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Spicy Digits May 16
If I could soar at will,
Less escape, more exploration, until
I found an ocean too wide
Or a glacial peak about to cleave

If I could rise and trace the topography
Like fingertips over worn leather
Inhaling scents of all our lives
And ride in the slipstream of an eagles' feather

If I could,
If I could just

Be weightless within the heart of the stratus
Tip toe over the bristle of a giant spruce
High-five a handsome window washer
Or soak up the light of a meadow chartreuse
Spicy Digits Apr 27
Sleep so sweet
Feet warm
Deep from need
So close to the Earth
The sea
Until tomorrow
Sleep so sweet
Spicy Digits Feb 23
She said I can't tell
If you're really clever
Or just clinically unwell
I touched her shoulder
With my sequined glove
And told her, ma'am
these are not
mutually exclusive
Spicy Digits Feb 22
Today is the time for me

This breath is alive

The air is mine

My lungs are the trees

This day is mine

They gave it to me.
Spicy Digits Feb 22
Doona, oh doona
stop teasing me you meaty pillow
waiting impatiently in my room-a

I've had a long day
my feet have turned to clay
And I just want to climb inside
your soft womb-a

Whether at my feet on summer nights
Or mornings frosted, dark and wintery
All else is stale, mediocre cloth
You're always the doona for me.

Doona, oh sweet, sweet doona
Hug me under the light of the moon-a
Don't ****** me from afar
Spread-eagled in my room-a.
Spicy Digits Feb 19
Hello Mr Universe
Dazzling, spinning being
Thank you for my moth-eaten meat suit
For the genes and the jeans and the eyes
I have a favour to ask
-if you could kindly cease your heavenly drumming momentarily-
I hear you say 'love your enemies'
But I have this one that won't desist.
Now apart from every mosquito
That stupendous, momentous
mistake of existence, what on...-
I digress -
Lend me a cup of self compassion
Oh neutrino dios mi amigo
Nay a warehouse heavy with sweetness
For this my most beloved enemy
Spicy Digits Feb 19
Any other soul
In their body so alone
In awe of the unknown
No age
No race
No gender
No home
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