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  May 2018 David M Harry
Praggya Joshi
Remember that old uphill trail
We used to meander along
With matching footsteps
Under the sunlit canopy of leaves
Carving words for each other
On the bark of aged trees
Who may have known
what would become of us
But nevertheless smiled
acted as a blank canvas instead
And watched the moments
Filled with playful laughter
Peachy smiles
Lingering gaze
Warm caress
Unfold lazily between us
The winds of time
May have blown us miles apart
Our footprints may have long eroded
That sunlit canopy may have withered
And we may walk that trail
Only in our dreams
But those words are yet to fade
they were the voice of our soul
Etched into the lap of nature
And as I run my fingers along its rugged edges
I reminisce about you
And hope that wherever you are
You are thinking about me too
David M Harry Nov 2017
May your heart see my words
On this night of wind and rage.

I know that you are in search of refuge
from pressures seen and unseen.

I will comfort you from the ebb and flow
of the night tide and this, too, will pass.

Take your rightful place in my arms.  
My body is a shelter from the storm.

Don’t speak. Just breathe. Cry, if you must.
Let our silence shield us from the storm.

And when you awake that storm will be
nothing more than an aimless zephyr.

My heart wants you to stay with me,
but you are the daughter of the storm.

You find rest and peace in my arms,
but the wind and rage speak to you.

The sky cracks and the rain falls,
baptizing you in dark water.

I know the night tide will take you.
And I will stay here with open arms.
David M Harry Nov 2017
She lay in bed,
her body a poem
upon my chest.
A sweet perfume
of rose memory
wafts in the space
between our breaths.
A silent incantation
disorients the voices  
in my head and it is quiet.
Our embrace is poetry,
and there are no words.
Just the silence between
lovers, whispered nothings.
I hold her tight,
drawing her to me
intent upon fading
into the memory of a rose.
David M Harry Nov 2017
I was around fifteen
when I first imagined
myself as your husband
and I distinctly remember
Laughing and tearing up,
just a little,
because I didn’t think it
was possible
for someone like you
to love someone like me.
I did not know how to love...
but there we were
genuinely happy
and in love,
adrift in the aether of
my teenage imagination,
your face was hidden from me.
I return the comfort
of that fantasy and
conjure scenes of our life together.
Spending time with you
comforts me and gives me peace.
Wherever you are, please
know that I love you
and that I am looking for you.
Darling, you are literally my fantasy
and I will not rest until
our love is our reality.    
I cannot wait to meet you.
Have a great day, Love.  
I can’t wait to hear about it!
David M Harry Nov 2017
I won’t say anything to you
about cheating on me because
we both know when I'm through
crying I'm not going anywhere.
I’ll just wipe the residue
of promises and embers
from my eyes and by virtue
of my need for your love,
I’ll be the victim to rescue
with that spider silk smile
that weakens me while you undo
my clothes and my defenses,
reminding of how you undervalue
my worth, my heart, and my body.
Yeah, I won’t say anything to you
about cheating on me because
we both know when I am through
crying I'm not going anywhere.
David M Harry Oct 2017
it was your voice
that's how all of this happened
a vibration of aether and lies
slithering from your beautiful mouth
I needed fresh air
and I was weary from the truth
your sound, your hymn,
was weighed down with blood and honey,
chains for my insecurities,
and a soothing balm for the chaos in my life
it was your voice
beautifully, deliciously venomous
and I drank willingly from your kiss
ignoring the taste of embers
exhaling empty smoke and black promises
David M Harry Oct 2017
Arms entwined in exaltation  
invoke the watercolors
of her voice diffused in
a hymn between our bodies.
This lyric of midnight--
of flesh, of moon,
and leaf and moth--
whispered in darkness
gives birth to hunger
in search of moons,
scent, muscle, and breath.
Even in this darkness
her eyes are the brightest
stars and there is nowhere
I can hide from her grace.
She sees those parts of me
that I hide from the world.
And in this room without walls,
butterflies and angels overhead,
only the hymn between us remains.
her butterfly love scent eyes darkness brightness moon stars
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