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Tell me what I am supposed to feel,
When you can't even keep it real?
Refuse to just give me the deal,
Damage done that you can't heal.
I can see that look inside your eyes;
You know that I can see through all the lies.
You played me once and I won't let it happen twice,
So say goodbye to love you chose to sacrifice.
Why do you prey on my emotions?
Leaving me be, lovesick and hopeless.
And you can pretend like you don't notice,
Before I go I just want you to know this.
You're the best **** thing that's ever happened to me.
With this hole in my heart, that means I once was complete.
But it's better this way, in due time I'll move on,
Forget about the nights when you and I would dance along,
Blanketed beneath the stars dispersed across the sky,
Painful memories of love lost remind us we're alive.
Hi I'm here to show you the rhythms of the universe I can melt your mind with my words and I can do it in one verse I think really fast so I don't really like to rehearse because time in  rhymes is not something to reverse I don't know if Im a blessing or a curse I think my minds about to burst
There's alot of people living in my head sometimes I don't know if I'm living or dead but these thoughts are nothing to dread cause after all we don't really matter in the end
If you had a girl who told you lies to make you smile,
Would you think this love would last for a while?
A girl who's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen,
But she would never tell you what she would truly mean.
Could you live in a lie that would comfort you?
Or would it drive you insane to only hear what's not true
You take her out on dates, you pay for the meal,
Because she always leaves you with the short end of the deal.
She goes through your things, but there's nothing you're hiding,
Kind of ironic considering she's the one who's been lying.
And if you think you're her only man, you're sadly mistaken,
But she feels no remorse for your trust she's forsaken.
Now her cruel, true face I finally see,
This woman who we call Lady Liberty.
This devil in a small dress I will see no more,
It was the government who turned this sweetheart into a *****.
I live in a alternate world
But this world and my world seem to be swirled
All the others have a linear perception but mine appears to be curled
I hear sounds in quiet places
I see faces where I shouldn't see faces
Attributes of my mind that no one embraces
So is this why I'm always sad?
Are they jealous of me which makes them mad?
But if they had what I've had, they'd understand why I'm sad
Then they would be lonely like me
They would hear what I hear and see what I see
But my world is much more fun
So I don't mind if it's me they shun
A man with great power, a man with two faces
Who appeared focused, but his heart lied in different places
A man with charisma, a man with two minds
Who tried to guide us, but his contradicted loyalty binds
He wanted to better all of us
But the true rulers gained his trust
His intentions were good, but now he's drunk on deception
Which caused him to spread to us the misconception
That he shepherds us towards the light
But as we follow, the light did not glow bright
At this point it was too late
We face our inevitable fate
Too many of us were surprised
To be lead to our demise
But for a very select few
As we strayed away, the light grew
But does the light warm you when you watch all the others meet their doom?
Some may say that I'm lyin, but the music is dyin,
And I want to bring it back so I have to keep tryin
Until it comes back to life then my words'll keep cryin
Songs are supposed to expose the soul, where'd that all go?
It seems like all you care about is money, hoes, and clothes, but why are you writing? That's all a playa wants to know
Mo money mo problems, your lyrics speak volumes
How your priorities are whack, that's a matter of fact
When you see your reflection in the mirror, can you really handle that?
You say look at all these things I'm buyin
I say look at all these kids who keep dyin
And you got what they need, so why you gotta show your greed?
You could've helped a family maintain
If you didn't buy that new gold chain
Do you know how you would feel if you saw the eyes of those in pain?
Don't you know society breeds jealousy, especially, when I admire the wealthy, then my ambition's unhealthy, and the second that I make then nobody can help me
And I've become what I've despised
A recurring cycle towards demise
Can you go to hell for what you think?
Can I call myself moral if sometimes I like to drink?
Do any of us deserve salvation
For fighting off the temptation?
But inside I'm just a demon
I can't make no sense or reason
And you can't even tell
When I daydream in hell
If you took a look in to my mind you would say I'm not well
I wear the mask of a gentleman
But it's not really genuine
My evil bottles up deep down inside
But sometimes it's got nowhere to hide
So I have to let it out and take a trip on the wild side
So if I think just how I am,
Will I be eternally ******?
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