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Not until you took me in
Will I be able to make amends
To the past you gave to me
With the future you took away

For I will never understand
The resistance you have to suppress
To contently stroll along
Without your family

I may have been a little soul
Idly fiddling, nothing to show
Yet I will grow old as much as you
Learn to speak with who knows who

My mind you see is not a stone
The yearn was there and unshakeable
Time will took its toll on me
Eventually, you will have to face with me
Up until the day I say
The words I was meant to bear
These hands will hold you tight
Tight as ever been

The end may come near
The world may cease to be
But this hand will unfailingly be
The light you constantly seeks

Thread the impassable route
Fear no storm in the sea
For when you are with me
You are with your lighthouse
Know that when the dawn breaks
And the first sound you hear
Is the unfaltering beat of your heart
I would be there holding your hands

Because of all the hands there is
Yours are what mine yearns
And of all the faces I know
Yours is what I see in my sleep

Stay, for old times sake
And leave when I can be
At peace with this lingering thought
That you moved on with your life

Granted these words are selfish
All I wish is for you to be with--
The person that will guide you home

Stay, for old times sake
Leave if you want to
Be the person that will--
Guide you home

This could be the last
Of the world's infamous looser
And I would spend it dancing
Along with this pen on a paper

So much of this a common fact
Among individuals like me
The world would not care
The way I care about myself

Sooner or later
The world would eventually catch up
To my daring thoughts
But nothing would change

It's a fiasco down here
A place I would describe as hallow
Deafening but impossibly tenacious
Enduring it will sooner devour me

There are chances, sure
Yet these instances are as volatile
As alcohol in my rotting chest
Volatile as the smiles I try to preserve

I've given up on myself too
Had me pushing my back uphill
Just to see myself crumbling down
Again and again

So I will spend my last day
Dancing along with this pen
Hoping every step I take
Will take me to my last bow
Have this heart learned
How much a name would hurt
Just enough to tug the threads
We would not come to be

Farther and farther
We could have not learned
The sad truth about ourselves
That you and I are utmost almost

We knowingly chose this path
The path of least resistance
And threaded this trapestry of mishaps
Just to have it all snapping back

Reality of us is worst at best
Yet we found all the reasons to ignore
The call and the trace of struggle
Between our decietful smiles

But certain things would not deny
This will always be
You and I will regretfully bet
Almost will come to be
Save me a page
On one of your magazines
In return, I will make this
One of the last memories
I will leave with you

For when you want to reminisce
The structure of my face
The curvature in my jaw
The spacing between my fingers
The hallow look into my face

No one will ask
'Cause they'll probably never know
The face they will see
And the feelings I imbued within
This page on your magazine

I'll do everything
Everything just for a page
If it means a living memory
Of a hallow person
Dying inside
Dying to live forever

In your memories
This maybe a superstition
The life we are forced to take,
Like many of the things
We used to believe

Everyone refused to die
Unless it's an immaculate ascension
To our perceived
Culmination of all heavenly on earth

Millions and millions
Seconds they past
While we dance
Into the flames

Every night is longer
Much longer than before
Yet we laugh
And cry when we're through

It scares me enough
Realizing this much
The fools we are credited for
Was our consequence of
Being superstitious
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