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Makena Greer Nov 2015
It's 1:31 AM and I am craving your touch and imagining what your lips feel like up against mine
Makena Greer Jun 2015
"I don't think I've actually ever been in love before. Of course there were boys that could put a million butterflies in my stomach and make my head go fuzzy. But now it's you and you make me feel things. I crave your touch. Our hugs are so close yet not close enough. Your hand in mine sends tingles through my body and a smile upon my lips. I can't help but stare when you are around me because, oh God,  I cannot get enough of you. And I think I love you. I really do, but I am too scared to admit it because I'm not sure what being in love feels like."
You might be my first love
Makena Greer Feb 2015
I was flying high
Breathing stars and tasting light
And then I woke up
Makena Greer Jan 2015
You make me feel alive and I wanted to paint every sunset myself to match the emotions I felt each day

You make me feel alive as if I had the power to reach out and grasp the stars

You make me feel alive like I could messily splatter light onto a blanket of darkness and suddenly I had created the night sky.

You make me feel alive to the point where my heart was racing faster than the shooting stars that dance across our world
Oh God, you make me feel so alive
Makena Greer Nov 2014
I learned today that for eyes to be like oceans they don't have to be blue
I didn't think it was possible to drown in brown
Makena Greer Nov 2014
I was the animals hiding beneath your ocean deep
I was the souls living, breathing your salty waves
Because what are sea creatures without the sea?
There's no me without you
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