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Azaria Aug 14
every day you play
with the light of
the universe
you are more than
these warm hands
i hold tightly
like bottles of wine
and childhood memories
body of man
your shoulders
take form of mountains
that i have dreamed of

absorbing your
energy from the sun
through your
own process
of photosynthesis
turning light into
you have accepted me
in all shades and forms

i want our children
to have the
under your eyes
that get deeper
when you love me

i want you through
the seasons
of time and weather
cycles of chaos and

i want to celebrate
you in real time
licking your smooth
like the folds of
a blunt
sealing up all the good
for later

i will bring you
happy omens from the universe, good kush, sunny days, and baskets of tongue kisses
i want to do with you what
spring does to the cherry trees
personal take on pablo neruda’s, “everyday you play.”
Azaria Jul 24
we take sun
like no one else
true leos
in our best
like nature
you perform for
verdant like
the origin of green
you are beautiful
and alive
like springtime
Azaria Jul 17
fighting is
i crave you always
why do you
act like this?
i love you
and without
Azaria Jul 17
i’m paranoidly
in love you
i admired you
quickly and
you impacted me in
the quiet parts  
of spring pandemics
self discovery
life cycles and
almost-leo season
i want peace and
all of you
Azaria Jul 15
you exist in a
religion of your
taking shape in
the form of
and stability
like food in a famine
i have been praying
for you
for years  
you fill the empty
spaces and
gaps inside of me
with orange laughter
and more life
Azaria May 28
capturing your
essence like
don toliver’s album
and tongue kisses
i love you in
all states:
when you’re high,
laughing (with and at me)
Azaria May 28
i can’t wait
to be in leo
season with you
basking in sun
and pride
you are warm
like all
good things
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