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Azaria 55m
you have loved me
in thick chunks,
gauzy *****, and
broken pieces
reaching for my
fingers like
securing the
corner pieces of a puzzle
cauterizing my
inevitable chaos
and bleeding heart

on the cusp of laughter
the zietgiest of your
wet exuberance
and tranquility
settles the loud
you’re all the good
that is lost on me
Azaria 56m
the sky submerged
in the perfect shade of canton
i rush home to plug
into you
you give me sunlight
and cheek kisses
sleeping in sync
and waking up in character
a compilation of all
your states
i crave you like
long weekends
and leo season
Azaria Jun 15
odor remover
and soaked carpet
the memories are
harder to exstinguish
clinging to songs
and scents
i loved you more
last night
when i realized
that we grieve
the same way
it’s nice to know
it’s not just
Azaria May 4
i forgot to put
the crystal underneath
my pillow
so of course you
came to me in my
i haven't forgotten
how i have loved you
and killed you
and then loved you
some more
you radiate more
heat than anyone
i know
growing pains and
spring in sight
i can't water you
Azaria May 4
i've been here before
many springs and
only one therapist later
i miss you when you're here
the wall is too big
for me to get through
like 9/11 conspiracies
and disappearing noses
i drew you much bigger
than you were
romantic and impractical
it's all i know
you can't have unlimited time
and me
Azaria Apr 13
i have loved you
twice now
in separate forms
with the same conclusion
Azaria Feb 21
the words are
lost to you
like daily rituals
and the nuiance
of psychoanalytics
you evolve like
the reptilian brain
when you want to
i want to do more
than just survive
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