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Liam Feb 2020
you don’t try too hard
so any way you want it
i like it like that

reelin’ and rockin’
wild weekend bits and pieces
catch us if you can

you got what it takes
i’m feelin’ glad all over
over and over

please don’t let me down
whoa, can’t you see that she’s mine?
everybody knows

well, do you love me?
because, because i love you
come home, chaquita
Liam Jan 2020
he decides no tea
but puts the kettle on
just to hear her whistle-song
somehow it resonates
in comforting soulese
like cinnamon sugar
Liam Aug 2019
the point of it all
is not a means to an end
the point is it all
Liam Jul 2019
fault the summer air
that beckons the wafting spirit

fault the lightning bug
that flashes purity in the night

fault the music
that brings emotion to its knees

fault no fault but my own
Liam Apr 2019
i don't know how to feel
but i know how to not feel

indica induced insomnia
sativa suppressed sensation

porter perpetuated pablum
lambic lulled lamentation

holding it all together
in endless evolution
Liam Feb 2019
forever with me
so interoceptively
i sense your spirit
Liam Feb 2019
cultivating the energy
of inner space
balancing on the meridian
of organic growth
breathing with the pressure
of profound feeling
stretching the spectrum
of infinitely blue moments

…so as to triply warm hearts
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