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George Krokos Mar 2020
The earth is like a bubble of life floating in the vastness of space
and all creatures on it are like the organisms that inhabit a place.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Nik Bland Feb 2020
View the scenery
The lesser of attractions
Beyond the lights
The stars
And in the vast, the blackness

The backdrop endlessly
Speaking to ears
Not hearing
I feel you out in space
I think of you so clearly

Prayers float from my mouth
Answered, forwarded to voicemail
My ceiling holds spaces
Atoms form me
And my jail

It’s electricity
That makes chemicals in me
The forms the lonely
Forms the empty
Filled with the scenery

I wish for a dreadful thing
Every night
Wonderful though it may be
My pillow by my side
Emulating you laying next to me

Spaces between compose words
Flicked outside by
Movements of my tongue
I dwell in loneliness
And I pray I’m not the only one

Do you feel lonely?
Beyond your street
These scenic stars?
I pray you long for me
In crowded room, still alone you are

I feel this
Aching too
A rowboat in an endless sea
I look in the black
And pray you’re as lonely as me

You should feel as lonely as me...
... tell me she’s as lonely as me

Selfishness fill the darkness
Lines between concrete seas

Help me believe she’s as lonely as me...

I know these thoughts
They arise
Like moons
Eclipsing light of day
I whisper wicked things
Coated in prayers that float away

These eyes
Dare not close
In case miracles start
In front of me
Maybe my wounded heart injures
But I pray you search till you find me

Eternity is brief, love
We have not a moment
To waste
Two hearts scattered in blackness
Leaking words that float to space

I beg forgiveness
I know my folly
I’ve took too long
No map in darkness
Hope dwindles, but I search on

These words divisive
Selfish as they float
Never to be
I pray you’re lonely
And that you search impatiently

I pray you’re lonely
And ever alone, you ache for me...
Ylzm Feb 2020
As far as the eye sees
To the horizon and all around
Nothing but endless emptiness
I cannot go back for futility it’s not

The voice whispering within
This is the way walk in it
Not a sound, not a soul, not a wind
But all light, bright, silent and peace

The strangeness in my heart
I bear to the land beyond
Strange tongues surrounded me
Too long, too long, away from home

Renewed in every step
Refreshed by the stars
Strengthened in every breathe
And my food is my heart

As the blind sees not the stars
The prophet knows not the future
But only the assurance of the truth
Thus I walk the endless vastness
Blessed are those whose strength is in You,
whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.
As they pass through the Valley of Baca,
they make it a place of springs;
even the autumn rain covers it with pools.
They go from strength to strength,
until each appears before God in Zion.
[Ps 84:5-7]
Rocco Siravo Oct 2019
I held wishes on your stories
Etched between the void and the sky
And hoped that even a glimpse
Of all your vastness and beauty
Can be reflected in me
Jay M Oct 2019
Things I cannot believe
My idiocy
Things I shall never achieve
O, my idiocy
Things I shall never know
O, my idiocy…

Hatred and anger
Burning flames
Things I wish not to remember
Yet never
Never will I forget…

Who am I?
I am no one
An idiot of course
A fool, so naive
A child indeed
Unorganized, I am doomed
This curse, I assumed
Would leave me, but never…

Shall I ever be released?
O never, o never,
Shall I ever be set free?
O no, o never,
Shall I see the light of day…

Do you see me?
Do you hear me?
The sorrow and woe
The sorrow and woe…

If they ever saw me
For me
Would they leave me?
Or would they feel me?
Would they lift me up,
Above the clouds,
Where they flux so freely
As a bird in flight
Across the vastness
That is my mind

Do you hear me?
Do you see me?
No, o never,
Never it goes…

O, if you could see it
O, if you could hear it
The broken melody,
The bleeding heart,
The depths it reaches to…

O never, o never,
Shall I forgive myself
O never, o never
Shall I forgive myself…

- Jay M
October 8th, 2019
Bhill Mar 2019
Looking out at the vastness
I see so much
This world is more transparent than the last
I saw so little
How can anything create thisness
I'm not sure where this vastness came from
Remembering thoughts surrounded
Surrounded by chatter and emotion
Surrounded by color and words
Is this remembering?
”The Vastness”

Brian Hill - 2019#80
Inspired by intelligence in general...
Where do these words take you...
Please let me know
LA Jun 2018
I’ve watched you move dust from the earth
With every speck turned into gold;
I’ve watched you sweep the ashes from the hearth
And thus, grief is laden in the mold.

I’ve seen you maneuver a ship on sail
Like a deity between the land and sea;
I’ve seen you move past through the hail
And the trees swayed with their leaves at plea.

I’ve noticed your stillness through the dark
In which it seemed so delightfully right;
I’ve noticed the bareness you left as a mark
When the ambience had turned sour at night.

I’ve recalled your defiance amid the rudiments
In which I found such beauty in nothingness;
I’ve recalled your anticlinal sentiments
Thus, how could one like the breadth less?
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