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Anine Aug 2018
This is a childish play
Well, i guess you could say
It's a bit immature
But how can I be sure?

Honestly I forgot the day
The time I first saw you.
But you were noticed by my eyes
At that moment then I knew.

Questions filled my head
I think a hundreds of them.
Making sure it wont get in my way
Trying to push you away.

But I know I can't.
I already liked you now.
I tried to gather up my courage.
I should but how?

You knew before I come to say it.
Let's just say I was to obvious.
Actions speak louder than words.
If only you'll notice me, Yan.

I found out something.
You are already waiting for someone.
It hurts, I know.
Now, will these feelings be gone?

I said it. Now what?
Limited time is all I have.
I haven't talked about it yet.
Please turn back the time.

You were going to wait for her.
That was what you told me.
I feel so crushed and broken.
But I'm okay, as long as you're happy.
This was like 4 months ago.. And hmm yeah.. I think I already forgot how I felt about him.
Anine Apr 2018
He still loves the girl
The girl who left him just because
Yet his heart was still with her
She wanted to let him wait.

A year younger whom i fell
It doesnt matter, it would fade.
Avoid him at all cost
The time is coming to an end.

I like you, i mean i feel you too.
**** what could i do
Should i just forget about you
Let go of all things I knew.

Oh wait, I know nothing.
Felt like the first time we met.
We talked in lines.
And that's that.

It just hurts so much.
To know all of it was friendly.
Now all is ending.
I saw the line you sent to other.

Hurts it wasn't me.
It won't be me.
It will never be me.
How I wish it could be.

All it takes is a rehab.
Control when he replies.
Stop when he seened.
Forget is what you need.

Another step, a chapter
You'll be again the another.
From strikes I felt
You were different.

Move on, let go
They'll be happy, be happy too.
Learn from the pain
You'd be needing it later.
Me have a big old spliff one day
Admirin the width and the girth of the J
But his plant not hot
Cause he's got no ***

So now ja gotta hit up a dealer
John Dunphy
Lawan Dec 2015
Don't fall in love-
I have done that before.
Instead climb above
It. And save yourself the drama,
the gore.

If you think love is an ocean,
I suppose you are right.
But if ever an ocean could burn
It'll be when two lovers fight

And if you believe love is a mountain,
I reckon that it's equality true.
To traverse such upsetting terrain
One has to be content,
At once, blue

Don't fall in the ocean.
Instead, climb the mountain
With commitment and devotion
And I promise you'll find
The vast ocean, a beautiful fountain
Opt to live above the barrier of love. As beautiful as love may be, it is but a fountain compared to the vast and endless ocean that is life
Yan Aug 2015
I could take all my future
And bring back all in the past
But one thing is certain
I'm your forever and this feeling will last
Yan Aug 2015
Dear my love, we've come a long way with our lives together
We've shared almost everything, rainy days and summer
Can't compare to anything all the moments that we have
And it's worth treasuring all the memories with you my love

I started to look over the year we are together
How we made it and making it last till forever
How we were to each other and what we are now
How we change for the better as we make eternal a vow

A song will never be enough to sing how happy and greatful I am
A line from a movie will never give life to days that we shared
And I just can't get a love quotes from someone and dedicate it to thee
For the words will never verbalize the exact feelings you've given me

You will always be the reason of my smile in everyday
Of how I keep on going and striving for better in every way
Of what I decided and what I chose it's always because of you
I won't do any way of hurting the heart of my unending truth

I am sorry for I haven't given you the best
Sed tu iure optimo dare spondes
As long there is tomorrow I'll wake up knowing how I love you
You are intrinsic to me, and my heart always beats for you

Always remember that I have found love in you, and I'll always will
Even if the sun refuse to shine for tomorrow, I'll be loving you still
Like a rainbow in Niagara it has no ending
May we filled our lives with colors of faithful feelings

I may not be the best boyfriend, may not be the best in this world
But I will do anything to make 'forever' not just a word
I promise you again that I won't let go and always hold your hand
May we always find and fall in love to each other, foreverly yours, **Gian
For the 17th
unknown Jan 2015
I hate how I find you so cute, but you hate it when people call you cute
I hate how you hate it when people rest their arms on your shoulders, when I grew fond of doing it just to annoy you
I hate how precise you are on what you do, when I just tend to appreciate everything about it  
I hate how alike we are, and how everyone says its meant to be because I already know it's not
I hate how you can just stare into my eyes and I'll get lost in yours
I hate how you wipe the sides of my mouth after I eat bread because there are crumbs on my face
I hate how you're so annoying and you do random **** like attempt to remove my shoe, touch my eye lashes and bite my arm
I hate how you hate the fact that I love James Reid
I hate how you always get mad at me when I ***** your pants with my shoes
I hate how your teeth always hurt because of your braces and I always hit your face forgetting that it does
I hate how you actually laugh at my jokes because I dont even laugh at them
I hate how you always hit me when I'm being annoying but I just wanna hug you
I hate how you're so tall already and I have to tip toe just to hug you
I hate how you look at me when I'm on my phone, it's scary
I hate how you accidentally call me when we're texting
I hate how your hugs are so warm and comforting when I just wanna hit you all the time
I hate how you always care about me even If I don't care about myself
I hate how we have different views in life but we are so similar in other ways
I hate how you always tell me my eyes are brown when they're really just a **** color
But I love that you are everything that I hate and I hate that I love everything that you are.

— The End —