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Oct 2017
I've diagnosed myself with astrophilia,
after years of realizing I've become addicted to space.
it started when I was sixteen,
when I had spent the summer at my father's,
and he took me to the mountains to see the night sky.
I remember being so emotional,
at the thought of a billion stars twinkling in the sky,
and how small we are compared to a trillion of nebulas,
floating so elegantly in the night sky.

After that I became deteermined to memorize every constellation,
every planet in each galaxy,
each and every little thing about astronomy.
Eventually, one day I was able to go to the moon-
I had endless adventures in space,
coming face to face with aliens,
where we went to mars and talked about human life,
and what else lies in the deep galaxy.

A year later, I went to go and live on mars.
And once again found the friendly aliens-
We held meetings in my home,
where we spoke of nebulas and stars,
as if we were speaking in tongues.
We were so addicted to space as if it were heroine,
injected into our veins.
Written by
electra  17/F/space
   Lior Gavra
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