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Eyes drink


Dense stew

Of beloved blacks on
White white


These are drops of
Diverse tastes

Black black portions
Of hundred's cognitions

Imprinted pieces
Of their minds

My eyes drink

White white screens
Are a new hope


The Naive
In search of



'Monuments more lasting than
Start overfilling

           The Aether

(That's how much we
Want to live)
Robert C Howard Aug 2013
An orange-rose halo suffused
    the eastern horizon
like the birth of a fresh new world.

Our celestial furnace, still veiled
    beyond the eastern edge,
lent its glow to the bright silver disk
    still hovering in the western sky.

In the chill still of an autumn morn
    where yesterday greets tomorrow,
a sermon wrought of science and spirit
    whispered through the aether,

        "All is hope.
            All is promise.
                All is awakening,"
Bryce Dec 2018
I, naive

I believed that the break in the clouds
Was the end of rain

Thought those rays of sun weren't burning

I was lying
Myself in the grass,
Asking if the tulip chutes in Anatolia
Were the same sinking green I feel now

Where were we?
Love for a thousand spaces and bottling them into skins
Wanted to touch and know deeply all beautiful things

No you're not allowed, they don't want to let you in
That way, it's a distant place and means too much to understand
The biological and irrational
Crazed, sweeps gregarity above and within an aether-- like milky foam upon the waves

When I return home from excursions
I will be Ipanema
The soft locale, unabashed and known to no soul
Except empty elevators--

The lowly philosopher-king

Maybe then you'll think highly of me
Through the mixed feelings
Unable to handle
Straight through the socket
Ring of fire
Then and only then will you realize
That real life

Is more than just a zone or some local
Brewery on a Friday night

And every other Friday night

Ever thereafter--
You'll unlock the box of atomic intention
And listen deeply to her on the station
"Sade and Other Like Hits"

Slowed down for full potential

Letting your cochlea ****** themselves off to the tune of the universe
And the sound of air moving indiscriminately
Will give you
All this

almost fractal, imbibed
Decimated repetitively
There is a fragment of my voice,

"Love, how much I'd love to be. "
David M Harry Nov 2017
I was around fifteen
when I first imagined
myself as your husband
and I distinctly remember
Laughing and tearing up,
just a little,
because I didn’t think it
was possible
for someone like you
to love someone like me.
I did not know how to love...
but there we were
genuinely happy
and in love,
adrift in the aether of
my teenage imagination,
your face was hidden from me.
I return the comfort
of that fantasy and
conjure scenes of our life together.
Spending time with you
comforts me and gives me peace.
Wherever you are, please
know that I love you
and that I am looking for you.
Darling, you are literally my fantasy
and I will not rest until
our love is our reality.    
I cannot wait to meet you.
Have a great day, Love.  
I can’t wait to hear about it!
Philipp K J Nov 2018
Far yonder aether and spaces traversed in countless night years.

The tremendous travel on light waves till  oxidized on ozon layers.

The tedious wait for an elemental suit equipped with sensory marvels.

To sense the air fire water firmament chequered with energy levels.

The suit was made to order at a court woven by matching hearts.

The landing to a cosy slumber bag enacted by eye catching arts

The jovial journey accomplish with purpose meeting  the reach.

The cause of the entire travel tip off further detailed research.
AD Mullin Oct 2014
The first time I truly stepped into the mystic
For a suspended period
Those close to me watched with amused

Later on I would find out that this place was called hypo-mania
A lower energy level than mania
Recognized by the p-doc's as a creative place
But also a place of warning

Cause what comes next?
For me it was spiritual; I was playing in the aether
I was living the Tao; I instinctively called it Source

I was studying to be a scientist at the time
So this didn't make a lot of sense
The data didn't support the hypothesis
Had I just eaten one to many mushrooms as a teenager?

