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at long last.
You are not the girl i fell in love with.
A fascinating trick,
a banshee in disguise,
a charmer with scales.
you will not trick me anymore.
I will never let you.
we broke up on july 1st.
San-Pei Lee Jul 11
You can pin me down
But shattered scales will be all that is left
Wings bloodied
By a heart u n b l e e d i n g
Beth Bayliss Jun 18
sometimes                                   will never
it feels like                                      be even
i am hiding                                         again
so so much                               s
underneath                          e
the surface                      l
and keeping               a
so so much            c       oh
inside that          s          god
t       h       e                help me
Chicken Mar 13
As our psyches dispense the demons
that are no longer able to hide

Evenly, and equally, we
balance the scales within our minds

Compromise in this life, to
counter extremism of the past

Past and present together, lo
anything otherwise is a farce

We become transparent, on
our desert island beach

You hair, and mine, as one in the
wind, a love no thing may breach.
certifiednutcase Jun 2017
The number on the scale
Becomes very real.
When food becomes kilojoules
Cravings become nil.

The number on the scale
Shouldn't be like a rusty nail.
Causing a wound
that never seems to heal,
that spreads till you're ill.

The number on the scale
is now fear.
For somehow worth is
Equals to
The number on the scale.

The number on the scale
Haunts till
The number on the scale
Decreases to
The (smaller) Number on the scale.
I'm under the influence of these scales
Controlling my every action
Twisting views of my reality
The distorted reflections
in the mirror
Remind me of past memories
And what's to come
Millions of minutely small scales
Cover its delicately sheer membrane.
refracting light scatters our sight
and only iridescent hues are seen.
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