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Spicy Digits Feb 7
She is the witch they burned 

The compassion they purged

The expert they scoffed

The healer they refused

The lover they used 

The dark night they denied

The divine they objectified 

The artist they buried

The joke they stole

The house they withhold 

The teacher they silenced

And the outlet of their violence.
Spicy Digits Feb 7
Lend me this slowness for life
Or force it down my throat
Rupture my eardrums with its melody
Or inject it deep into my veins
I will slurp it through a strawer
I will snort it off your toilet
So long as it is there
So long as it is a part of me
So long as I can live
Spicy Digits Jan 31
I have seen the hurricane

I have caused the avalanche

the firestorm met me where
I lay in bed at night

I want you to see my alabaster skin
And Pan Am smile

I want to show you my matted fur
and smoking breath

I want you to ask me why I'm angry.
Spicy Digits Jan 30
Wonder, our little boy
Saw it unfold and leaned in.

The story was a concave husk,
Dried of juice and void of vein
Until our boy Wonder intervened
Lifted up a Life dry-cleaned
And christened it Supreme.
Spicy Digits Jan 29
For gods' sake,
Life, meet Weird.
Weird is your breath
And Weird your legacy.
Alas, You can't be alive
If You don't let Weird free.
Spicy Digits Jan 29
Never a purer love
Stretches herself around my neck
A bliss-filled trill before
Curling against my side

The love we all dream of
Wakes me up each morning
To the tenderness of the present

This is a higher being.
And she is spending this life with me.
Spicy Digits Jan 19
I was born into dogma
And raised in decay

I leapt at death to save me
But caught my body just in time
To see myself divine.
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