I already had a psychiatrist
I was being treated for ADHD
He had prescribed something called Concerta
An amphetamine; a ******-stimulant

At many points along the journey
I cursed the day I ever heard of psychiatry
I'm sure that the neuro-chemical pathways opened up by Concerta
Had something to do with my awakening

Those first days near Source made me realize I needed some guidelines
Mine were informed by my indigenous heritage
Only take what you need (i.e. sip, don't gulp from the River Tao)
Find your foundation: my rock was integrity, eventually leading to authenticity

Even with these guidelines, I couldn't maintain the healthy place they were calling hypo-mania
I had too much toxicity in the relationships around me
I couldn't fully elucidate what I was seeing and feeling
And my 7 kettles were on a full rolling boil

I was draining myself
I drove myself into madness
I was trying to sip from source and live my truth
But I wasn't honouring the nature of the Tao

It was Helter Skelter:
'So you go back to the top of the slide
And you turn and you go for a ride
And I get to the bottom and I see you again'

Over the next 3 years
I would lay down what I now think of as my
4 pillars; four hospitalizations
Well over one hundred days in the Cuckoo's Nest

The first hospitalization I went happily
I was going to teach and inspire the sickies
It's hard to get healthy in a place of illness, though
I came out still a little hypo-manic but went into a deep, dark depression
After finding out what those around me really thought

The second hospitalization, I went against my will
The doctor's were inconsistent, I found flaws in their logic
They looked at me like I was a flaw
They tried to prescribe health at me; I told them to *******

At that point I was not happy with the Canadian health care system
Health, first and foremost, was a public good
This ******* the individual's rights
I wasn't a danger to myself or others but I was a risk so there goes 70 days of my life

I was fortunate to have the support of some important people
They made sure my finances, among other things, were maintained as I tried to make it back to the ordinary
After my second hospitalization I really began to delve into the idea of holistic healthcare

It was after my second hospitalization that I made my first Hero's Journey
I was playing the role of a white blood cell for Gaia
I had my first three sweats within a month of each other
I met many shaman and I'm pretty sure I began my own residency

I put 10,000 km on my trusty steed
Chasing windmills
Sancho Panza by my side
< --- -- - Vancouver, NYC, Los Angeles, 'da bridge - -- --- >

My third hospitalization was the third act of this Hero's Journey
I was pushing it, reckless; I stopped taking my prescribed medicine
I ended up in the City of Angels of all places
Straight outta Compton!

My fourth hospitalization (and final pillar) was last summer
This time I ended up in Billings, Montana
The American model places the onus of health on the individual
I could have stepped out of that hospital at any point but I now had the wisdom to know what I did and did not need

Even though I speak of four pillars
There is always a fifth element
Her; the one
She woke me up to my soul's purpose

We met shortly before my fourth hospitalization
(You've got to use the fourth, Aaron)
She was a stranger in many ways
Still is but why does she feel so familiar?

She walked me through Dante's Inferno
She had spent time in her own non-ordinary reality
She left behind a map and published it
Through her bravery, I was able to find my way out of the inferno

And through her bravery, I was able to publish my map
O, it is December,
A brumal, solemn,
Algid December;
I do fall
And I do quiver, in
For it is December.

A throne
Worn, earthen-millefleur recliner
And I
Vestured in dereliction,
Crowned in
The Diadem of Loveless Blight:

Your utterances resound in
The dense sense of the past tense;
Ineffable magistry,
Where our
Scintillations and propagations might emblazon
The Luminous Seeds of the Stars.

Your soul
Waxeth Messianic,
In those
Pithy moments
Of our ethereal communion.

        Your porcelain epidermis
                                                And azure irides
                                    Quaked mine senses
                                                          ­ Until every sight was

O, Where
                        Have you gone
            Glaceaen Arcadia?

     O, Is the
            Fulgurant Vista
     You sparked in
Mine Mind’s Sky
              Now twilit, a starless Aether?

Breathe me
            Anew, that the Auric Chalice of Amour might pour
Me into thee, set me free, let me be
                              Yours and yours
                                        Alone (∞).

