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Online true heart's desires known
Offline true hearts desires shown
Engine roaring, silent phone
Driven through the Ether Zone

The Ether, neither above nor below
But here, where the roots of our spirit grow
See the fire has a constant glow
Feel the water at a steady flow

In and out as the undertow
Surrender breath to this will, let go
Returned to body with the new peaceful slow
Mind at ease without the need to know
Cosmic Ball

Dressed in a suit of pinstripe stars,
He’s discussed war and played chess with Mars,
Far, in foreign solar systems,
He chuckles with their planetary distortion,
He’s gambled for the diamonds of Neptune,
Bowled infinite starlit lanes with Jupiter,
Witnessed sacred scry’s and change from Saturn,
Witnessed lies, severed ties,
Much he has seen, he who walks starlit skies,
Martini’s of primordial soup,
With a scoop of star,
Shared in lieu of chaos, with Venus,
Knocking back a few, so far,
He’s raced Mercury around the sun,
Every lap done, feeling victory, whether he’s lost or won, praises they sung, harmony rung,
He’s sat on the surface of Sol, sunglasses dawned,
Other then growth and to learn he has no defined goal,
Just playing a role,
Breaking energetic chains,
And immortal bars,
He slow dances with a myriad of stars,
Celestial bodies of divine will, power, grace,
Orbiting around him in suits, silk, suede nylon and lace,
All dancing to a distant interstellar song,
A long distant echo of light,
A throng of stars creating the constellations mighty heights,
A universe locked in constant cosmic push and pull,
Never empty, never full,
He reflects, riding the back of a wild cosmic bull,
Riding back to mother, back to varied perspectives of what is true,
Back to a planet of green and blue,
Till the next invitation come queue,
To another night in primordial stew of sights and seeings,
Another quaint Ball with fantastic cosmic beings..
marianne Jan 30
Sometimes I am ether.
Sometimes I am aria in full voice,
focussed breath from deep within, no, deeper—
from the centre of creation itself—
my truest self expressed,
I am full to bursting.
Then, transformed again,
as surely as night follows day
I am ether and together we are the breath
of everything, rolling through mighty lungs
in symphony with the stars.
Me, then we,
always breath.
Not separate.
Seanathon Oct 2018
Don’t waste words on a hollow breeze
You have feet, have you not?
Use them against the wind
Walk or run as you please
I've decided to rant less. To cut the cancerous complaining out of my life completely. So this verse is for me, and for my own subconscious mind to stew on.

Don't waste your words on the ether you idiot... FLY and be free from such people as these. *nods*

Guide the conversation to begin with and you won't end up here.

*slow head shake at self*
Nikki Jayne Apr 2018
Element of air got me spinning with the winds
The wild one dancing with goddess kuan yin

Earth you guide with your grounded wisdom
My roots in your womb mother blessed with this freedom

Fire you have me lit
Force of unbridled passion infused with inspiration
A perfect fit

Water you are the river of gentle cleansing
What needs to be released you carry from me.

Ether the element of connectedness
Spirit realm
one pointed awearness
Yaser Nov 2017
I drift into the Ether
as its sourceless winds push me deeper still
into its unyielding depths.
I close my eyes
but sense no change.

The man that once was
is no more
I have become the Ether
For it is me
and I am nothing.
This is part of a larger story that I am working on
Moonshine Noire Sep 2017
solar-flare pokes out

a quick glare in the ether

plasma uncontrolled
Wedge Jun 2016
She sings along to the sounds of the world

The call of Fall when cascading leaves twirl

A tune so grand that even I, the nimble

Collapse to the beauty that makes my soul tremble

Whistling wind penetrating where no light has shone

Raging water embarks to leave the marks of melodies in stone

She founded the foundation without plan or overseer

Then pulled parts from the aether and built upon until even the heavens could hear

And when she leaves this world, I know the sound will remain

For even the hourglass of time cannot pass this single grain

From one humble human to another, I thank you for infinite days

For the melody that made the world and life that’s here to stay
(Sep-Oct 2015) I was at the university after a seminar. While walking across the quad towards the parking lot, I passed a couple sitting under a tree. They both had guitars and were playing together. For some reason, that sight hit the right spot and the words materialized in front of me. By the time I got to the car, I had a rendition of this poem. I wrote down everything right there in the parking lot before I left. It has since been slightly edited, but mostly is still comprised of the original idea.
Pearly Apr 2016
The scientists kept searching for the ether,
Proving and amusing themselves for years.

How tough it must be to accept the void of the world?
How tough must be the struggle of escaping of the truth.

I know it. Now.

We don't need truth,
We need COMFORTABLE truth.
Introspection, Repeating patterns, Human, Learning to grow up, Acceptance.
Xan Abyss Feb 2016
Solitude defines us.
When our spirits are colliding, and we crash into the silence
of Nothing.
We are not
what we eat,
how we dress,
or who we love,
we are chaos and electric meat
our weary bones,
collapsed with madness.
Left Alone, our fragile souls ignite
and many wither...
As the flames of isolation
reduce the blaze to a glimmer
Til the fires have been weakened
enough to destroy.

Our Souls,
Left to Wander,
Lost in the Aether...

Our Passing Thoughts,
Preserved Eternally,
behind tiny glass windows,
inside little plastic boxes.

We hold this glass over our flames, and suffocate the fires.
Planned Obsolescence: Our Model Has Expired.
more ramblings about something affecting me at some other time in my life found in an old notebook.
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