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Q Jan 2017
Walk through my soul forest
and sense
Anciently evergreen and wise
Fresh dampness deep with life

Rocket through my mind galaxy
and know
Burning nebulas of inspiration
Infinite dustings of thought constellations

Fall into my heart ocean
and taste
Tides brackish with emotional brine
Love foaming on shells and shorelines

Breathing life into my body
Blooming peace into my life
Take a moment to see me
And these natural forces of mine
Deniz Sep 2018
Right when your eyes opened
New stars sparkled in the sky
You were worth more than one
Leaving others wondering "why"?

We all started out the same
Once as stellar nebulas
Stars we all did become
Choosing to be massive or regulars

A giant or supergiant
It was a choice between,
Planetary or Supernova,
A future unforeseen

They became darker and darker,
Filling you with a large void,
Leaving an unfamiliar scent
The once strong bond destroyed

Some turned into black holes,
Taking the life of others,
Trying to be brighter
But are left with no colors.

People come and people go,
It doesn't last forever,
But the most important people
Stay for all of your weathers.
~d. e. i
I hope you liked it
solar Apr 28
You'll find nebulas in his eyes when you're staring at him late at night,
you'll feel clouds burst into your chest every time his laugh echos,
and you'll feel it; you'll feel the love in his veins every time he holds your fragile soul.

And you tell yourself, why did you ever decide to pursue a vast space, knowing deep down he could only give you broken and dim lit stars.

However, that is what everyone says about him, and you think otherwise, even after he told you that he can no longer love, yet you still hope.

Maybe one day the glimmer of hope within you explodes; birthing a whole new universe, and you get to fills his vastness with beloved moons.

Maybe one day, the two of you merge, endowing those that roam with lonely souls, a hope, a home, a place to be.
Dearest, I hope you take my hand one day.
Isa Dec 2018
I'm suffocating on my heart that's stuck in my throat
because the tears streaming down my cracked face
started to drown the stars that bloomed in my head.
those stars that lit up my most midnight of skies.
the infinite universe that you split open in my mind
was what showed me the true galaxy past my dulled nebulas.
because you told me "the universe was made
just to be seen by my eyes".
the universe you made with my bloodied hands.

and when you told me this,
for a split second
I could see colors again
and the nights didn't seem so lonely
in that galaxy
and my heart didn't choke anymore
on my stained stars.

I could never make anything brighter
or more real
than the love you showed me I could have again.
because how beautiful it is to try and love
Katie Miller Apr 5
I see pictures of places I can only dream of traveling to
Of the milky way across the mountains
Slanted purple blue rings that run across the stars like rivers
The stars like rocks intermediately scattered between the colors
Of pink sunrises with gold flecks of sunshine
And dark blue sunsets with silver reminders of the stars
Mountain cut-outs of a silhouetted journey
The complete silence of our own universe
My whispers muted by your chest as you hold me
And just as no one knows how many stars are in the sky,
I can never quite express how much I love you
I count the colors within your eyes but get lost every time
The invisible rings of Jupiter that dance along your pupils
There are too many layers of jagged lines to keep track of
The footprints on the moon will be there for 100 million years
But your hand print on my cheek will linger longer
We wrote our own adventures between the constellations
Connect the stars and even the big dipper cannot contain my heart
Wandering through the astrological maps of us within your eyes
Your palms hold the moon and the earth
Your eyes have the fiery dance of the sun
Your words have the gravity of a black hole
That I fall into without a stumbling doubt
We whisper true nothings into the night
And our breath clouds into our own nebulas
That form the stars we point at in the dark sky
And dream of being part of them as we laugh into the air
And yours shines brighter than the moon above us
And as the sun lifts and the moon sinks down
We tell each other the secrets we only speak in our dreams
The orange blue colors lift in a smooth pallet
As we reach our hands towards the velvet sky
The jet streams scar the morning with white lines
And we trace our fingers along where the colors meet
Holding each others hands and hearts
As the night melts into the day
And I have discovered a new planet called "Happiness"
Within the universe called "Us"
My boyfriend is the president of the astronomy club at our school, and I really love him, so I wrote this. I'm gonna show it to him someday... someday I will, just maybe not today.
kirk Feb 17
Different words we will seek out, some are new and strange
The Enterprise has left dry dock, she's the only ship in range
We'll explore the distant galaxies, find other new life forms
There has been stars and nebulas, and hostile ion storms

The star ship Exeter has been found, orbiting Omega Four
Only uniforms remain, and the crew they are no more
They have suffered a disease, No one is left on board
We must beam down the landing party, lives we can't afford

Captain Ron Tracy has gone rouge, violating the Prime directive
While in pursuit of long life, this was his main objective
Crystal remains of the Exeter's crew, was it the planets evolution
The Omega Glory can be solved, with the American Constitution

If your not of the body, then brainwashing could turn sour
Mr Sulu is in paradise, just beware of the red hour
Hooded lawgivers are out there, for the bidding of Landru
Waiting for The Return Of The Archons, another Starfleet crew

Stella would chastise Harry Mudd, but he didn't get annoyed
Finally having the last word, with his special wife android
The arrogance of Harcourt Fenton Mudd, with a touch of eccentricity
Many androids created in I Mudd, a planet of multiplicity

Is Professor John Gill guilty, of a prime directive violation
Advanced technology has been used, to create a **** nation
The Planet Ekos is contaminated, evolutions set off course
Zeon pigs are off the street, to evade Patterns Of Force

