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Man May 2021
ripples darted parallel
wading the stream, as she did
and like a revelation
you dawned on me
you said
"my eyes are open, i know. i just can't see."
*** ran from your sockets
"as far as i can opine, you see just fine"
and she coughed maroon tar
crumbling back to the riverbed
Absence is to love as wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small and kindles the great
— Roger de Bussy-Rabutin, Memoir of Roger de Rabutin

Four thousand meters above the sea, I breathe without air
I feel the same when beside me you are no more
The black, the void chokes me in the moment’s despair
And The Scarlet Fear runs inside me with a thunderous roar

My aching marooned heart bleeds from behind
Of the darkened soul that consumes me at each stride
But love is the golden aether of my troubled mind
An oxygen supply brought to this confusion tide

Without your presence, they were icy nights
Though knowing your fire ignited with my fuel
Is a mild treat, a promise of a beautiful sight

Kindless trouble, is it all in my imagination?
And is the love I feel a mere foolish incantation?

I will never know until she answers my soundless voice
This poem follows a modification of a sonnet structure and follows the story of the previous poem, showing a layer of dissonant emotions engulfing the speaker.
fatima Oct 2020
the pulsating rhythm feels dead
it moves and yet it stops
it dances and yet it cries
it sways and yet it breaks

the maroon skies and sunflowers
the one that i always dreamed of
how can i reach you?
how can i be with you?

the yellow seems bright to me
i am with you but i realized i don't want you
my heart feels so far when i'm with you
my dream is far when we are together

i just want to be free here
i want to chase you, badly and endlessly
even if it pains me a lot
even if you reject me

i want to be there
i want to see the sunset with sunflowers at my sight
i want to feel the euphoria in my eyes
even if it is a deadly sight

if you are not for me
remove the thought of you in my existence
please leave if we will not meet each other
because i always want you, even at the ends.
man, i want up so bad :(
c Jan 2019
Ink is spilling
From my skin
A melancholic signature
Of me abstaining
From free will
blaise Mar 2017
you're flaming. little specks of crimson burn like fire in your heart. your physique melts like *** on a fire and sparks of amber make you glow like a candle in the darkness. magenta lines cross your lips and your skin mocks the setting street lamps and the burning sun.

you're a mountain to me. dwarfing cities below you with peaks that stride above the heavens, attempting to graze the planets if even so slightly.

you are worth becoming the enemy of hell. you are worth every friend you've ever lost to file yourself. you are worth it, because i've never met anyone who loves as perfectly and passionately as you.
for my cutie.
Lydia YQ Sep 2014
Because I wanted to be the shade of lace
that hugged at my arcs and ridges,
blushing deeper as you peeled it away
from my skin.

because it painted the
the constellation,carefully planted

and coloured the speckles of tiny stars,
huddling beneath the fortress of my jaw,
while the others were lost,
but cradled safely
in the dimple of my collar bones.
You left in the brightest of greens,
And came home donning maroon.
How long has it been?
Eight months.
Eight months of your unavoidable absence.
Yet, while you were gone,
I continued marching on like a valiant soldier should.
I’m fighting to be like you,
You who is kind and funny and smart and undeniably beautiful.
One day, I hope, you’ll tap me on my shoulder
And say, “I’m proud of you, kiddo.”
Set in the near future wherein you finally come home.
Julia Jun 2014
long white knives
that peirce through the
of their prey
first they softly
thrickles of blood
dripping from the
then, they dig deeper
blood runs
as the predator
***** it in
a maroon mess
it lets go
and pulls the once
white teeth
decorated in royal red
Mahalea Isis May 2014
She was painted so beautifully.

With little specks of crimson like the fire that burned in her heart.

Dots of pumpkin and persimmon dancing on that one patch of hair she never died back.

Drips of amber and daffodil seemed to glow around her body as she wished to feel happy again.

And a shaded emerald painted like bars which contained her jealousy because all she wanted was to be perfect.

Swirls of cerulean and teal like the tears that dripped off of her face.

And the violet dashes were her moments of tranquility where her hands created magic out of papers and pen and her mind was finally put to peace.

The magenta smeared across her lips, making her feel a tad bit prettier.

Dabs of maroon like the blood that was shed,

When she used the silver blade to pierce her golden bronze skin.

She was a colorful girl behind the grey mask she hid under,

All to avoid the threats she received in black and white.
This was a quick poem I wrote a couple weeks ago and I was just feeling really bipolar, it's like I felt every emotion in a matter of 10 minutes. So I wrote this, since
I was feeling a lit bit of... well, everything.

— The End —