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Bryce Feb 2023
slipping between the fingers
everything good is lost
in the sands

torn shreds
vocal cords
my words and wisdom
petering like a flame
in the wind
my screams
stuck in an empty box

A planetary dance
the ink of night
that fills the void
dotted with grains
of light

the sound of music, haunting on the winds
to wet the fields

I have waited for times
innumerably long
the grains of youth
loose in my palm

rhyme and reason
scope and measure
incongruent and failed to calibrate

calcium oxide
lithium hydride
explosive shells
exiting heat
dying mass
compressed gas

the ears of eden lost
the echoes of crying,wailing eyes
a glimpse of pain
grains of sand

I am violently vomiting excretions of words
that may mean naught
fought and died

dead soul of a long ago
wise words of a passing lad
screams, screams, screams and shouts

empty and wholly without
Bryce Jan 2022
I started this when I had questions,

Wondering if there was an answer to loss

And love that could exist

I listened to her

And wondered as I walkways did

If you intended for this

I dont want to move on

I don't want to surrender to that moment

I want to know what it means to you

And I'll ask you to sing it

For empty halls
Bryce Sep 2021
In between the next steps
I think of you

You, off on some adventure
Seeking truth

I had it in my hand, a jewel
I polished until it fell to dust

My lust
Nailed my own hands to the boards

And lost
Bryce Apr 2021
I find it hilarious
That we idolize an image
Though beautiful and true
But not You

You Lord, our heart and greatest Lover
Will never betray
Your faithfulness and stillness
To be with you as bride
To Christ
Bryce Mar 2021
I know now,
What sin truly is
it is the stagnation
of living pain

It is the doubt of
death and the fear of
rebirth in love
in the surrender of oneself
the denial
of ego
and the growth
of the greater
Bryce Mar 2021
As the stars dip tonight
and the dawn light casts upon the heavens

I stand on broken, bended knee
Asking for you

How many times have I denied
how many dreams slowly forgotten
in the laughter of sheets

I have walked the tired road
Many a poet followed

and I am at a loss for Word
my breath, ragged and empty

as the moon shines full
and the wind, pregnant with joy
flows graceful upon my shoulders

Those names aren't mine anymore
I gave them in love and they sail
seeds on the gales

For my days will be spent amongst the desert
in Christ
In Word

to speak and not be heard

To see empty skies and dried
To touch cold lips
and kiss
the dead as they rise

If I could be forgiven
For the angst against you

If I could be forgiven
of the sin of my heart

I would walk with the great men,
the wisest ones
the gifted of thorn.
Bryce Dec 2020
I am faint
And my blood is thin

I am bone and dust
And sin

And you, Lord,
Are in the cloudless vault
With stars cast out
By streetlamp

How long will I push this weight
How long will we walk together
In kindness, suffer
And plead forgiveness tonight

That flaming sword
The cast of doubt
The Enemy seeks to devour me

Spare me, Lord
Know my heart
As none other could share in it
Take my body, how young and bright
Give me to your will tonight

I pray to your ears and ask
And that holy green garden
To be present in me
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