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Alice Curtis Mar 2015
A star is not a cold rock
a dulled reflective face,
like glazed glass.

It burns when your eyes are closed
it devours itself
while jagged rocks pirouette
rugged rings around the fire.

Variegated spheres swirl
in the cosmic whirlwinds,
as waves radiate from a distance,
bathing all in their path in its brilliance.

I don't know why worlds plummet
like stones from the sky.

I don't know why worlds must die
before a child can reach the summit.

This sick trip they drag you into
from the wet warm of the womb
is not living, but just a tomb,
a sealed and silent little room,
a fleeting glimpse at everything.

All I know is, a star is not a rock.
And death does not discriminate.
Thinking about my grandpa. He taught me everything about stars and planets.
Alice Curtis Oct 2012
I see him everyday
Riding on the bus.
His head down
His long frown
Poor Gloomy Gus.

Everyone who tries
To talk to him
To meet his eyes,
Only gets pushed away.
Poor gloomy Gus.

I'd give him a piece of candy,
But he'd slap it from my hand,
If only his mother had held him,
I wish he could understand,
We all just want him to smile
And sing, and enjoy everything.

But, poor gloomy Gus,
Just sits on the bus,
Feeding his hate
And starving his love.
Poor, poor,
Gloomy Gus.
Alice Curtis Sep 2012
People get mad because of hurt feelings,
And because everyone is different people judge.
But they shouldn't,
Because the only person you need to judge is yourself.
Because that is the only person you control.
Some people act mean because they are abused at home.
Lots of things happen you don't see, and the things you see can trick you.
So be careful if you go to judge,
Because even a court judge needs overwhelming evidence.
You know what you did, and you know if you need to change.
Don't let people judge you by their rules and ideas.
If your not breaking the law, then its your business.
But if you feel you can do better, or you think you made a mistake
It is your decision to get better, and fix things.
Don't judge others.
You can't help others while your judging them.
I mean stereotyping and assuming, or gossiping about people. Not law court judging.
Alice Curtis Sep 2012
Two people who love each other
Need to learn to forgive each other.
When we make spiteful actions, it hurts us later on.
It is better to forgive and forget mistakes,
Otherwise people can get hurt.
But people can be spiteful sometimes,
And if you are you have to learn to say
I'm sorry.
Because being spiteful feels good as you do it sometimes,
But in the end you feel bad until you say
I'm sorry.
My friend Carly and Tamara got into a fight, and they stopped talking to each other, but they talked bad about each other. They apologized today, because they felt bad for the mean things they said.
Alice Curtis Sep 2012
I don't know why love and loved are seperate words.
If you ever love someone, you can't just stop,
Because, even if they change,
You still love them for who they were,
And in a way, you have to love them for who they are too.
Love isn't like.
You can like one type of food, and stop liking it.
But when you love, it is different.
You cannot just stop loving.
Loved is love.
You may be in love with someone,
But you love everyone you loved,
So let's just call it lovd,
Because both words mean the same thing.
Alice Curtis Sep 2012
Its crazy how quick love makes things better,
My mom was so sad this morning,
Because my dad had left to go to Arizona.
But, just a few minutes ago my dad called.
You should have seen how quick my mom got happy.
Smiling, and singing, as she cleans the kitchen.
Just the sound of his voice was enough to make her dance.
I'm glad my parents love each other so much,
Because my grandpa says that so few marriages make it anymore.
My friend Alyssa's parents are divorced,
And its sad going to her house.
Her mom is never singing,
Or dancing or smiling.
But, I'm not afraid of my parents getting divorced.
The look on my moms face was enough to prove
That she loves my dad too much,
And the nice things my dad is constantly doing for my mom,
I know he loves her so much too.
Just one little phone conversation meant so much.
Its crazy how quick love makes things better.
Alice Curtis Aug 2012
The birds sing sweeter
Flying free in the forest,
Than stuck in a cage.
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