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ground down smooth and small
I fit nicely among man,
but cut if broken
Carl D'Souza Jul 25
I am eating
slices of delicious
Danish Havarti Cheese:
nutritious with calcium and protein;
my tongue is enjoying the taste
my stomach is enjoying the nutrition.
Niki Gray Jul 12
We never truly get over
the great loss of life.
Like water smoothes and
shapes a rock over time,
loss carves and shapes
the soul into a much kinder
more loving person.
Inspired by the loss of my dad, Courtney's mom and my friend Chuck Horn.  For all those people out there who have lost someone before they were ready this is for you as well.  Thank you Todd Hoover for encouraging me.
Seanathon Jul 12
When I listen to jazz
Hot like seeping tea
As it cools like coffee directly in front of me

All I see is the ocean
All I hear is the swishing sound of the sand being turned to glass
Beneath the feet of an unwalking rhythm

Unwaking and amiss
Good jazz doesn’t walk a straight line as this
It’s a drunken rhythm and a deep sip
In love with the indescribable, naturural, eternal bliss
Smooth Jazz
bk Jul 1
It is amazing, the life of a wave.
It takes forever to build up
and then once it finds its way to the beach,
is alive for only a couple seconds.
As beautiful as this sounds,
the act of the surfer is even more.
The wave exists momentarily
but while it does,
the surfer carves smooth silky lines into it
creating a form of art seen only by few.
After that, that single wave is gone forever;
It is not coming back.
The surfer will never surf that same wave again.
The life of the wave now only exists in memory.

Personally, I find nothing more beautiful than that.

The brilliance of gold.
The silver of the hopeless.
So smooth, so clear, so deep.
Like breathing ocean.
Like calmness mindfull.
Like moments of the now
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
And one more time yes.
Acceptance came out of my mouth.
Anastasia Jun 8
i think
your neck
is a delicacy
and sweet.
c.b. ♥
Poetic T Apr 27
They say there are storms in

There like a summer breeze,

              to the tsunami
         of caffeine denial.
                   That floods
                    upon the shores of my

         day washing everyone away.

I need my Jave, like I need to breath..
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