I met you in a marvelous moment.
Tall charming, divine
Hair smooth, talk warm
and eyes that were wild.

Andrew Jun 19

Poetry is subtle
Poetry can be smooth
Just like AMK

crystallaiz May 31

kiss me
until i can no longer
feel the pull of gravity
until i am among the stars
then i would pick the stars for you
lay them out in the shape of you
hold me
until i feel your warmth
more than the burn of the sun
i would collect sunshine for you
then you could always stand in the light
i would take your hand from here
and we could walk down a flowery path

ah my new obsession. ong seongwoo! let's debut and hope you walk on a smooth path from now on. ♡

It's something maple,
something thick when
you breathe, like dark
chocolate, like tinnitus,
like overandoverandover
again, hard to explain.

I have never met anyone
that could fade and still
burn like you do.

Smooth violence,
bottomless in all its
eternity, moving in water
so deep the ripples never
make it to the surface.

It's not weightless. It never
is, but it waits there, half-
suspended, fixed and
unfixed, solid but slippery
in your hands.

Hold your breath. She
knows you in a way the
angels don't. There's
something she coaxes out
of your chest, something
dark she rolls her tongue

The act of inaction and the
odds, particularly of getting
by unscathed, may be slim
and far between, but the stares  
last longer, everything in  

Slipping and sliding, that's how she flies
Dodging the taxis, avoiding semis

Expert in the clinch, a move of her hip
Death so defied, a professional trip

Delivery assured, she's never been late
Vouchers and packets, she makes no mistakes

Gliding the white line, a perfect traverse
No greater her time, in this universe

She prefers her Schwinn, it's light and it's fast
Weaving a path, all traffic to pass

Don't try to catch her, she's over the moon
She ducks as she hums, singing her tune

No records to break, nothing to prove
Doing the freak, shooting the groove

Flying off to the left, a sexy sensual move
She does as she wants, all silky and smooth

Kinda gleaned this from a Dire Straits song "Skate-a-way".
Took it down a bicycle bend, based on seeing vids of delivery riders in NY, who did crazy things on a bike. :D

"What I Love About You

I Love The Way You Look At Me,
Your Eyes So Bright And Blue.
I Love The Way You Kiss Me,
Your Lips So Soft And Smooth.

I Love The Way You Make Me So Happy,
And The Ways You Show You Care.
I Love The Way You Say, "I Love You,"
And The Way You're Always There.

I Love The Way You Touch Me,
Always Sending Chills Down My Spine.
I Love That You Are With Me,
And Glad That You Are Mine.

Proxima May 2016

Words etched across my skin like the pages of Your favored book.
Tell me who I am,
To You.
Gifts of sensations You give not belonging to this earthy Realm.
Tell me who You are,
To me

In this Darkness We are Free.
My toes inch over the edge and You take my hand.
Tell me that You ain't goin' nowhere.
I close my eyes and take a shuddery breath.

Like Magic there You are.
At the bottom now,
Calling my name.
Telling me who I am.
Telling me, to jump
To trust
You'll catch me.

When I jump,
when Fall and Shatter,
You with Your smooth voice and rough hands.
You Will mend me.
You'll guide me back to the Top
To do it all over Again.

In the long ago past ancient timeline,
A maritime mirror shined bright like glass.
A Cross reflection above the treeline.
Division between like a deep abyss.

Surface tension broken with just a touch.
Stepping out onto on top of the brine.
Moving Minds;Disturbing Thoughts;Did So Much
Don’t worry Child, You did it All just fine.

Passing beneath, under the overpass,
After walking thru a long dark tunnel,
Finally reaching Critical Mass; Then
Rose up high, airborne in a cloud funnel.

For you and I, He gave his life: He died.
Rising again revived; the Son survived.

I'm unsure if the title should be something else; Suggestions?
Shakespearean Sonnet Form, 10 syllables per line
abab; cdcd; efef; gg
Nameless Wonder Nov 2015

She’s over there, by the ice cream
She licks the triple scoop ice cream with an innocent smile on  her face - obviously, I am hiding behind this black van.

deep  breath  
To live life with no regrets, that  is my   motto.  
As I stand upright I begin to regret wearing these sexy black denim jeans on a 35°C  sunny day.

1st step, my legs feel heavy and make futile the brain’s commands to walk faster, and my bladder sparks up my nervous system and humbly requests a bathroom break.

3rd step, isn’t she just 7 steps away, why does it feel like I am climbing Mt Everest with my blood vessels filled with lactic acid.

5th step, Screw this!  I begin to scan for a quick detour –   “Hi!”                                                            ­                                                       
 As I avert my gaze towards the origin of the sound, I trip over an unsuspecting twig.

gravygod Nov 2015

going crazy for you
was never planned.
with your smooth words
and exquisite body,
i fell into your trap.
never thought
i'd be thinking about someone
exactly like this.
do you have me
wrapped around your finger?
because it sure feels like it.
i've never been one
to admit my feelings to anyone
but you're just different.
with all these terms
and technicalities,
i'm confused.
what am i to you?
just a lover
or a partner?
i'm tired of these complications
when all i want to do
is hold your hand
and kiss you good morning.
all while knowing
that you're mine
and i'm yours.

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