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internetgirl Dec 2022
is it insensitive for me to say
get your **** together
so i can love you?
i didn't write this credits go to renegade by big red machine & taylor swift
  Dec 2022 internetgirl
I never know what say  

a memory of longing
is painful as it keeps

decaying in my chest

putting my love on paper
doesn't take it away
it amplifies the sting
trying to move on

infecting the open cavity of my being

you read my words like you understand
but I'm lost in a memory of what would have been

trying to collect shattered pieces of my own self

emptied and dancing whisked into the shadows
like the end of a dream

feverishly waking up because my feelings weren't received

give them but don't get them
like as if I sent a letter of longing

never in return
I try to write but the words are my tears
drink up
and only then you will feel the same
as I do
  Nov 2022 internetgirl
I only write,
I am in love
Falling apart.
internetgirl Nov 2022
i can pretend and pretend
it doesn't matter
but still
when that song plays
and i close my eyes
there is an internal montage
of your laugh
  Nov 2022 internetgirl
You hid pieces of yourself,
In places you would never look.
Hidden within those inner landscapes;
Unable to remember their names.
internetgirl Nov 2022
***** me clean like a peach pit
used and discarded
i feel like a ***** bug
you can hardly call this poetry
internetgirl Nov 2022
our playlists are a time capsule
the rest of the world was black and white
a letter
sealed with wax and twine
there is only love, and then oblivion
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