth
and your unenlightened
Azaria Jun 27
i have been trying to make
peace with some things
i have been trying to
let go of lately
i have held on so
to the essence of all
that becomes you
it sits in my heart
the place i go to
when i think about the end
a rocking chair on a quiet
this momentum will
last forever
you’ll have the version of
me from last october
until loyalty becomes
a conflict
i want shared custody of
the versions of us we bore
Azaria May 10
i’ve been sad since
the end of snowfall
since i decided i didn’t
want you to love me
today my lab
told me
that my transcription
was rough
so are the waters lately
if only pickled mushrooms
and self reflection solved
i would be on an island
in greece right now
not thinking about the
the future
or you not choosing to
love me until i asked
you to stop
Azaria Mar 20
8 passenger mini van
i carry all the love
strapped in
irrational angst and
idealism fighting
in the backseat
i have no room for
your regret
my stomach fell
into the earth
when i heard you
were going to be a dad
i have been loyal to a ghost
for the past 6 months
of course you still want me
i was always the person
who was capable of
loving you despite
the placement of the
and your scorpioic
Azaria Mar 20
it’s strange to miss you
when you sit here touching
elbows with me
souls sometimes
when applicable
maybe i have been
mourning you
since the day we met
weening off in
small increments
swapping dna
and withholding
small traces of
compartmentalizing doesn’t
hit as hard without you
who else is going to put
their hand on my
forehead to keep
the good
thoughts in
Azaria Feb 11
i emulate you
in forms that i can’t have
and find myself in stories of flooding *******
and summertime haste
it’s strange and comforting
that everyone you ever
love becomes a part of
you somehow
Azaria Feb 10
you’re haunted like
a 20 year old with
a past life of regrets
the head and the
heart in
an endless power
maybe a bath
will save me
i’m haunted by
it all
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