Dark Delusion Jun 17
I haven’t been this kind of empty before.
My thoughts are speeding through my mind,
Passing through and never comes back.

I can’t escape the feeling of addiction,
I want more and more to get away from it all.
Reality is my worst nightmare.

Everytime I wake up
I wanna go back to sleep,
Begging to never wake up again.

I’m stuck,
I got nowhere to go.

I want to stay.
I want to disappear.

I want the good things,
The things that keep my mind occupied from the bad thoughts.

I’m in the middle of chaos,
Between body and mind.
  Feb 12 Dark Delusion
come forward, you sweet whimsical dream.
fill my mind up with all sorts of beauties.
leave my bed empty, but my smile frozen.
these euphoric senses dance on my duvet,
to later sleep on my pillow.
I wish I could stay here forever.
for this one feeling.
the feeling of something.
something like the very feeling of feelings;
feels peculiar.
here I have forgotten you.
here I am free of the idea of a
silhouette, that used to be mine.
but; there is always a but.
when the sun's lazy hot
rays tickle my eyes open.
and the birds, now mournful,
chirping trespass my ears.
there falls the heavy brick down,
and with a sudden bang.
I see the raven black silhouette,
crystallized in the corner of my eye.
Dark Delusion Feb 12
Everytime I wake up it feels like I'm hungover,
Cause I've been drunk in love for so long.
I wish I could fall asleep by your side, in your arms
And wake up to the same sight of us

I never imagined how silence could be so loud.
I miss your touch, your skin, our time that I loved

But it's gone, you're gone, no feelings, nothing.
Empty. Empty. Empty.

I wish I could use another word, but it fits so perfect.

Me, my life, the world.

I tell you goodnight every night in my sleep,
I speak your name like it was the only ting I knew.

You drove me crazy, and I left without explanation.

Now I'm used to being alone, it takes time to get to know it again. And now I never want anything else.
Eventually pain became my friend.
An ally I could trust completely.
It would tell me when I was badly wounded.
But this friend became an addiction.
A toxic relationship with no escape.
And when my mind wandered off to other places,
trying to forget everything,
it would drag me back into reality with no mercy.
Scars can only heal if you leave them alone,
but this friend ripped them up every night.
I can’t lie and say it didn’t hurt,
but at least I knew I was still alive.
An old poem I found collecting dust on my computer.
I've been busy with studying, so I miss writing poems.
Oh well, I'll hopefully get some time to write again soon.
i'm 21;
yet my mind is still flying away to the countryside
to dance with the lark under the meadow bridge
I hope this never change, no matter how old I get.
My birthday was 25th of December :)
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