O, it is December,
A brumal, solemn,
Algid December;
I shall transcend
And I shall remember
Your infinite arms,
For it is December.
Otis Feb 15
Yellow, made of meat and fragrance
I return to the village w/o regard to the needs of others.
They drip,
heavy like honey, necessary like existence.

Lightly stone-faced
I am unwarranted in a free state
of height, brilliance, and tradition.
No one seems to be laughing as they melt into bush and branch and insect and ****.

In total mortgage against God and faith and aether,
there is operation.
Flesh be to those without name.
Flesh be to those in motion.
Alyssa Feb 10
transcending all manners of dimension
time counting its passage
by the rhythms of the world
in an organised crescendo
and the ephemeral speed of light
in lieu of interference
will go on in the vast
realms of outer space
expanding in a cosmic event horizon
limitless indefinite mechanism
holding the stars and graviting quarks
aether beyond the skies
S Smoothie Oct 2018
Another kiss,
sent where the rivers of our souls aether meet
underneath a starfall refracting crystalline rainbows
winding through the cosmos playing hide and seek
riding on asteroid belts,
dancing under the rain of shooting starss
remembering the feel of your touch
the night seems less lonely by much
even now when we are lifetimes apart
my day ends and sweet memories start
a shady breath of wind from above
on a hot stagnant journey
you are my shadow love
a sweet warmth,
glowing on dark cold winter‘s mourn  
a bright smile,
over a miserable sky
a shower of energy and sparks
on a nondescript day
my sane little hidey-hole in this crazy place
how I yearn for that time again
somewhere lost
in the deep shadows
of our space

everywhere I go
your shadow love
Just because I remembered
PhiWrit 3h
Keep my tech tight when I'm in the light of Anna
That Black Magic Woman wrote about by Santana
Got me on my Gnostic degrees of Elysium
As the waves break I feel the sea breeze again
This is unbridled magick none could match it
You're a spider recluse so I know none'll ****** it
I'm untying my noose n woes I throw like a match stick
Into the past I drowned with kerosene gas, slick
As we walk into the future I'm sure the path's lit
I hope these words act as a suture for patching
The vast wings that escape in sextuplets out your back, sing
Me the song of your mind for it is divine how I soar
When the breath of life escapes those wind pipes of yours
No co-dependency, for I survive and thrive by the Lord
Just a measure of the pleasure that your presence affords
Past-Lives flashing not the first time our essence have met before

because the way we glow you could say that our colours are kin.
The way we flow you would say that we're lovers of sin
But that's the way she goes when you're a rose in the wind
Such a long way but at the end I know I'm sure to win
because the way we glow you could say that our colours are kin.
The way we flow you would say that we're lovers of sin
But that's the way she goes when you're a rose in the wind
Such a long way but at the end I know I'm sure to win

Let's you and I form a Leo/Gemini Caduceus
Intertwine and heal from the ruthlessness
Of the worlds we knew before we grew with this
Spark between souls of gold, please hold, I'm new to this
Sensation that lifts my senses to elation
Cloud 9 is the elevation has my heart pacing
My butterflies wonder why they start racing
Could never utter lies to get to your basement
See my core holds the key to your hearts encasement
No chasing or evasion it's magnetic at its basics
So face what's waiting for your appreciating
A kind of affection never expect its depreciating
I come correct with my dialect, not dying yet
Defying set norms and rules, leave you lying wet
When I look into your eyes that's the vibe I get
So let's get our minds together, go ahead try the best

because the way we glow you could say that our colours are kin.
The way we flow you would say that we're lovers of sin
But that's the way she goes when you're a rose in the wind
Such a long way but at the end I know I'm sure to win
because the way we glow you could say that our colours are kin.
The way we flow you would say that we're lovers of sin
But that's the way she goes when you're a rose in the wind
Such a long way but at the end I know I'm sure to win

