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Kagey Sage Feb 27
Burning nostalgic memories
letting the smoke flow out my nose
Cause I resigned myself to just sit and pine
and dream about times where I paid no mind
to past lives

The past five years
I though the world would end
I shacked up with one that decried
my wasted potential in normal jobs
Like where do you get off
if I'm making halfway decent bucks?

The irony of our artsy resurgent humanity degrees
Just go and sell life insurance
Them boomers turned us into gloomers
Generation X, my young parents
the first victims,
at least they had half a fair shake in life
I think the 90s had it right
dripping in yin yang rings and necklaces
so we wouldn't lose our way

Woo wee, where were we?
Hiding from my brother in a clothes rack
with my parents at the mall every weekend
So much confidence in where we were going
The end of history itself
in our careful chaos regulation
Niel Nov 2020
Useless being, dancing amongst the 10,000 things
      The Fool immersed.
Heavy Hearted Sep 2020
Pray for Truth
n Prey on Lies,
what is a prayer if not worry's disguise?
and then what of said worry, now so clear in our eyes?

Pray that fate wont fail me now-
preying on doubts which always allow,
In worries disdain, the unwavering Tao,

to this critical prayer's
undone what-ifs and what-nows?
worry unto fearsome prayers
Norman Crane Sep 2020
The flag blew,
Is it wind or flag which moves?
Wise man speaks:
                                It's you.
Famous koan distilled into a rhyming haiku.
James Jul 2020
(He)I’ll free Buchenwald and Belsen eventually
Or maybe (I)He’ll lie here
Morose as the faces on Mount Rushmore        
For the first time I(He) recognized a universal neural network
A reserved self programming, algorithmic logic to all things
(I)He grinned, an intelligent uniqueness programmed
An open circuit on a yin line
Nothing is true, everything is permissible
A Closed circuit on a yang line
I(He) re-enters the cafeteria naked and hungry
(I’m)He’s closing in on the Illuminati
I Ching hexagram closes on a yang line
Maria Mitea Aug 2020
        the way of Nature
        the art of getting out of one’s way
        the art of no conclusions
Simply BE without forcing, judging, comparing, pushing, ending, changing, waiting, benefiting, expecting,
BE at least for  one minute a day without a label, a name, a method, idea ...
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