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Z Apr 1
we are more than sinew;
i think of you constantly,
how we are of botany
the study of things that grow together

as i entwine with you
you call my name audibly,
my blush is my honesty
you say my freckled skin is feather soft

and i believe you because i always will
and i'll relieve you til you are fulfilled
until the spinning earth has stopped
Euphie Jan 27
With poets' sinew, the dream I have will be
played like a harp until I wake.

Until the time comes
I hope one day...
the elixir that remains
in my mouth will last
until death comes.
Peter Kiggin Apr 2016

Feathers on a crows back are black and sleak
He wears a proud long billed beak
When he goes hunting far and wide and deep
You know the squawk that someone else is ever weak
The colour of the leaves are green and brown and red to me to seep
My mind is out their trying to reach the animal that was caught but no one can never ever speak
I watch the birds on tops of trees to see their prey they have to eat but isn't it horrid to be preyed upon when one moment you're alive then suddenly you are gone and my eyes can see to weep.
Death and life
AD Mullin Sep 2014
You are a leader ship

how I know this?

cause I'm a leader ship too

I can see the sinuous fibre of your very being

take a look

I bet you can see it too

we are borne of the earth and the stars

borne in the wind

there are four cardinal directions, N E S W, do not forget about the intermediary

be an intermediary ~ who wants to be a cardinal?

we need our leader ships following their own true north

2D - 3D -- 4D --- 5D ---------------------------- >

following the wormholes ... the aether

following certain signs and symbols

trust in divine feminine ... .. . .. ... masculine divine in trust
trust in masculine divine ... .. . .. ... divine feminine in trust

" 'It's all this!' He wrapped his finger in his fist; the car hugged the line straight and true." ~ Kerouac

Ship builders choose their timber mindfully
Be mindful with your archetypes, Noah!
Fleshed out 25 September 2014 in High River
Finished and published in Whitehorse ... but always in process ... stories are kinematic

— The End —