The way your spirit flows forth
from your serpentine form
swarms my heart with a warm
fire that lights my whole mind, body and soul
in a blizzard I'd forget the cold,
your vocal chords strung of gold
for every word is precious to hold,
though you're born a Black Hole Sun Lioness
your wit isn't lacking in ol' Scorpio sharpness
with a witchy will to harness the darkness
and mold it into light, oh what a sight,
I couldn't try to fight when you fit so right
into my broken body a puzzle piece shaped every oddly, whether it be God or our manifesting hard that brought these
moments we've shared into the aether of infinity,
it isn't a sin if it was formed before time did begin see

because the way we glow you could say that our colours are kin.
The way we flow you would say that we're lovers of sin
But that's the way she goes when you're a rose in the wind
Such a long way but at the end I know I'm sure to win
because the way we glow you could say that our colours are kin.
The way we flow you would say that we're lovers of sin
But that's the way she goes when you're a rose in the wind
Such a long way but at the end I know I'm sure to win
Roman Payne May 7
Have you ever noticed how the paths the stars travel across the sky depend entirely upon on the way our hands move across each other's bodies?

And how new stars are born when I unhook your dress; new planets, when I unclasp your bra.

And how - when you untie your hair, whole new galaxies are formed, and float off into the nebula as your hair falls down around us.

Have you felt the cosmic trembling of my beard along your earlobe?

Or how - your eyelash sweeping across my chin sends showers of meteors to the end of time?

And how - the slower we proceed with our ritual, the slower, more gently, the earth will spin; the more elegant, more beautiful, the universe will unfold?

And how - we can even go back in time; to live and relive the stories we want retold.

Have you noticed how - all the Universe mirrors us?  

How - every experience and all of existence depend upon the extent of our adoration for each other?

How - we can even go back to the time before the earth was formed - for our love does not need the earth - we are two celestial bodies; nothing will disturb us, nothing will interfere.  

Off in the distance - the planets and stars that are the children of our whispers and moans, fade into eternity.

You see - if we love with enough elegance; adore each other with enough passion; we can even go back to before the entire universe began - to the time with no place, and the place before time.

For our love needs no time to love.

Be still, my love.

Look around us.  
Look at the delicate darkness.
Listen to the infinite silence.
Experience the magnificent stillness.  

It is just you and me.  
Nothing has ever happened.
And, all that is beautiful has yet to come.

Let us create a universe of beauty...

I slide my fingers into the aether of your thighs, to the center of the Universe to become - to the place on your body that will create everything.  For - the Cosmos will come from you, my Love.

Gently - I caress the sphere of your Landica.
I turn it, set it in motion, make it revolve - the way the Earth and all planets some day - are going to revolve once they come into being.

And - as I circulate the cosmic seed of the Universe we are creating, I hang upon the celestial majesty of your lip, and wait for you to utter your primordial - Big Bang.
Recorded version available at
You are my light,
you shine no matter where you go,
to others you could be a small star,
but for me... you're my sun,
you help me through the dark times,
and through the light.

You are my moon,
you make the night so delicate,
the waves move,
for I worship you,
and love you too.

You are my elements,
the fire,
you light me up inside,
the water,
you help wash the negatives away,
the air,
you can easily turn me cold,
but you never do,
because you don't want to,
my earth,
you are my entire world,
universe even,
my aether,
because you can easily take my breath way.

I love you,
and will never stop,
and these feelings will never fade,
so please don't be afraid.
Jayne E May 3

Blackest skies are blackened blue
drfiing starless I'm dreaming you
aether carried to your warmer side
touching breathing on the astral ride
inhaling you my body now becomes yours
envelope me guiding my nightfed course
pulls me into you drawn by magnetic force
undeniable pointless to try to deny
forever locked two now one cannot defy
no desire to refute or even to delay
to make you mine to draw you into lay
your head upon my sweet tender breast
now sealed in space, time, cosmos, lest
we waste a moment spent in this bliss
my succour now fed by you, only your kiss
no other could now exist for me just you
my heart you have my love sweet and true.

Yanamari Jan 12
This world is so limited;
This world of people.
Chained by the
Swirling aether of
Yin and Yang.

This world is so expansive;
All existence continuously overlapping
A butterfly effect
In the form of waves.


A complex word.
It's not our world...

— The End —