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Nylee Mar 2022

I am a moonchild
Turning colder every night,
Hiding my face,
little more these days

internetgirl Dec 2021
seven freckles
stretched across the expanse
of a mystery
when the wind would pick up
she would dance with her shadow
and her twirling reminded the moon of its celestial duties
she held the milky ways in her lungs
and the stars in her eyes
and every day as the sun bid farewell
long, dark, outstretched arms awaited her
a receding tide of centuries of patience
of forgetting
of rewriting
she asked herself often
if she was born for this world
or if it was born for her
as leaves simpered at the brief graze of her skin
and nebulas spilled from her fingertips
tellurian: of or inhabiting the earth
Aparna Sep 2020
miscellaneous matter
stars blurred
into phospenes
spaced out,
eyes gaze
at the Moon,
deeper still,through an
embrasure in time,
as life
into smithreens
of yestreen
the stars 
in silver slivers
of lightyears
as moon swam
in liquid dark eyes
and the stars awoke,
Brave Wilson Jun 2020
An orb of silver,
Shimmering in the sky
Reflecting the light
Of the sun we so adore.
Full of light at her end
She's a dime to behold
when she's in full bloom
And a smile to adore
When she is but a crescent

The words I use to describe her,
Will tell you how I feel.
How could I not be infectuated,
When she watched over my birth
When nobody else did.
She's was a shoulder to cry on
When nobody else was,
and was a subject to write about
When nobody else was.
So I write to her in vain,
And I sing about her in vain,
And think of her when I wake,
Cause I've tied her to my fate.
My efforts to get her attention,
Have all drowned out In vain...
Or atleast that's what I thought,
for what else could be,
When her silence is all i bought.
But You See today is the day,
She responds to my words
and my advances in kind...

You see I wanted her to smile
when her form was in full,
and Shine bright when it was not...
All signs of effections,
she could not achieve,
but with a lunar eclipse
There's an emotion she can express,
Just for me...
A sign, a reaction,
an emotion of effections
For her treasured cancerian.
When her cheeks blush a light red,
I'll know the reach of my words
To have touched a soul so far beyond
The reach of my own.
She will have said all she needs to,
And I'll rest fully assured,
knowing the love of my life,
had blushed at my birth.
- Written for the Strawberry Moon of June 2020
chris Feb 2020
take this road
to the moon

take his hand,
the moon child,

cause that’s how
its supposed to be

all this pain
all this sorrow
that’s our destiny
Sonia Ettyang Jul 2019
I walk through the shadows of the night  Under the glowing light
The mysteries of the moon mystify my mind
Shed light to my soul
Engulf my spirit to the core of the earth bringing me closer to my inner being
Fine tuned to the rhythm of the ocean
amavi Jan 2019
they call me
cause i lie awake
at night
talk to the

Not daring
to drift
for my mind

will be my

The precious
who keeps me company
when my mind
is ready
and no one
can piece me

will watch over me
like i
like no one

My home
is a
on the moon
where i am
my own

They call me
Elisabeth Oct 2018
the moon rises and soothes my heated skin
red and blistered from the sun’s brutal eyes
harsh and judging giving me no blink of a break
a gentle touch caresses and heals my peeling cheeks
staring directly into such hot eyes leaves a piercing feeling through the back of my skull and an orange glow over my pupil
the moon’s soft glow allows my eyes to open wide with wonder no fear of being blinded
warm pleasant air keeps me from freezing underneath that pretty white glow
in daylight the wind is vicious and whips me in the face hurting where I’m already burned
a whole night for me to heal
only to be blistered again
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