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Spicy Digits Aug 2021
I want to touch your base,
I want to touch base.
Now we're gonna circle back
To our circle ****.
Feel the warmth of my regards
Deep in your archive folders.
Savour the tingling of my best wishes,
Between your table of contents.
I want to touch your base,
I want to touch base.
Spicy Digits Aug 2021
Loosen your


Your vowels
And your bowels
Spicy Digits Jul 2021
She speaks in cherry red
Prunus cerasifera
He whispers falling leaves
Amongst the diving wrens.
Happy tears shed every morning
Before the Lyrebird sire
Starts his lone choir

Ashen pine blue, flame trees
Quiet illumination
Sensual body of Autumn
Spicy Digits Jul 2021
You're a soggy bit of toast
Deep hidden substance
Deep down
Alas! a morsel!
Deep down
Crumbs of empty words
Two dimensional and wooden

Spicy Digits Apr 2021
I've sang for you
Danced for you
Bled for you
Bowed and curtsied
Dogged and *****
I've fought for you
I've won countless times
Ribbons and plaques
Handshakes in the dark

The game continues to play now
in my head
for you
Spicy Digits Feb 2021
I berated her
But she was stronger than me

I put pressure on her
But she was always magnificent

I judged her harshly
But she was always right

I tried to control her
But we both wanted freedom

I made her weep
But she made me see

I kept her locked away
But she survives

I tried to quiet her
But she sang, she danced

I asked her to take the lead
She said there's none to take

I mistrusted her
She waited patiently

I wore my checkered suit
She wore nothing but jewels

I spoke to her timidly
And she answered eagerly

I invited her in
And we arrived.
Spicy Digits Feb 2021
And it all came crumbling down
The job
The familial ties
The man
And it all fell through my fingers.

A naked shell disintegrating
Paying taxes
Flossing and waxing.
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