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Waverly Jul 2023
Half a world away
I day-
dreamed of you dancing in
the sun
your eyes a thousand stars
lifting to the heavens
as the music coursed through your veins
and your body shimmered
in the glittering rain
a thousand souls beside you
all heartbeats one

Your spirit finally freed
your wings unschackled
the soul no longer heavy

I dream
that in that
a face turns towards
in the sea
two pairs of eyes meet
a nova explodes
a giant star collapsing pulls
and he
and you do not think
of me.
Waverly Jul 2023
We could always say
that it was almost us
that it was almost forever
that it was almost right
just the wrong time
and this fated life ain't right

I took your love
and cheated on you with time
I took all your pain
and threw it in your face
You could almost say
our love was the color
of the tears in your eyes
and it was just so perfect
only half the time
The other half
We 'bout lost our minds

we had something special
and it was almost us
it was almost
it was almost
I just kept telling you
it was you
and that was almost
Waverly Sep 2022
Driving down a North Carolina road
An hour after dusk,
A nice buzz drifting through my body
watching the fireflies dancing across two-lanes,
and the smell of grass a delightful hint on the air.
A warm breeze with a slight chill at the end
drifts through my open window
Like a cool kiss laying you in a warm bed.
And mac miller croons
His soul full of understanding
Of the messages that stem from depression.'
A couple of the quaint homes I drive by on these winding roads
have already strung up Christmas lights on their quiet porches,
because we Carolinians love a peaceful joy.
And I just know
That this is heaven.
And I know I ran from home
to escape my pain,
but to return
is an inescapable epiphany.
Waverly May 2022
The say
give him his flowers
during those April showers
before he gets too old
and loathes
the smell
of the young

They say,
give him his flowers
when the thunder
the lightning whips,
the wind rips
his soul to blistering bits.

They say
give him his flowers
when the sun comes out
with it's hot quench
melts the fun
of all his summer dreams
he just can't believe
that when he was young

he really did

but now
he licks
finding love
Waverly Dec 2020
shiny toy
dazzling in the sun
but nothing
to love.
Waverly Nov 2020
****** you up
horrible decisions
on my ******* again
harvest moon alive tonight
liquor flowing
got me tight
cant say how mad I am tonight
gotta let it go
I just cant
how could you take him over me
but its karma
just couldnt believe
youd sit there
and take a backseat
Waverly Feb 2020
How am I deserving?
A dog to have an angel.
A drunken mongrel, lapping up his drink out of the sewers,
stumbling and mumbling and howling his way home.
Smoking cigarette after cigarette, eating his fill of what's in his bowl.
A liar, a thief, a beggar, a cheat.
A homeless dog, screaming, baring his teeth at the others,
until his cowardice overcame him and he whimpered into the woods,
crying with his tail between his legs. Nothing but shame to clothe him
and even that hung loosely.
And how now, am I deserving?
A dog, to have an angel.
An angel, whose song is hummed so softly, it could be the twinkling stars whispering. whose eyes, light and caramel and emerald, ignite waterlogged embers into competitive thrusts of red-hot atomic energy. The energy to move. To grow!
how now?
Am I deserving?
of an angel with a fabric
of a million hurts and echoing pains,
laid so gently upon her shoulders,
that it is royal,
and she is not ruined,
but exalted.
Am I deserving?
The mongrel.
The angel.
The drunkard.
The farce.
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