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Sydney Victoria Jun 2019
There Are Now Green Leaves,
There Are Flowers,
There Are Bees,
There Is Sunshine,
There Is Breeze,
There Is You,
And Then There’s Me.

You Are The Dew,
And I Am The Freeze
You Are The Beach,
And I Am The Seas,
I Am The Grit,
And You Are The Ease.

How Could Someone Like You,
Love Something Like Me?
I Am The Winter,
You Are The Summer,
Why Do You Love Me
When I Am Such A ******?
Sydney Victoria Jan 2019
Snow Flakes Drift Gently,
My Mind Is Bitterly Cold,
And Darkness Creeps In

In Peaceful Silence,
I Am Shivering No More,
For My Bed Is Warm

I Am Safe For Now,
From All The Thoughts Of Daytime,
To Sleep I Succumb
Sydney Victoria Jan 2019
Break Me Into Pieces
Let My Colors Bleed
Put Me Back Together
Whichever Way You Please

I’m Not A Simple Puzzle
It Will Not Be With Ease
But, If My Heart Is Found
It’s Your Name It Will Read
A professor I am studying with has told me to keep a diary, so that I can find myself. She told me this will help me with my art, which I believe has validity. I struggle with expressing myself through my art because I keep my feelings locked up, and I need to figure out what is actually in my heart. But, I have always been able to find myself through writing poetry. I need an excuse to write again, and I hope I will see more of you. Much love always.

Sydney Victoria Aug 2018
I love it when she’s blue,
I love it when she’s gold,
I love it when she’s silver,
I love it when she’s cold,
I love it when she’s quiet,
I love it when she’s bold,
I love it when she’s calm,
I love it when she folds
I love her for her secrets,
I love her for her songs,
I love her for her rights,
I love her for her wrongs,
I love it when she moves me,
When she pulls me,
When she soothes me,
I love it when she’s red,
I love it when she’s gray,
I love it when she’s mine,
I love it when she strays,
I love her for her warmth,
I love her for her stare,
I love her for her depths,
I love her for her care.
I’m in love with ocean. Her beauty, her grace. The secrets she harbors, the life she gives to all creatures. I love the way she holds me & makes me feel free. I am euphoric, I can see her now. No caps because I am truly meek in her presence.
Sydney Victoria Jun 2018
Colors Of Twilight
Are Quilt-Like On The Water
Pale Yellows Meet Gray

The Water Is Still
A Tranquil Night Is Welcomed
By Some Fireflies

The Moonlight Is Blurred
Wrapped In A Cotton-Like Film
Painted Violet

Colors Of Twilight
Swirl Beneath A Gentle Oar
I’m Thinking Of You
Tonight I Went Kayaking On A Glassy Lake. All Was Calm, All Was Beautiful & Still. It Was Wonderful. I Was Thinking Of You.
Sydney Victoria Jun 2018
My Body Is A Cage, A Portal,
And A Stone.
My Pain Is A Friend, A Shadow
And A Foe.
My Body Is A Host, A Mortal,
And A Home.
My Pain Is A Monster, A Hunger
In My Bones.
I Cannot Wait For The Day That The Pain Goes Away.
Sydney Victoria Jun 2018
Sweet summer rains that kiss calm seas;
The cricket’s song that travels on the breeze.
Evening and daytime, what lies in between,
Painted, still waters, in twilight you gleam.
Horizons are born and hidden by night,
Each small star unimaginably bright.
Nestled in slumber, one lies in your heart,
A beacon of light from which you won’t part.
Sounds of the earth awaken you gently as
Morning emerges offering you plenty. You are
Innocent flowers who are greeting the sun.
The mountains and canyons, cratered and dun. You are my
Home, and my forever only one
You Are My Other Half <3
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