Trelane wanted fun and games, It was time to make a stance
An ancient duelling pistol, may be Captain Kirk's one chance
Challenging The Squire Of Gothos, who is the sharpest shooter
War games against four federation ships, with The Ultimate Computer

The Mark Of Gideon was Kirk's blood, and Odona was infected
Kirok experienced The Paradise Syndrome, before the asteroid was deflected
In the body of Mr Spock, Henoch didn't have no sorrow
Will the essence of the captains mind, Return To Tomorrow

Plato's Stepchildren used telekinetic abilities, to force an interracial kiss
Zefram Cochrane's in love with The Companion, in Metamorphosis
We are stranded on a planet, something's threatening our lives
Body cells are being disrupted, so protect That Which Survives

A Requiem for Methuselah, Flint is part of ancient history
Miri is a young woman, the Grup's disease is now our mystery
Klingons in Errand Of Mercy, tried to take Organian's turf
A warhead in the past was detonated, in Assignment Earth

The Lights Of Zetar invaded the body, of Lieutenant Mira Romaine
Bread and Circuses gladiator sacrifices, a fight to the death again
Lost in the past will we get back, from All Our Yesterday's
Lazarus is positive and negative, The Alternative Factor's split two ways

Was the creature made of rock, we didn't know for certain
A fight with history's greatest foes, behind The Savage Curtain
Janice Lester captured Capitan Kirk, he could not elude her
She took over his body and ship, in Turnabout Intruder

An impostor is on board the ship, Kirk has been separated
Men have good and evil sides, but now there segregated
Does passive need aggressiveness, a malfunction caused their sever
Transporters need to be repaired, to splice Kirk back together

These are the voyages of the crew, of the enterprise
Many officers have died, and we've said our last goodbyes
Missions placed in the ships logs, along with crew memoirs
Our adventurers may continue, with our trek to unknown stars. . .
Back by popular demand is this the third Star Trek poem, featuring the episodes :

Season 1:

The Squire Of Gothos
Return Of The Archons
Errand Of Mercy
The Alterative factor

Season 2:

I Mudd
Return To Tomorrow
Patterns Of Force
The Omega Glory
The Ultimate Computer
Bread And Circuses
Assigment Earth

Season 3:

The Pardise Syndrome
Plato's Stepchildren
The Mark Of Gideon
That Which Survives
The Lights Of Zetar
Requiem For Methuselah
The Savage Curtain
All Our Yesterdays
Turnabout Intruder

These 22 episodes represent the last episodes that appeared in The Original Live Action Star Trek series. With my previous 2 poems based on this subject, this completes a trilogy of poems which cover the whole of Star Trek The Original Series originally aired from September 1966 through June 1969
Other adventurers and missions do feature Captain James T Kirk, First Officer Spock, Doctor McCoy and the crew of the Original Star ship Enterprise some known some not so well known all of which are a continuation of the ones outlined in my poems.
I am not sure these will materialise in any form in the future but other dimensions may indeed reveal further adventures. . .
Jordan Bowdren Oct 2018
When the sun flees from the war zone the moon shall illuminate our scars, and help us remind each other that indeed we do glow.

In a field on a sloped hill I thought about my end.
Decades from now this field will bend to bulldozers.
How we suppress the fields freedom for more doors with shallow locks.
More windows with tints so heavy we can barely see the sun.
Publicly dowsing for a purpose.
Amidst my fear, in the middle of my crises. I saw something past the stars.                            And I thought of you
I could see something within the gaps, a bright glow in the nebulas where these stars are born
I bought a telescope and every night after I’d see it.
Millions upon millions of miles away from me. Nothing like I’d ever see
I would cry seeing something this incredible.
Seeing something emblematic of perfection, seeing something so hidden yet so present.
Instead of the hill stands a slide so I rest on the *****
surrounded by families seeking homes their houses full though
I need no microscope to see it now. I know of it’s exact location even as the seasons pass us
I brought that photo of you this time.
You’re gone now but I didn’t cry when I saw your eyes again
Not this time.
Lottie White Jan 31
i sip galaxies from the divot of your collarbone
and paint nebulas across your skin with my tongue,
filling my ravenous
with starlight.
Sam Hammond Aug 2018
The weight of life is reduced to a cloud
As raindrops of lysergic acid run free.
Their pitters and patters equally loud
As all of the colours that melt around me.
The womb of the universe beating its drum
And setting a pace for the flowers to bloom.
A force with such strength that all nature succumbs
As peacefulness floats in kaleidoscope flumes.

Empathy blossoms, arousing a smile,
That creeps from my lips to the end of the room,
Searing itself on a cosmic denial
That beauty like this shouldn’t gestate from gloom.
Floating, not unlike a dandelions seed,
Thoughts of anxiety flee to the Earth.
They carry but vapidness with the sweet breeze.
In nebulous nebulas they are dispersed.

Now what remains as a warm neon cloud
Is beauty profound and purpose pristine.
Unwanted, the ego is left disavowed
Dancing in memories of amphetamines.
Left in its place was the beauty and I.
Climbing like vines as it forces the walls.
Pushing them down with an ******* sigh,
Revealing a cosmos that rhythmically calls:

‘Freedom is such a deplorable word.
It offers ambitions too fruitful to take.
Though comfort or not,
As with fictitious plot,
It’s only as real as it’s fake.’

— The End —