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electra Oct 2017
I've diagnosed myself with astrophilia,
after years of realizing I've become addicted to space.
it started when I was sixteen,
when I had spent the summer at my father's,
and he took me to the mountains to see the night sky.
I remember being so emotional,
at the thought of a billion stars twinkling in the sky,
and how small we are compared to a trillion of nebulas,
floating so elegantly in the night sky.

After that I became deteermined to memorize every constellation,
every planet in each galaxy,
each and every little thing about astronomy.
Eventually, one day I was able to go to the moon-
I had endless adventures in space,
coming face to face with aliens,
where we went to mars and talked about human life,
and what else lies in the deep galaxy.

A year later, I went to go and live on mars.
And once again found the friendly aliens-
We held meetings in my home,
where we spoke of nebulas and stars,
as if we were speaking in tongues.
We were so addicted to space as if it were heroine,
injected into our veins.
  Aug 2017 electra
Breathtaking views
of undisturbed nature.
This is where my heart lies.

The lapping of the water
The cool gentle breeze
As the dock creaks and sways.
I am content.

Barefoot in the grass
The cool earth beneath my feet
The smell of the air is rustic and sweet
Frogs hop away
Your step they hope to beat
This is where my heart lies.

Breakfast on the deck
Sun shines in your face
Skin warm and bright
Your senses filled with grace.

Pitter pattering in the kitchen
Laughter abounds
Friends and family come together
Peace is found
This is where my heart lies.

As I stare at the bay
Stress and concerns float away
A dip in the water
Or a paddle too
Ventures you into the never ending blue.

As the sun sets
and crickets chirp
The stars appear
Lighting the sky
This is where my heart lies.

Crackles from the fire
Music resonates in the air
Stories that inspire
Friends and family that care.

This place is special
Wondrous and enchanted
Magic all around,
Absorbing nature's sounds.

This is where my heart lies.
electra Aug 2017
It's lonely over here,
Everything always disappears,
But tonight,
I've got something new to write,
The boy with hazel eyes,
And his mysterious lies,
Who roams around,
Moving from town to town.
He seems pretty cool,
So tonight I'll chase him like a fool.

Let's drive through the desert,
I'll show you all it's hidden treasure.
The lost blue heart,
That made this place fall apart,
And the blood diamonds,
That'll take you to the horizon.

I want to feel your love tonight,
I want to feel it ignite,
We can make love in the desert,
And I'll promise no one gets hurt.
Tell me all your secrets,
And it's dark deepness,
Because tonight it's just you and me,
And I'll show you things you want to see.

Let's drive through the desert,
I'll show you all it's hidden treasure.
The lost blue heart,
That made this place fall apart,
And the blood diamonds,
That'll take you to the horizon.

What are you waiting for,
Is there something more?
Surrender yourself to me,
And I'll set you free.

Let's drive through the desert,
I'll show you all it's hidden treasure.
The lost blue heart,
That made this place fall apart,
And the blood diamonds,
That'll take you to the horizon.
electra Aug 2017
Your summer skin,
It's like home to me,
Of when we were younger,
And everything seemed impossible,
At least to me.
You used to hold me in your arms,
And I'd listen to your heart beat,
Until it was time to go.

With your summer skin,
Always came with the scent of your cologne,
The scent I'd want my sheets to smell,
To drug me to sleep.

Your summer skin,
Always came with trouble.
Doubts and infidelity,
And I could not help but to wonder,
If I was worthless,
And if there was someone better.

Your summer skin,
Was good while it lasted,
Because when summer was over,
So were we,
And I just couldn't look,
Because it was killing me,
To see your hand entwined,
With someone that was not me.

Your summer skin,
Was my heaven.
It's as if summer was yesterday,
But I cannot relive the past,
To revive the monster in you.
Perhaps you live in regret,
But we're not young anymore,
So cherish me in your memories,
And you'll forever live in mine,
And so will summer.
  Aug 2017 electra
Aria of Midnight
caramel skin
like the sweet scent
of toffee & warm sugar
during a summer festival.

you called me exotic,
with black eyelashes
******* my even darker
raven eyes.

no other woman
could ever compare
with my soft voice,
strong principles,
and thoughtful nature.

you called me exotic.
but I wonder if you know,
I am a stranger within my skin,
within my community.

I am exotic
in an unsettling way--
halves and quarters,
of thoughts and ideas,
and never whole enough
for anyone.

my parents
are whole people
with a fragmented daughter;
to them,
I am a stranger--
I am exotic.

I am both
sickened and liberated
by my difference.

but mostly,
electra Aug 2017
Today, I have decided that I will start living. I will live for those who did not see the light today, for those who lie sick in their hospital beds, and for those who only choose to exist.

I was seventeen when I watched a fourteen year old die, yards away from me. I watched him die along with hundreds of other people. It was supposed to be a day of happiness, joy, and peace and little did I know that I would witness a boy die that afternoon.

My heart broke into a million pieces over a dead boy who I did not know but I could not help but to feel pain, to feel the dreading feeling that he would not come back to life again. I watched a man perform CPR on him for several minutes, pumping his chest, lifting his head and blowing air into his lungs over and over and over again until they realized it was no use. They even tried to restart his heart by shocking him and yet he still laid on the sand motionless.

My mom found me in the crowd of people. She had tears in her eyes. She had saw the boy being pulled out of the water and brought back to shore. She had told us his body was yellow and once they took off the oxygen mask, blood spilled out of his nose. She was horrified at what she saw.

I watched the men take the boy back to the ambulance, trying to get past the crowd and hiding the sadness that was in their eyes that the boy would no longer live another day.

I went back to my spot by the lake, pondering over everything I had saw and wondering if that would be me anytime soon. I was lost in thought for the rest of the afternoon wondering over the boy's life and his death. His death had such an impact on my life and made me realize death is all around us.

Death will never warn you when she comes for you. She's like a thief at night, waiting for the right moment to steal your last breath.

Today I have decided I will begin to truly live, to fully appreciate every second of my life. There's a famous movie I've watched, Titanic. Jack made a speech to all the rich people and talked about how life is a gift and he didn't want to waste it. Life is precious, it's a gift that can be so glorious if you don't waste it doing pointless stuff. Today is the day when we can change things. Yesterday is the past and the future is too far ahead of us but right now is the time to do whatever the hell we want.

Live your life today, truly live it. If you are in love with someone and haven't confessed it to them, today is the day to do it. If you're holding a grudge against someone for something that happened a long time ago, forgive them before it's too late. If you want to do something that you're passionate about, do it today, you have nothing to lose. Today is the day to live your life to the fullest and leave a mark, to leave a legacy. Life is a gift, make yours count.
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